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    Shooters in America - Why do lots of Americans want guns?

    surely the more pertinent question is: why do some people want the US Gov't (i.e. the most prolific mass murderers in human history) to forcibly take away guns from innocent people?
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    Shooters in America - Why do lots of Americans want guns?

    robbers prefer their victims to be unarmed and gov'ts are the biggest thieves of all. that's all there is to it.
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    UK House prices: News & Views

    or did sterling just go down? have you managed to actually sell it for 50k more? 25% more what?
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    The U.K. Is Not O.K.

    you’re the one advocating violence against innocents! and if you didn’t have anarchy confused with Robocop, then you might realise it’s actually good thing. you are conflating correlation with causality. there is indeed a strong correlation between large governments and functioning economies, but you have the causality the wrong way round. a parasite needs a host; a host doesn’t even want, let alone need, a parasite. If a worker in some sub-saharan sh1t hole only earns 2% above subsistance levels, then you can’t tax the poor b4rstard at a rate greater than about 2%, else he’ll starve to death. so basically you’re not denying that the greatest animal kingdom starvations this side of the dinosaurs were caused by statism. and you don’t seem to have been able to list any famines that came about by market means. funny that. free market transactions are neither fictional nor 'mine' as you bizarrely put it. transactions between two volunteering individuals happens all the time – like when you buy food in a shop. most transactions are not coerced - forced transactions by gov’t and other criminal are the unfortunate exception. [facepalmarsefacearsepalm] what use is a legal team if there are no state courts? why would the best advertisers etc work for the first guy who entered that particular market? if you don’t have a state court systems tying next month’s order book to a fictional corporation, there’s nothing to stop workers leaving this guy and taking the work with them. how can you get ‘bought out’ when business ventures don’t have a legal entity to be bought, workers aren’t tied to a corporation etc? far from making a case in favour of statism, you’ve just listed a bunch of problems that can only happen when you have a gov’t! go you!
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    Sound Money & the design of a New Global Currency

    the spectrum of debate is being limited to a range of imposed monetary standards. the purpose of imposed monetary standards is pillage en masse. PS. fiat means by gov't decree - a gold standard is a fiat system.
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    The U.K. Is Not O.K.

    it is extortion because the wealth is taken from you under duress (threat of incarceration). what happens to the funds afterwards (i.e after they have been extorted!) does not change this. stay tuned for next week's episode of JD's ex post facto justifications, in which he explains that child molestation isn't really molestation if you give the kid a lollipop afterwards. er, corporations are fictional entities whose legal personalities are enforced by the state court system. if there was no gov't, there would not even be any corporations for you to worry about. given that the two soviet famines and the two world wars are probably the greatest starvations in the animal kingdom since the extinction of the dinosaurs, it is rather odd (f*****g mental actually) to advocate statism as a means of food provision. er, monopolies are more expensive. that's not even economics 101.
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    The U.K. Is Not O.K.

    taking steps to avoid being a victim of extortion isn't immoral! it is the extortion itself that is immoral. jeeze.
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    The U.K. Is Not O.K.

    er, surely that should read: same goes for all these other daft headlines regarding corporate accountants making use of the rules that have been left for them to use by the gov't
  9. surprised no-one's posted this or something similar already... http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206...&refer=home
  10. what we really need is rape and/or theft, right John? because advocating anything other than a free-market is advocating exactly that.
  11. [facepalm] taxation (macro-level extortion) concentrates wealth. that is the whole purpose of it. see sig.
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    Is it time to properly control guns in the USA?

    yes. see my previous post.
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    Is it time to properly control guns in the USA?

    robbers prefer their victims to be unarmed and governments are the biggest thieves of all example shootings by American Gov't: Ludlow Massacre World War 1 World War 2 then pretty much non stop war since Korea
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    Paying tradesmen cash in hand morally wrong, says minister

    taxation is extortion under threat of incarceration. extortion is immoral.
  16. InternationalRockSuperstar

    Israeli control of media is beginning to look shaky

    Bubb's statement is far from 'daft'. the statists are the greatest terrorists, by definition.
  17. InternationalRockSuperstar

    Signs of a New Tiananmen in China

    no sh1t. the purpose of government is for those in government to plunder those who are not.
  18. InternationalRockSuperstar

    The U.K. Is Not O.K.

    er, how? calculations?
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    "Raise Taxes on Rich to Reward True Job Creators"

    'Nixon Shock' http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nixon_Shock The Nixon Shock was a series of economic measures taken by U.S. President Richard Nixon in 1971 including unilaterally cancelling the direct convertibility of the United States dollar to gold that essentially ended the existing Bretton Woods system of international financial exchange.
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    "Raise Taxes on Rich to Reward True Job Creators"

    no, just stop taxing and regulating the sh1t out of 'true job creators' (whoever that is). taxing someone else even more isn't going to help anyone except the taxman and his chums. what is the logic (if any!) behind this statement?
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    The world when oil hits $100 (GBP 150) per gallon

    fixed. an economy isn't wasteful, pretty much by definition. don't confuse the economic activity with the parasites feeding off of it.
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    Man who gave up money

    well a state controlled disinformation agency is hardly going to present the rejection of the bankers' 'money' in a good light now are they. "began living in caves"
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    The U.K. Is Not O.K.

    so after 25 years, the extra money in the system would only be enough to pay off either the interest or the capital, but not both. your example is a good illustration of why the current debt based monetary system is mathematically destined for failure, either by default or by hyperinflation.
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    The U.K. Is Not O.K.

    £500m a day is 'drip drip drip'?! if there was any market confidence in the UK gov't debt market, the bank of england would be mopping up ~£15 billion of it every month. and current bond yields do not display 'market confidence', merely the suppressed yields that result from the BoE's mopping up. why would tax revenues improve? probably because the central banks (or their primary dealers) bought some more gov't debt. indeed, ratings agencies talk a load od sh1t. having to add another letter to the alphabet tp describe the UK's credit rating would be amusing, that is all. a single anecdote relating to a mere 20 redundancies is simply not statistically valid in the context of the UK and it's debt. stop stealing.