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  1. This was less than a year ago, but looks so different from where we are now. So did CGNAO get it wrong with his "100% hyperinflationary meltdown, guaranteed"? Is it deflation all the way now?
  2. normdiploom

    Swiss accounts in danger

    Wow - some serious food for thought on this thread. I'm just an ordinary housewife , trying to preserve the value of our STR fund as much as possible - not so much looking for a return on capital as a return of capital... Have been reading around the subject here and in the other place for several years, and followed some good advice from cgnao and others, firstly in spreading STR fund around, and then putting a significant proportion into bv and gold coins. Have avoided shares or any form of trading - just the physical metal. It's just that the next step being suggested, of going to Zurich and taking physical custody, frightens the crap out of me - how to get it back safely (customs?), then how to keep it safe? Would it be in one big lump? I just wouldn't know where to put it. This is just such a weird situation, where the previously unthinkable has become possible, and although I think I'm a little better equipped to cope with it than the average man or woman in the street, I'm starting to feel seriously out of my depth. This is not some abstract argument, this is real life and whatever I decide has serious consequences for mine and my family's future. Thank you for all help and advice given!
  3. normdiploom

    Swiss accounts in danger

    Switzerland because I trust it more than NY or London, the other bullionvault options. Being a UK resident I wanted to ensure it was overseas to avoid all eggs in one basket, and gordon's grasping clammy mitts... What would you advise?
  4. normdiploom

    Swiss accounts in danger

    Does this just mean Swiss accounts held outside of switzerland, eg US? What I'm really asking is - should those of us with Bullionvault gold held in the Zurich vault be worried? Thanks in advance...