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  1. glass


    someone must have been selling
  2. glass


    Pay off any debts - that's my plan (mortgage). $1821 at bullion vault we're past that Sinclair figure now
  3. glass


    That graph looks like a $10 jump, wake me up next year when it's jumping $100 a day.
  4. glass


    so if these big currencies are being devalued at the same time as the third world ones - what currencies are increasing in value? I don't know of any farmers that only accept PMs?
  5. glass

    Has someone hacked twitter?

    If you've got Win 7 check out the inbuilt snipping tool 5*
  6. Have you made any adjustments Bubb? If so what?
  7. glass


    I drive a 1999 ford focus - converted to run of LPG some years ago (Half the price of petrol) I will keep this car until it rusts (already has a little bit) I'm now looking into electric bike kits problem here is that there's a shortage of suppliers in the UK - most are based in the US. These kits can convert a regular push bike to go 20-30mph or pedal assist to help get up hills. There is a gap in the market here in the UK for such kits. I may do a website and become a drop shipper of these kits at a reasonable price to the UK market. Anyone know where I would get started finding a Chinese supplier?
  8. glass

    Warning to all internet users

    IF that day comes I'll take the tin foil off my head and wrap it round my laptop
  9. I've noticed in rural Aberdeenshire a glut of properties on the market however in the city of Aberdeen where I own properties and prices have remained static. I put this down to Bubb's reasons for easy oil even somewhere like here (oil city) has not gone unaffected.
  10. glass

    Forced seller

    Sell them here at spot including P+P?
  11. glass


    Problem here is that this 50% figure is not just in Gold.
  12. glass

    What kind of thinker are you

    I got two as well Intrapersonal & Naturalist must be when you are on the borderline of these types.