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  1. Aliented because they choose to be. If the youth dont spend their time learning skills to allow them to sell their labour, then theres not much that can be done for them. Maybe build a wall to stop them bothering decent people. London is full of jobs but not everyone is of no use to employers. How many of those would you trust in your business and with your clients? See the website http://dontcallmeurban.com/ what a set of no marks!!! Assassin thought Delusion may have been his cousin but they were not close. Their respective postcodes began to war in the summer of 2005, reflecting a vicious trend that was starting to spread across London as youths clamoured to 'rep their endz'. Krafty, who had grown up in E3 but went to school in E14 and was part of Bomb Squad, began taking his Isle of Dogs mates to youth clubs where they clashed with boys from E3. The chaotic emceeing nights were cancelled when things became too dangerous. A threat of mindless violence loomed in the psyches of some youths who seemed alienated from almost everything except their illusions.
  2. It is a business opportunity, it could run on its own and it increases links with the HK community. To revitalise town centres I think we need to improve public transport, more often and cheaper and lower parking rates then lower the business rates for specialist retailers. Zoning can encourage this. It has worked for centuries in most cities. Smaller town can host regional markets like this http://www.burymarket.com/ (then on) I enjoy shopping in a place I can see things I cant buy anywhere else or they are cheap compared to a supermarket , which is most things actually. I want quality though not tat. And please provide some places to sit down and relax, some live acts while shopping would be nice, a brass band and a cheap cup of tea means I will shop longer.
  3. lupercal

    Breaking news from the House of Lords

    Why would USA get the gold, they were weak in Asia in 1933. France or Uk would have been more useful allies
  4. FAST COMPANY guideto the businesses that matter most, the ones whose innovations are having an impact across their industries and our culture. Possible investment opportunities. http://www.fastcompany.com/most-innovative-companies/2012/full-list Ive not heard of some of these before, are there ones missing you think should be there. Finance 01 / Square 02 / Starbucks 03 / Kickstarter 04 / PayPal 05 / Y Combinator 06 / SecondMarket 07 / American Express 08 / Dwolla 09 / Simple 10 / StockTwits Very surprising
  5. lupercal

    Fracking contaminates groundwater

    It wont matter in Blackpool, off season the town is mostly populated by junkies. When the morcambe field opens they can cook up tap water for a fix.
  6. lupercal

    Clean tech in the Great Recession

    I'm not sure although I think you could use that argument when cars replaced horses I agree that the overall growth of the economy may be small. As an investor does this matter as for the companies involved it could be big. nanotech is I think the next big game changer and part of green tech http://www.nanoandme.org/nano-products/transport/
  7. I love the optimism of this article http://www.newscientist.com/special/CTcleantech?DCMP=EMC-carbontrust&nsref=cta
  8. If DNA records experiences then anaesthesia could result in blank areas on the ercording medium, an animal anaesthesised from birth should have more of these blank areas than one not anaesthesised ever. Epigenetics shows DNA and associated mechanisisms of experssion can record life experinces but biochemical not concious as you suggested. http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1952313,00.html I cant think of how it could happen, can enough information be carried by DNA?
  9. http://panmental.de/ALifeXIflag/ Abstract.
  10. How about anaesthesia, how does this fit into the theory?
  11. This hypothesis below increases the amount of variations possible while DNA was developing as a method of recording protein structures. http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg21228404.300-life-began-with-a-planetary-megaorganism.html
  12. Where is this figure from and what type of average is it? To me it seems high, I'd say about 10k median and most of that on a new car. And if the assets match or equal the debt what it the problem? I have just taken on debt to buy land and a business, It is about 20% of my assets but I don't want to sell them.
  13. lupercal

    Living with Electropollution

  14. lupercal

    Living with Electropollution

    research schuman frequencies and alphabrain frequencies, they are similar wavelengths
  15. http://www.smallholder.co.uk/news/property/2253677.The_road_to_the_Scottish_Isles___Elspeth_Soutar_tells_how_she_followed_a_dream_and_moved_to_the_Outer_Hebrides/