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    um.... not sure what you mean? trend down continuing? trend sideways? trend up?
  2. Gibber

    Favorite Gold Stock

    I am following some smaller, speculative gold mining companies on the ASX. SLR ==> 3 year chart ===> 6 month chart ==> ASX page for SLR (announcements etc) ==> company website BDR ==> 3 year chart ===> 6 month chart ===> ASX page for BDR (announcements etc) ==> company website NST ==> 3 year chart ===> 6 month chart ===> ASX page for NST (announcements etc) ==> company website KRM ==> 3 year chart ===> 6 month chart ===> ASX page for KRM (announcements etc) ==> company website SLR was recently taken out of the ASX 200 (June 6th).
  3. @ 8:23 or thereabouts.... seem to hear 2013. Pretty sure you meant 2014
  4. Gibber

    Busting Big Pharma & Monsanto

    From http://www.skepticalraptor.com/skepticalraptorblog.php/vaccination-myths-facts-world-health-organization/ Myth 6: Giving a child more than one vaccine at a time can increase the risk of harmful side-effects, which can overload the child’s immune system. FALSEFact 6: Scientific evidence shows that giving several vaccines at the same time has no adverse effect on a child’s immune system. Children are exposed to several hundred foreign substances that trigger an immune response every day. The simple act of eating food introduces new antigens into the body, and numerous bacteria live in the mouth and nose. A child is exposed to far more antigens from a common cold or sore throat than they are from vaccines. Key advantages of having several vaccines at once is fewer clinic visits, which saves time and money, and children are more likely to complete the recommended vaccinations on schedule. Also, when it is possible to have a combined vaccination, e.g. for measles, mumps and rubella, that means fewer injections.
  5. Ok thanks. I only dip in and out of this forum and, in general terms, option trading is something that I've never dug into deeply So when you said "Buy some options"... I was thinking "which way is he picking the market is going to go>.." (My assumption is down?) But which part of the market? And would gold go up in some scenarios? ==> If buying GLD long calls as I believe you have done above (if i have the terminology right)
  6. ummmm.... Ok.... What area and what sort? I'm glad you are excited but I'm not picking which way things may go...
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    For someone who would like to study a bit on hedging, do you have a menu of education that you could recommend. For example, a book or set of books. Or a website and set of websites? What concepts to get a cross first.? Then what concepts to get after that? It may be you have already put this out there somewhere.. Would appreciate a link if that is so
  8. I don't know about Albany. Maybe trawl through the property talk New Zealand forums, And ask questions there. Generally pro property but there are some knowledgable folk there. Frame the questions the right way and you are likely to be helped. (hmm. wonder if that falls into teaching your grandma how to suck eggs...) http://www.propertytalk.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?14-New-Zealand
  9. There are nice areas to live. And not so nice areas to live. The $339,000 NZD won't buy you much close in to Auckland. Certainly not in any nice area. The rents you are quoting look awfully light for anything decent. If you can get Steve Netwriter to comment you might get some stats that make more sense. Might pay to ask about the culture from immigrant's perspectives. I've lived in both NZ and Australia. Australia seems more optimistic as a whole. NZ a tad more on the pessimistic. Though that may be changing with time. In general terms, I prefer living in Sydney. Though prices there are crazy for housing. Both the NZ and AU governments / central banks did all they could to prop up the housing market post 2008. With the end result that, in Auckland, Prices are still a little crazy. Possibly an immigration factor with the government opening up immigration to anyone with sufficiently bulging wallets. Wellington has more culture but carries the risk that one day it will have a major earthquake. Prior to christchurch, everyone in NZ would pick Wellington as the most risky place earthquake wise.
  10. Gibber

    NZ Quake

    The images have been pretty surreal. I've been in some of the buildings that are gone. Glad I wasn't there when it hit I'm in Aussie this week and the response offered by other countries has been impressive both in speed and scale. The coverage was wall to wall the day the quake struck. And Aussie search and rescue teams left the same night. NZ civil defence people have been helping out regularly in the last year or so in places like Queensland (Cyclone Yazi and floods) and Victoria (bush fires).. Australia, and a bunch of other countries are now more than repaying that help and have now offered a helping hand. And quick smart. So far: Japan US UK Taiwan Australia The infrastructure is pretty munted at the moment. Water / Sewerage and electricity is pretty badly damaged and will take considerable time to get going again.
  11. Gibber

    PIIGS / Europe's Debt Troubles

    Read a couple of posts at deflationite that take a wider view than many commentators. I've found lots of commentators talk about what is happening in their part of the world and tend to ignore macro events happening elsewhere. http://www.deflationite.com/blog/?p=282 http://www.deflationite.com/blog/?p=272 But even this guy doesn't talk about what is happening with respect to Japan and Euroland wanting to QE / continue QE
  12. Gibber


    Uh-oh GS telling clients to buy gold... Is this the GS Counter-cyclical indicator at work?
  13. The Tsunami's hit the East coast. That is, the coast facing Chile But Surf Life saving for the nippers was cancelled at Muriwai = on the West Coast. That is, the coast facing Australia. Nationwide alert to stay away from All beaches. Regardless of where the beaches were. It was such a nice day too....
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    And Jon Stewarts Daily Show http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/thu-dece...-so-mellow-gold