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  1. That post I did above was actually a way of patching things up with you and was drawing a line under the matter, but you've decided to drag it up again because you are obviously such a third wave loser and with a damaged third wave ego. Get off you high horse and stop acting like a spoilt child - I'm only rude when someone continually baits me to bring me down to their level and that is what you have done on several occasions because you didn't like what I was saying, ie that the dollar was going to fall. Well I've got news for you - you were wrong then and you are wrong now. Get yourself a life.
  2. Just sent you a PM djia - good to see you here. I don't know if you've seen what I posted on HPC 2 or 3 days ago - basically summerises (my thoughts off here) where I think the market is going now and if you look back on DrBubb's diary you will also see it there. I'm bullish into next week - bullish % index is still too low for a cycle top (low 60's) and much more other stuff. Ultimately we will go back to the old highs and exceed them somewhat as the cumulative A/D has been breaking to new highs.
  3. Yes, my fractal work says we break the 2009 lows and re-test the 2008 lows before going higher again - I've got a peak for gold coming in late March with a target of around $1375. After that the dollar will be strong once more.
  4. It's funny how the 'right' kind of news usually comes along to fit in with the technicals and all my work has been saying the dollar is going lower again. Dollar Falls, Stocks Gain as FOMC Hints at Easing *** (That's another chunk of time wasted this evening.....)
  5. More trolling b***ocks - bit sad when you have to reply to your own posts though.
  6. Maybe - I just tell it like it is or how I see it (warts and all). Nothing personal and I'm not here to take the pi$$, bully or humiliate anyone, just to learn and share ideas and become a better trader like others here. I like be right (which is even more important as I have all the money that was intended for a house invested) and the best at what I do so I do put a lot of time into all this...... you might be surprised to know that I've been trading just under 2 years. There's huge rewards for those that can call/guess the market right but that often means taking the opposite view, ie being a contrarian and going against the herd and I've found out a number times that people don't like to be told they are (or are going to be) wrong because let's face it - being wrong in this game means losing money and who likes to lose money?..... I've been there and was down around £18k on March 9, 2009 as a novice investor/trader. It hurts when it's money you've grafted for and is a sickening feeling when it's such a large amount so I'll make sure that doesn't happen again. Back to what this thread is about - the Euro has a bullish cup and handle chart pattern so I think this adds weight to the argument that the dollar is going lower. http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=$XEU...id=p82591084902
  7. Catflap

    Currency and equity market correlations

    Looks good PB - I know how you feel and I did take a good look. It's great fun developing new indicators and getting that eureka moment when you realise you've found something that can help you navigate/predict the market. I've probably got enough indicators to be getting on with myself but prefer to look at bonds (TLT), the euro and dollar in isolation with the TA I apply.
  8. Some more old skool favourites from me - still listen to the K-klass ones now and again as they are uplifting tunes. From: From: From: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOsnyPLX1Xo
  9. Classic 80's - especially the bit just after 1:00. I think I can get that 'WOO' noise a lot earlier though, so here's a Human League track for you (the only time they used it I think) as it comes in at just 19 seconds From:
  10. Another Roxy Music fan here.... about time we had that crooner on here! From: From: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Mu4mSy4_Z8
  11. Catflap

    Ian Gordon : It's Winter, own Gold

    I thought Prechter had only been bullish on the stock market up to 1987 where he made his money by predicting the 1929 style run-up along with the likes of Paul Tudor Jone. Both these men where then extremely bearish after this point forecasting another depression that never happened - not sure about PTJ, but I thought Prechter had become a perma bear since 1987! The thing is Prechter and Gordon don't seem to consider what p/e ratio's or yields would be at these kinds of levels - probably a p/e of 1 and yield of 25% on the Dow. Nuts, totally insane predictions with zero common sense. There's no point in following people like that as they will lead you to ruin and make you miss the opportunity of a lifetime when it comes...... Why Prechter Is Probably Wrong About a 1000 Dow
  12. Catflap

    Don't Mention Inflation-Deflation

    Dom., I'm looking for a late October low but think that we have already had the 4-year cycle low - I see equities and gold making new highs into the very end of September/very beginning of October. Good luck with the dollar DB - it's under the 20-day, 50-day and 100-day EMA's and they are now aligned in their bearish configuration (ie, 100-day top, 50-day middle and 20-day bottom) with momentum turned down. MACD is now -ve with a recent bearish cross and has momentum turned down. 2 more days of -20 slow stochastic readings and I think they will become locked-in meaning rallies will be bull traps..... Weekly charts look awful as well - monthly has momentum turned down with a negative stochastic crossover in July.
  13. Catflap

    Ian Gordon : It's Winter, own Gold

    I really can't understand why people make insane predictions like this as they lose all credibility and make themselves look stupid in years to come (to those who remember what they said).
  14. From: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCzEXbGelIY From: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j79TXSd9IR0 Karl Bartos also co-wrote a number of tracks on Electronic's 2nd album 'Raise the Pressure' From:
  15. Catflap

    Mish Refuses to Debate Gonzalo Lira

    I can't take anyone that calls themselves 'mish' in this game seriously...... esepecially when my sister's cat is called that. I also never liked the way he attacked Peter Schiff to propel himself into the media spotlight and gain more clients by the way he used the worst examples of Euro Pacific Capital clients that had lost large amounts of money in the crash - no doubt they were the greedy Johnny-come-lately's who were heavily invested in commodities and thought they knew best.
  16. From: From: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoTzMAFetLs
  17. Well I did say the dollar would first fall to 80 and then bounce up to around 82 before heading back down again - pleased to say that I've called the peak to the exact day, August 24, 2010. Today we broke the neckline on the mini H&S pattern on the right shoulder so I think 80 will go on the next move down as we find some support at 79.5 There again, you could always flip a coin or follow Oscar.....
  18. Some Norwegian Space Disco tunes for a Friday night. From: From: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41PuAO4PS8I
  19. Same here - great memories and great times. Madness were always 'my' band whilst I grew up listening to my older brother (by 6/7 years) play Slade, Sparks, T-Rex etc and then later The Stranglers, Joy Division etc. My father would sometimes play his Jean Michel Jarre (probably bought that because of our French friends!) and Abba albums so I think there was a great influence of different music types at an early age. I saw Madness for the first time last year - awesome, one of the best times I've had.... Aswad were the support group if you can call them that. Very uplifting - I bought their new album which is ok as well. Night boat to Cairo is one of my favouites - a unique song and I also love Bed and Breakfast Man which is one of their early songs, but can't remember it being a single (and I did buy everything they did back then!) although it had a video.... strange. From: Geat song - sounds like you had a top night just like I did..... those blokes were not skinheads then Just a thought, but I wonder if DrBubb went to any of the clubs in Detriot back in the day where techno was evolving
  20. Troll away little boy - I'm sure everyone on this site is enjoying your wind-up posts, especially your wonderful technical analysis.
  21. You obviously reading something I posted on DrBubbs diary to Van where I said I was calling them hammers to deny what was really happening because I was a bull. I'll get the quote if you like since it bothers you so much. Good - hope you enjoy holding your worthless bits of paper. Ben Bernanke needs people like you as does Robert Prechter. Edit: here you go Have you not ever said anything that you know is not true as a form of denial?........ course not.
  22. A lot of my work is a bit unique and I'm sure others just don't see what I see. If you study that chart carefully you might understand why I said 'must' because based on momentum it's baked into the cake so to speak which is why I added the notes. The dollar index is also heading into it's 3-year low and is completing the fractal pattern on an 18-year cycle. Look at the price action since December 2009 - it's all been left translated (with the exception of mid-January to mid-March which was neutral) meaning price spent less time rising than it did falling. This is not the action of a bull market, it is the action of something that is still bearish, despite others declaring the dollar is going to new highs or is in a third wave up in a new bull market. That is folly. So I am 'reading' the market because I believe the market actually speaks to you in a form of sign language which I'm still learning - I've done a stack of work on the dollar to make sure I'm not wrong, including identifying a unique repeating fractal pattern that happens exactly every 18 years. All the evidence says the dollar is due to go lower - must is probably the wrong word because I can't make it or command it to go lower. Very high probability it will go lower - you bet!
  23. No, I've not made a 50% down prediction and try to avoid predicting where I think a price is going rise or fall to and by how much - I just try and predict when it's going to peak or bottom. Saying that, I do see a big fall in gold coming from a peak in late March 2011 to around 18 months later on a strengthening dollar and I believe it will at least be of the magnitude of the last gold correction (34%) and very possibly like the one in the mid-70's.... depends how strong the dollar is in 2012.