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    Silver Options Trader Bets $1 Million on Price Drop by July
  2. Would definitely recommend TD Waterhouse due to access of canadian stocks (many of which can be held in an ISA). i also have a Selftrade account but that is so i don't have all my stocks held in one account has anyone got any views on which are the SAFEST companies to use? for example i wouldn't feel too confident in using Natwest's share dealing service in case of more bank probelms becoming evident (not sure this fear is justified with reference to any shares held with Natwest?)
  3. ricky


    Silver Subject to Price Manipulation, Chilton Says
  4. ricky

    The Rare Earths thread

    Eleven Rare Earth Companies to watch
  5. ricky

    Latest CWR

    Sacre-Coeur Minerals Executes Agreement for Its Acquisition by Severstal http://tmx.quotemedia.com/article.php?news...p;qm_symbol=SCM
  6. Yep, bought a small amount of OYM about a year ago for 22c. As you said, doing well right now, and plan to hold over the next few months as i'm expecting gold to go higher over this period
  7. ricky

    Jinshan Gold Mines (JIN.v)

    if it gets near $20 this year i'll be a very happy man. managed to get in at about $0.60 last year and planning to hold for quite a while
  8. i do get it and i already hold gold which i will not sell for a long time. i was asking this as i will still hold some fiat (don't wont to be 100% in gold & silver yet) and obviously don't want it to be in £
  9. so which currency (other than gold) would people suggest moving into. Would the yen or swiss franc be the best?
  10. ricky


    is that 15% just the VAT that has to be paid? If so, its still cheaper than say CID: First Majestic currently quoting $13/oz for silver At exchange rate of £1 = $1.52 that gives 1oz = £8.55 adding 15% gives £9.83/oz Am i correct in this? CID's cheapest 1oz coin at time of writing is the Mexican Libertad at £13.21. So the Libertad is a massive 34% more expensive!!!!!! Can someone please tell me if there's anything wrong in what i've said, because if not, i think i'll be buying some from First Majestic? And again, does anyone think there would be much of a problem selling First Majestic coins? thanks in advance
  11. ricky


    Thinking of getting some coins from First Majestic as they work out quite a bit cheaper than most places (if i've got my maths right!). Anyone have any thoughts as why not to buy from here? Will they be a lot harder to sell on as people may not of heard of the company? http://www.firstmajestic.com/s/OrderForm.asp
  12. ricky


    Close, BBC1 tonight at 22:35 Repossessed - Filmed over eight months as the housing crisis tightened its grip, Repossessed is a powerful, intimate film about three ordinary families battling to save their homes.
  13. ricky


    Hugh Hendry well hendry is short gold shares right now! (even though in part 5/8 of the interview he says he's not good at shorting stocks)
  14. ricky

    Can you get physical Gold & Silver ?

    why are the 2009 Maples over 2 quid cheaper than the koala's? thats nearly 18% difference!
  15. ricky


    http://broadcast.ino.com/education/gold_game_changer/ not sure if this has already been posted, it's from last week. apparently gold is going to 700-720 i'm hoping it doesn't go any lower than that or i think it's tanking to 600