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  1. The products are not comparable. 100nm filtering vs 15nm is totally different technology and therefore a different price point.
  2. Bosworth


    Interesting. So the amount they offiially have left would fit in the boot of a small hatchback. Not sure you'd be able to drive away, though Need to read their terms of reference. Are they compelled to restock? If so, from leases that can be unwould as a force majeure? Open market? Or just 'default' and settle in cash? Edit: Make Ire != majeure (although it is a prescient auto-correct!)
  3. Bosworth


    Investigation into Silver market dropped by CFTC. http://www.cftc.gov/PressRoom/PressReleases/pr6709-13
  4. Bosworth


    With hindsight it was inevitable. Wish I'd has the balls to trade it.
  5. Bosworth


    At my LTV and income multiples and for the size of mortgage the BoE was by far the best deal.
  6. Bosworth


    Just because market rates rise web qe is withdrawn does not automatically mean bank rates will rise. I've elected not to fix my massive mortgage but have linked to BoE base rate which I am gambling will stay low.
  7. Bosworth


    In my very humble opinion, gold will go to <$50 oz before it goes to $5k oz (ie. it won't ever go super-stratospheric). Once people realise paper-gold is effectively worthless nobody will want to hold it. How one calculates the real value of physical without a functioning market is the interesting philosophical question for me (which may become very practical in the future!).
  8. Bosworth


    Convenient. Paper records lost?
  9. Bosworth


    The swings today have been incredible - from hk opening to now...
  10. I moved house a few weeks ago and got stuck for 6 weeks on a really rubbish tariff whilst i was switched over to my old supplier. After phoning them, all I had to say was 'you did not explain the implications of the tariff or what options I had when I moved in' and they instantly crumbled and refunded 10% of my combined gas and electric bill. Given my gas bill for 1 month was just under £500 that made a little difference! I think there is a genuine fear about regulatory headlines leading to another rush of mass-claims. Dealing swiftly and proactively with issues on demand will likely be an easier route and demonstrates good faith to the regulators. It also reminds me of when there was that fuel-contamination saga a few years ago when engines got ruined by dodgy petrol. My dad had filled up around the time the bad fuel was in circulation but was pretty sure it was a good couple of weeks after the fuel had been purged. He phoned Tescos to say he didn't think it was related but his car head gasket had blown shortly after filling up and could they just confirm the dates that the fuel was defective. Tescos insisted he speak to the solicitors dealing with claims. My dad said he didn't want to claim, but just wanted to understand the dates - he was pretty sure it was ages afterwards. Tesco insisted he speak to the lawyers. My dad emailed them and a few days later received a letter saying his claim had been unsuccessful. He then emailed back to say he just wanted to know the dates that the fuel had been defective. A week or so later he received a letter saying his appeal had been successful and enclosing a cheque for £1,500. Odd world!
  11. Not sure what's changed to suggest the trend is broking?
  12. Bosworth


    CME hiked margins to 18.5% as well. Pretty sure that didn't improve anyone's mood!
  13. Bosworth


    There does appear to be a pattern! I am however hurting from the recent movements...
  14. Bosworth


    Goldmans say to short gold: http://www.businessinsider.com/goldman-short-gold-2013-4
  15. Bosworth

    UK House prices: News & Views

    That used to be the old Kodak UK headquarters. Edit: And it's actually Hemel Hempstead. Nice try to make it sound London-esque!