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  1. I've read some of his book. He's one among many working in this area at the moment: Kurzweil, Goertzel, de Garis, Wang, etc. Kurzweil seems to be the most media friendly, though check out de Garis' book The Artilect War for an even bleaker vision of the future.
  2. Hello, I had a quick skim of this thread and your paper. The content of your work seems to be so far beyond the lay person's understanding of physics that it's very hard to judge whether there is anything substantial to what you say, or whether it is all just random words. It would be helpful for my understanding if you could explain 'negative energy' in lay terms. My assumption is that this is actually positive energy derived from anti-matter particles... that is, a mirror of our everyday world. Is that correct? I'm thinking along the lines of the Dirac equation, and specifically this discussion: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dirac_equation#Hole_theory As for your questions, the creation of a TW would represent a new age of humanity. We'll never be ready for those, but that's not to say they shouldn't be encouraged. Regarding the discovery of intelligent ETs, I think this is improbable within the first decade of TW technology being established simply because of the due diligence required before blindly groping about other galaxies.
  3. I also answered this. I'm often probing new possibilities, each with different success rates. [Note that I don't have an addictive streak, so I approach all this in a cold calculating manner ] Blackjack - you can't card count online as they shuffle every deal (grrr), but you can take advantage of introductory offers and what I believe is a 'beginners luck' phase where they tweak the cards in your favour to get you hooked. You have to play perfect odds, obviously. Poker - I found this really hard and too easily corrupted. You have to know the perfect plays in an instant, but you'll never be faster than a poker bot. Avoid. Sports Gambling - make use of arbitrage opportunities by comparing different sites. The bet market is far less fluid than the stock market. I get bored of this though. Financial Gambling - by this I mean betting on the close value of the FTSE 100. Volatility is your friend, allowing you to cover each position as you go. Requires lots of attention. Spreadbetting - I guess this doesn't really count. I use spreadbets to short the long positions I hold elsewhere, e.g the price of gold, saving me the trouble of selling. Games - I used to play worldwinner.com, where I could make decent money playing whack-a-mole (ahem), which it turned out I was pretty good at. There was one guy in Canada that could beat me but otherwise I was up there. They don't offer whack-a-mole any more. Of all these I've made most money playing Blackjack, BUT you do have to play very mechanically.
  4. Haha, I did think about toning down my post a little but I see I am too late. My point was that the forum needs to choose whether it is this or that - and that both options are valid and acceptable. But it does need to make a choice, rather than be stuck with "why don't we have more people posting?" hang-ups. The poll in OT is probably a good idea. You could also consider compressing the number of sub-forums - creating 15 forums from the get-go simply means that most of them will remain empty (less than 10 topics) for a long time. Why not merge some of them and spin off sub-forums only later once you have a feel for what people want to talk about? These are only my rambling thoughts. I seem to be rather opinionated of late so please take them with a pinch of salt.
  5. Ok this may be a controversial reply, but.... The main members on this site - the ones with 100+ posts already - are very well informed and write long involved essays on their topic. This isn't a negative thing as it's good for the rest of us to learn from the pro's, but it does engender an academic feel, or dare I say it, a certain stuffiness that may be intimidating. We speak only when spoken to. The question is: does the site want to be a dusty library of profundity, or would it prefer to be a chatty common-room of professors and students alike? There is place for both on the internet, but the site needs to decide what it is. If the latter, why is there no off-topic forum? Isn't that akin to hanging "Quiet Please" signs about the place? If the former, then the site is doing its job and there is no need for the original question...
  6. Oh certainly. I managed 50% last year (ok, 49%) but that was high risk and partly based on what a bunch of internet strangers told me (ok, suggested) to do. I think the 4% is just based on worst-case long-term minimums. If all years were like last year I think I could retire now. Any idiot could make money. But that's bubble talk.
  7. I am completely debt free, and have always been except for the 4.5 year period ('01-'05) in which I "owned" a house. I have since STR'd but in addition to that money I have been saving up - not completely frugally but fairly sensibly - such that the STR money is less than half of my total savings. In other words I am not defined by being a STR, I am more a saver than anything else. I am not FI. I have about 2 years gross income saved up. If I moved flat to share with somebody I could probably cut down my costs quite a lot and survive a fair while.... but I'm not at a point where low risk growth of my savings could cover my costs and inflation indefinitely.* I think in my present state I could achieve FI in 10 years, BUT in that time I would like to get married and have a family, so my present state isn't really applicable. Times change. * That's actually an interesting calculation to make: what % return would I need to make every year to pay for a certain living standard and not see the capital eroded by inflation? I think it's about 20% at the moment. From the other thread:
  8. Ah that was you. Yes, I need to spend an afternoon browsing those TFL maps methinks.
  9. Nijo

    GEI is in the Top 100,000 !

    I think the adverts on HPC will drive a few people over to here I know I'm far less inclined to browse that forum in its new squished format...
  10. Now to that I might be able to contribute something sensible! I've worked in the games industry for the last 7 years and have had plenty of contact with most of the large (and many of the small) games companies in Europe and North America. I'm a technophile, and a mathematician by training. It also turns out that I'm pretty good at saving my income (HDTV and other gadgets notwithstanding) which is why I have an interest, though little expertise, in investments. I've researched and tried many areas: spreadbetting, blackjack, betfair, funds, stocks, premium bonds... though I've not yet gone short on equities. I'm happy with high risk, unhappy with high charges. I'm also on the green side of the fence. Funny though Jeremy Clarkson is, I don't share his views. My interest in this site, therefore, is the (sometimes paradoxical) intersection between 'green' and 'investment'. I'm more likely to post questions than answers, especially on the latter, but I have no qualms about doing so. What else do you want to know? My top ranked artist on Last.FM is David Bowie.
  11. Thanks for your welcome. I put myself into the confident category so I should be fine - 2 years cycling in LA makes Old Kent Road pretty straight forward. Having said that I agree that some research into routes should pay dividends.
  12. Nijo

    Petrol Prices

    Yes, certainly!
  13. I sold my car in the Spring (to my brother - it only had 5000 miles on it after 12 months, so a bargain for him), and brought my old bike up from my parent's house to London. It's now 13 years old and was £700 when I got it. Cycling in London is fine for a confident cyclist but I can see how the agressive traffic and frequent need to change lanes would freak some people out. I've met some cycle couriers that ride like maniacs but the majority, in my opinion, are very predictable. I'd love to see an attitude shift among the London road users towards bikes and scooters - I've seen first hand in Taipei how great that is... granted they have warmer weather. I've posted this before but Critical Mass is worth looking into for anybody firmly on that side of the fence.
  14. I wonder how efficient these cars are, actually. The Koenigsegg is Swedish built, where I assume they do more than just throw power at the wheels (Hummer?). They also mentioned that if you use biofuel the car would reach 900 BHP (more than ordinary petrol with its lowly 850 BHP).
  15. Nijo

    Spreadbetting And CFDs

    Thanks for the tale, Frizzers. I've been dabbling with IG over the last 6 months and haven't gained enough confidence so far to go into it bigtime. I do have a guaranteed stop (at the expense of a wider spread) which helps during free-falling markets, but the simple truth is that I don't know as much as the market and it tends to go against me. Futures are the only area I'm really in positive territory. I've made more money playing Blackjack.