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  1. Probably deserves its own thread yes?
  2. i think this one crossed a line that made him genuinly angry. It was more i wasnt aware of the count dankula story. I wonder what the judge would do if he ran into an aristocrats recital. Cut his own ears off Van Gogh style?
  3. Cambridge Analytica

    Putin is head of his farm. The farmer is supposed to keep control of the farm animals, make sure they play nice with the other farmers - whatever they do with their time. Not let all and sundry talk openly about all the shit the farmers get upto and take the law into their own hands. In their opinion anyway.
  4. Cambridge Analytica

    yes, not as fluently as other slavic languages and only talk a little. but enough to follow what is happening there first hand. First link is "state department says will not go after anyone hacking us elections" from I believe the Russian version of time magazine. That was reposted en mass as "America gives us a green light to try our best" october 2016. Second link is more "a quick guide to hacking the us election system" Including stuff like the 12 states which have no hardcopy documentation of the votes, no chance of recount and compromised wifi points containing the records, along with awesome bold sections like: Declare a hack without hacking Given the growing fear of hackers and recent events, such deception can be a great way to influence the outcome of the vote. from august 2016, gazeta.ru is just a standard news outlet like cnn or the washington post. (The 'expected' plan was to discredit Clintons win, i never came accross anyone that expected anything else) not a mention of putin in sight. About the only way you can really blame putin is he "allowed" such conversations. just more "how dare putin let russian speakers take international law into their own hands" That we get with Syria and the Ukraine. If you are using google chrome, you should be able to right click->translate.
  5. Cambridge Analytica

    Of course it depends on the help and the audience you attract to do so. from https://inosmi.ru/politic/20161001/237953211.html to https://www.gazeta.ru/tech/2016/08/09/10110287/hack_election.shtml I learnt more about the US election system reading russian forums than I ever did on American or British sites Makes this CA story being the major headline in all english language media all the more intriging.
  6. Cambridge Analytica

    ->I really doubt that value of this data" well, if what a foreign company can do with a few 10s of millions of 4 year old facebook status's has them this pissed. imagine how angry they will be when we start leveraging what trump gave us last year: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/trump-signs-measure-let-isps-sell-your-data-without-consent-n742316
  7. do you actually take guys like this seriously? Or are you just sharing it for the shitz and giggles? When we finally release the pee pee tape will any of these trolls admit they were, perhaps wrong, or will they just vanish and let the clintons are their cia mates carry on f'ing up the world?
  8. ->Has Britain become a nation of cowards? From personal experience If you report it you will be at best ignored, and if you push it become someone subject to constant harrasment - literally to the point of having the police camped outside your house and pulling you over and checking everything with a fine tooth comb everytime you leave the house. If you take the law into your own hands you will spend half your life in and out of court for 'hate crimes' and anything else they can think to throw at you. (if they succeed in identifying you) because it is routine from the places the kids end up from the court sanctioned theft of children to the police chiefs that run the homes. because it has been standard practice since the days of the Romans, all the way to the crown - who literally build their whole world around 'everyone else is subhuman' because if a reporter writes a story on it, they will at best lose their job (e.g. Former chief prosecutor Nazir Afzal), and more likely wind up dead. (cant be to long now before they get the Telford reporter) because large portions of the political establishment are now of pakistani origin, who believe all white girls want and deserve it, and the 'right age' is before they are 12 - so they don't even need to keep that secret. because the average person in the UK has no voice. Because the whole country has become sick and corrupt to its roots. Fuck them, not my fucking problem anymore. .endrant alternatively, from the twats that brought you Jimmey Saville, sponsored by His Majesty. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-shropshire-43385515 ...... vs https://mobile.twitter.com/lucyallan/status/974356002849087488
  9. Cambridge Analytica

    couple of old links https://seekingalpha.com/news/3213690-comscore-signs-research-deal-cambridge-analytica https://www.comscore.com/ https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/aug/04/michael-flynn-cambridge-analytica-disclosure and new ones http://www.wired.co.uk/article/facebook-cambridge-analytica-data-share-price-privacy
  10. With the incoming king known for fiddling with young Welsh boys and raping Jersey orphans to death its not beyond the realm of possibility that they will eventually just go all out and legalise it.
  11. While I'm not certain, I'm reasonably confident this is connected to: https://www.newsy.com/stories/why-trump-s-budget-cuts-to-us-soft-power-matter/ Media, by and large, isn't a profitable endeveour, people, for some reason, don't seem interested in paying to be lied to (excluding dumb americans paying the average macedonian troll $1000 a day to tell them obama had an affair with hope hicks or michelle was getting it on with eric holder of course) The only reason 95% of US media exists is because its staff is paid for by various US government programs to make the former united states appear to the rest of the world as something other than the vicious, backward, undeveloped shithole it actually mostly is. cut those programs, and there isn't the money to pay the staff.
  12. plenty of people talking. From https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/jul/17/turkey-coup-attempt-raises-fears-over-safety-of-us-nuclear-stockpile to http://www.businessinsider.com/us-nuclear-weapons-incirlik-turkey-question-nato-proxy-war-2018-1 50 > few dozen
  13. No, not "100-200" years ago. Now. e.g. https://news.un.org/en/story/2017/11/636182-afghanistan-opium-production-jumps-87-cent-record-level-un-survey Afghanistan opium production jumps 87 per cent to record level 9,000 metric tonnes in 2017 That's not a few scag heads smuggling it across the border in condoms packed up their arse hole, Its industrial scale criminality supported by the US military and CIA, the same CIA that just captured NSA chief in the WH while all your media discusses firing a guy end of March that resigned in January. The same CIA that nuked the twin towers in 2001 after the Taliban completely shut down opium production by August 2001. The same CIA that recently stole a load of nukes from Turkey and smuggled them into the US and UK.
  14. ->"Tell Congress: We need a special prosecutor that will clean up the mess in Washington You really believe that will help? Bit late for that imho. you guys been letting them criminals flood the world with opium for nearly a century, and the latest appointments don't exactly inspire confidence. only option that seems to be left is to send in the heavies and burn the entire thing to the ground.
  15. gotta say tho, its an awesome squirrel to claim you fired someone today that resigned 3 months ago.....
  16. Since when has it been a CIA News Network narrative that filling most key positions in the WH with CIA staff is part of a much larger criminal conspiracy?
  17. At least now when they move on trump there is a small army of really lovely people in place to fill the gap he leaves behind..... Do you think they will approve torturing clinton and her f’tard husband before the nukes that were stolen during the attempted coup in Turkey get detonated in washington and london?
  18. And Roger Stone is well known for working with Guccifer 2.0. Who do you think is going to come off worse? In other news, seems the cia has now coopted the US satire community. must be reaching the endgame now imho.
  19. oooh its the socialism v capitalism game. always fun. Capitalism, sign up here: work hard, give 90% to the inheritants of the state (ussualy via income tax+employers tax+sales tax), who will spend 5% to keep poor people off the streets and out of sight, and the rest on private jets and super yachts. Socailism, sign up here: work hard, keep 99% and let the state earn money on large nationalised industries, like energy distribution and car manufacturing. But i wouldnt concern yourself, Americans are far too dumb to ever go for the later. Leave it for boom countries like Russia China and Japan(citizens and native language speakers only)
  20. Alwaleed Bin Talal's Real Honest Opinion. no more. no less. Not sure I'd call that newsworthy however.