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  1. Summary of (Damming?) IG Report

    Here's what gets me most on the email thing. Why should they be allowed to read them at all? Is the FBI now reading everyones emails regardless of them being investigated for any crime? Just a shame she was to cautious to put anything juicy in them But Here's what makes the whole Hillary email thing superhappyfuntime Micheal Cohen's documents, emails, bank accounts and contracts, over the last 12 years. Bet they are waaaaayy more interesting US now well into the process of chewing its own arms off.
  2. aiui, Invoiced into a personal bank account against a non existent company which was then registered after the fact. Not sure what the guilt by association rules are in the US, they vary a lot. but that is old now, they filed that defense the day after they were indicted. What took you so long? Also, their website dates back to 1998, for example https://web.archive.org/web/20040608225043/http://www.concord-catering.ru:80/ So "good luck with that". Shouldn't of needed to get paid for it, corrupt scum. They serve good vodka tho, so lets give em a free pass.
  3. Couple of important bits they seem to have missed Trump was in on it - As one of the families long standing best friends he tried sooooo hard to lose. "thank god for that"... no thank Russia[The Slavs] for that. None of them counted on just how large trumps debts to the Russian mafia actually were, or the ex post facto role they would play in the outcomes of their scheme. He should be citing here, ghpc and CC. Some of the CC crew actually posted almost as much OR as i did. He seems on point all but one thing - Hillary wasn't the ringleader, just a willing participant in the house of saxe coberg and gothas very grand scheme. __ $10.8 million omfg, that won't even pay for a half decent Agusta 139, small change. (or is that really all it costs to buy the US government?) __ FDA... sorry bullshit. __ OK, changed my mind, typical, completely clueless "America is the center of the universe" bullshit. ___ To flog snake oil. Sick bastards deserve everything that is coming to them. The Health Sciences Institute is part of a company called NewMarket Health, which is just one asset of a Baltimore-based publishing empire named Agora Inc. Agora’s subsidiaries and affiliates publish more than 40 newsletters and sell more than 300 books on a range of topics, including biblical health tips, natural-healing supplements, and “insider” investment advice […]. To find new readers for its ever-expanding catalog of publications, Agora’s subsidiaries have tapped into a network of conservative heavyweights, including Huckabee, Ron Paul, and Newt Gingrich, who sell access to their massive email lists to advertise Agora’s products.
  4. looks like a us flag and a usaf uniform to me. But yeah, maybe it was, although the US military base in the middle east hasn't got much love from anyone for a long time, including the locals. __ poster is funny as f' though, nothing like a government document full of swearing. much better than the one the us government is now giving to the parents of kids they are kidnapping.
  5. It wasn't more than a lifetime ago that the US was seen as a beacon of freedom and hope accross the world. How quickly things change eh. Conversation from the dark side, but thought it might be worth continuing here. oversimplified. but not untrue. It is not "wouldn't have any subjects" The ones who move are the "best and brightest" - who are highly mobile because they are not bound by the education spoonfed to them and can ply their skills anywhere. its also generational, with the young willing to move and the old too invested in the status quo. This leaves only the old and incapable in the oppresive state which quickly collapses (ussually violently) because it has no one capable of running the economy. UK and US are both in the final stages of this process imho. Brexit isn’t to blame for the Polish exodus (the violent collapse of Poland was as recent as 1989) Those of us paying attention have known the best and brightest have been leaving for a long time, i was actually one of the last of the successful ones in my generation, with most of my friends moving to Canada nearly 15 years ago. US has had the h1b visa program for a while now, but for some "unknown" reason, the best and brightest really arent that interested. Now they've got Trump, and quite literally the rest of the world is somewhere between disbelief and absolute hysterics. And then there's these golden oldies: Pretty sure history records this period as the fall of the American Empire.
  6. You know another country that uses these to bomb schools with DU? and ill blame them too.
  7. Like i said, don't have much to do with them. But from what i have heard, yes. Unlike the rest of the region, they survived the last 30 years of American politics by discarding any morals and trading in anything people will pay money for. Finding an eager market with the US elite. And giving their biggest customers statues and... naming streets after them https://indianexpress.com/article/india/donald-trump-gets-his-own-boulevard-in-albania-4584900/ Well, technically, you are still in the Obama era economy. Takes two to four years for a policy change to make it into the economy and the way people behave, remains to be seen what effect things like stripping away healthcare from the average american and stealing immigrant kids from their parents and selling them into sex slavery has had on your economy. But it didn't work out to bad for Albania. Not getting the double digit growth we are seeing. But at least they can feed themselves, even if they can't sleep at night.
  8. Maybe in the US, but it must be getting the ratings in europe to fill up all the prime time slots.... Usual method when they catch a rapist or child abuser round these parts is to take them into the forest and explosively inject a 7.62 into the back of their skull. Its only in places like US, UK and Suadi Arabia they let them hang around enough to become presidents and kings, while giving lip service to actually giving a shit. Although its mildly comic listening to their mates in the US and UK whine and moan at them disappearing. How you can take this side when their way is to do this to the victims of sexual abuse (who complain) Is beyond me.
  9. This has been on all the prime time slots all week on hbo europe, three times a day. reminds me of during the last death twitches of the British empire
  10. Turn your home into a living sanctuary

    nice, i took the side of a mountain. currently using grid power (but only costs about 300 rubles a month) and gas canisters for cooking, I have to fix up the water filters - just gave the engineer the keys today (we use a 10k liter tank using poured concrete iirc) but yeah, really nice to have in your life, ill check the videos when i get time. have my own forest for heating, and the mountain is cool enough in the summer, especailly nice when it pushes 40 degrees in the city. Even have a resident Tawny owl, who is always a pleasure to feed.
  11. Prerry sure i read somewhere that Weiners laptop was being copied in on every email Hillary sent and recieved.
  12. Mueller almost certainly had it in for Spanky since his involvment in operation rescue. But hey, what you know, vs what you can prove...
  13. seems unlikely. He can't pardon him before he is convicted. And he doesn't seem likely to be convicted before the next election, complicated money laudering cases take a few years afaik. Before which we'll have all of 2019 of the stuff mueller has now, plus everything he gets from Cohen going through the us courts.
  14. http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/manafort-court-hearing-1.4707484 Former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort sent to jail pending trial
  15. ->But there are also reasons to think his unhappiness flowed from an admiration for Hillary. How about, He was unhappy about having to investigate a crime Hillary hadn't commited and he knew they couldn't prove, when there is a long list of other crimes they know she, her family and friends had commited which they knew they could almost certainly prove. And no, not uranium one. Gives ->What we want to do and what we’re going to be allowed to do are two different things and ->It’s bad enough that a lead agent on the Clinton case was convinced the outcome was “predestined,” A very different meaning.
  16. So if you want to see what exactly is meant by the "clinton crime family", you should look to his (and Trumps) connections with https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albanian_mafia https://indianexpress.com/article/india/donald-trump-gets-his-own-boulevard-in-albania-4584900/
  17. https://www.rt.com/news/yugoslavia-kosovo-nato-bombing-705/ https://www.rt.com/news/392126-serbia-lawsuit-nato-depleted-uranium/ https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Clinton_Boulevard __ You have an alternative way of describing it?
  18. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Clinton_Boulevard Yugoslav government wanted to stop the Albanians selling kids and heroin. Clinton stepped in to help the Albanian struggle against the Yugoslav government, bombed a load of schools with depleted uranium, so they built a statue in his honour.
  19. Did you ever think, that maybe the reason "Terrorism" is such a problem in the US, UK and France, because maybe they have been doing something very evil?
  20. https://www.un.org/press/en/2002/unep124.doc.htm https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camp_Bondsteel
  21. That it is the end of the line for the American elite like the Clintons and Bush's, plus, there's quite a bit of untold history behind that statue.
  22. That'll be Albania. Don't have much to do with them. They get most of their assistance from the Americans in Kosovo. More like
  23. Who cares about governance when you can have toys