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  1. Agreed, so far applies to pretty much every single right wing talking point. Right wing or Alt-Right, no disagreement from me that it is all bullshit. But this is a thread about the left wing isn't it?
  2. What qualifies him to speak with any authority about left wing politics? Here is a typical prominent right wing war hawk nutjob talking about racism:
  3. Completely and absolutely. You still don't seem to get that there is no left wing in America. And that Patterson is just another right wing apologist. "Natural hierarchies" is just the right wing way of describing "oppressors and oppressed". How is " man victim " any different than "black victim" ? From a left wing perspective, anyone with a mortgage is a victim of the bourgeoisie. From right wing brainwashing having a huge mortgage makes you bourgeoisie.
  4. thats the left wing perspective on a good economy. "from each according to his ability" sometimes referred to as technocracy. the right wing view defines leaders according to who can acrue the most capital by any means necessery at the expense of everyone else. aka capitalism. aka survival of the fittest.
  5. Erm. thats just moaning about "right wing" survival of the fittest, which thinks oppressors and oppressed is just the natural order of things and you should just shut up and accept it. Moaning about the right wing doesnt make you a lefty any more than complaining about excessive tax on the middle class and a biased monetry system makes you a righty. It just makes you a cry baby snowflake. And if there is one thing weve learnt from the last few years its that the overwealming majority of people who identify as American are thin skinned cry baby snowflakes. Which is why they are still little more than a plantation of the British monarchy, white or black.
  6. More bullshit propaganda trying to make out that standing up for your rights, violently if necessary, is a bad thing. Drink that cool aid at your own risk.
  7. quite the opposite in fact. Things i see advertised are almost always things you know that people who already bought it wouldnt recommend to their friends because its ####. i therefore love advertising as a way to know what NOT to buy.
  8. So it begins. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-46350057
  9. How is: ->Drake University Student Admits to Sending Racist Notes to Herself remotely connected to an economic system without money and tax.
  10. And the point of jumping straight back in to posting blatent bs propoganda with no critical comment on why its blatent bs propoganda is.....? You want to destroy america too?
  11. A Marxist system has neither money nor tax. Everybody does what they have the greatest talent, and delivers it directly to those who most need it. Everybody is wealthy because food and shelter are not scarce resources. Since making food and shelter scarce expensive resources is how the elites maintain their death grip on their populations, its pretty obvious why they do everything they can to demonise such thoughtcrimes. The checklist also doesn't apply remotely to France: widespread inequality - one of the best in the world elitism - they put them to the guillotine from 1789 low tax on the elites - nope, high tax on business high tax on individuals - nope, many indiviuals live tax free. crap public services - nope, some of the best in the world. (e.g. new mothers get nurses to do their housework) All of which they keep by fighting for it.
  12. yeah, you know, the very epitome of right wing politics: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Right-wing_politics widespread inequality - check elitism - check low tax on the elites - check high tax on individuals - check crap public services - check widespread poverty (poor housing and food/water supply) - check _____ "leftism" is the exact opposite of all of those. = "No one left behind"
  13. Wtf makes you think Calif is left wing? The huge taxes they impose on Google, Apple and Amazon? California is about as far right as an economy can be without violently imploding. Most of the population begging for food and hardly able to pay for a roof over their head while paying tax to their eyeballs for zero public services, a few massive corporations scamming everything and everybody and getting massive subsidies.
  14. Yep, seems like many are blaming all the imaginary leftists too.... yet not a word on here connecting anything that has been said to the only three left wing states in America Vermont Massachusetts And Pennsylvania
  15. Christmas Carnage - Job Losses at GM

    UK debt lies have reached epic proportions now. EU and US in total denial as well. Keeping the problems Confidential doesn't really do anything to make the problems go away. They really do matter, but like an untreatable disease, they just want to get on with life until they get flattened by the particular domino hanging over their head.
  16. Christmas Carnage - Job Losses at GM

    triggers are an interesting area. like, many consider Lehman to be a trigger event. not least because its so often referred to as the 2008 crisis yet they filed bankruptcy 15th sept 2008, after 12-18 months of (unreported) mayhem. Deutsche is still in full zombie, looking sure to sink this time round. not sure id call that a "trigger" though. Mid march for Brexit to lock in. - trigger? sure there are more. Dominoes falling, it may be fun calling out the odd gold and shiney dominoe, but economies dont exist in isolation.
  17. being successfull and left wing requires wealth, education and hard work. You cant have a left wing economy when the entire population are braindead drones. "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs" Only works when your population, on the whole, has ability. I simply prefer a society where buskers get dropped $100 bills because we can (left wing), rather than a society where everybody is begging for $1 bills because the whole society is bankrupt (right wing)
  18. god kick his slimey ass straight down to hell.
  19. Christmas Carnage - Job Losses at GM

    https://www.cnbc.com/2018/12/02/facebook-employees-calling-former-colleagues-to-look-for-jobs-outside.html https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-11-29/bayer-cuts-12-000-jobs-plans-to-exit-animal-health-business Bayer to Cut 12,000 Jobs, Exit Vet Unit Amid Drag From Suits https://www.marketwatch.com/amp/story/guid/76C035B2-F49D-11E8-A819-BF3F534E2092 How to handle getting fired right before the holidays
  20. cmon. its not that complicated. right - survival of the fittest. left - no one left behind. Also not surprising America has become slightly more left wing as the population there realises they have become the gimpy cancer the rest of the global population wants to see euthanized. Luckily leftism is only for its financial sector tho, rest of them can die a slow, painful, retarded death of lead poisening from the water, or some other such catastrophy that only affects right wing cess pools.
  21. Only when the cia approves it.
  22. of http://apps.washingtonpost.com/g/documents/politics/draft-jerome-corsi-statement-of-offense/3324/ Fame For anyone not familiar with that name.