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  1. The "fake news" that says it is up to Amerifag congress to decide whether to impeach Trump given the existence of 10 pieces of evidence Trump tried to prevent an investigation which resulted in now convicted criminals who are each now going to serve more time in jail than Jeffrey Epstein. PedoSee has said she only needed one. And I believe she gets to call the vote. And neither Mueller nor Barr get to cast a vote in that process should she decide to call it.
  2. not yet. Barr's comments on the report werent exactly truthful.
  3. or, if you prefer the long winded version WIN!!!!
  4. TBH, negligence or vengence. About time the frogs took some of their own medicine. https://www.boredpanda.com/before-after-war-photos-aleppo-syria/ So struggling to muster any sympathy.
  5. It's been sent to me independently by 3 or 4 people. So could be. There's at least two different versions ( the other with Lucy and slightly different text but I prefer the one with Hitlery).
  6. I don't hate them. More like feel sorry for them. The way you feel watching a wounded pigeon trying to get out of the way of oncoming traffic.
  7. dont seem to understand the meaning of "will". therefore almost certainly dont understand that private health insurance companies only offer health insurance to people who dont need it, and will withdraw their cover as soon as they are to sick to work. What happened to anyway? Trump promised!
  8. surely because is a pretty glaring example of the common retarded stereotype that immigrants are as poor, uneducated and with as much mental health problems as the average Amerifag. When the truth is (and the real reason the average american actually hates them) they are typically the most highly trained, educated, travelled and hard working individuals the rest of the world has to offer. Who will do the job 10 times as well for half the pay than an amerifag who barely made it past 5th grade and has done nothing with their entire life other than sit round the trailer park blaming everyone else for their problems. at the very least they will have a passport, which already makes them more employable than the 328million ish amerifags who dont.
  9. Have you visited the US or UK recently? If you had, I'm pretty sure the question you would ask is more along the lines of how they can emerge from the chaos... Its been 12 years already since 2007. Hoax is a strong word. They mostly "implied" Every time they discovered yet another member of the Trump campaign was working for the Slavs. But as I said all along: Seems pretty clear cut now he is just an idiot. But you can't blame anyone for doubting otherwise, at least he is occasionally capable to put words together in a real sentence. Which is more than most Amerifags.
  10. mSparks


    You going to be quite so enthralled if/when he releases the pee pee tape?
  11. mSparks

    Post Mueller: the Rolling heads !

    Seems unlikely. Given the well known facts and time passed. https://www.dailywire.com/news/5749/both-trump-and-clinton-went-jeffrey-epsteins-sex-amanda-prestigiacomo
  12. just to share my two cents. Mueller report in two paragraphs. Prior to winning in 2016 Trump very likely was ignorant of any and all the effort going in to getting him elected - either by his own advisors, or any of his wifes slavic friends and relatives. This makes sense, since his actual personal priority then was trying to help getting his friends wife but otherwise unelectable Hillary Clinton elected. Neither he and especially Melania actually wanted or expected to move into the white house. Obstructing justice is slightly more dicy, since once he won it does seem very likely he would protect what he perceived to be his loyal confidants - law be damned. That extends well beyond Flynn, who was by no means his only confidant involved in the illegal in letter of law effort to get him elected that he would of moved to protect.