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  1. Interesting reading in the atpl human performance text book on the plane over the weekend. Has a table of severe symptoms caused by high volume frequencies in the 1 - 20 Hz range. So despite claims to the contrary, I'm gonna say https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Havana_syndrome Is a very real weapon.
  2. Christmas Carnage - Job Losses at GM

    Verizon announces 10,400 of its turkeys voted for christmas carnage. https://techcrunch.com/2018/12/10/verizon-announces-10400-employees-will-voluntarily-leave-the-company/
  3. Agreed, so far applies to pretty much every single right wing talking point. Right wing or Alt-Right, no disagreement from me that it is all bullshit. But this is a thread about the left wing isn't it?
  4. What qualifies him to speak with any authority about left wing politics? Here is a typical prominent right wing war hawk nutjob talking about racism:
  5. Completely and absolutely. You still don't seem to get that there is no left wing in America. And that Patterson is just another right wing apologist. "Natural hierarchies" is just the right wing way of describing "oppressors and oppressed". How is " man victim " any different than "black victim" ? From a left wing perspective, anyone with a mortgage is a victim of the bourgeoisie. From right wing brainwashing having a huge mortgage makes you bourgeoisie.
  6. thats the left wing perspective on a good economy. "from each according to his ability" sometimes referred to as technocracy. the right wing view defines leaders according to who can acrue the most capital by any means necessery at the expense of everyone else. aka capitalism. aka survival of the fittest.
  7. Erm. thats just moaning about "right wing" survival of the fittest, which thinks oppressors and oppressed is just the natural order of things and you should just shut up and accept it. Moaning about the right wing doesnt make you a lefty any more than complaining about excessive tax on the middle class and a biased monetry system makes you a righty. It just makes you a cry baby snowflake. And if there is one thing weve learnt from the last few years its that the overwealming majority of people who identify as American are thin skinned cry baby snowflakes. Which is why they are still little more than a plantation of the British monarchy, white or black.
  8. More bullshit propaganda trying to make out that standing up for your rights, violently if necessary, is a bad thing. Drink that cool aid at your own risk.
  9. quite the opposite in fact. Things i see advertised are almost always things you know that people who already bought it wouldnt recommend to their friends because its ####. i therefore love advertising as a way to know what NOT to buy.
  10. How is: ->Drake University Student Admits to Sending Racist Notes to Herself remotely connected to an economic system without money and tax.
  11. And the point of jumping straight back in to posting blatent bs propoganda with no critical comment on why its blatent bs propoganda is.....? You want to destroy america too?
  12. A Marxist system has neither money nor tax. Everybody does what they have the greatest talent, and delivers it directly to those who most need it. Everybody is wealthy because food and shelter are not scarce resources. Since making food and shelter scarce expensive resources is how the elites maintain their death grip on their populations, its pretty obvious why they do everything they can to demonise such thoughtcrimes. The checklist also doesn't apply remotely to France: widespread inequality - one of the best in the world elitism - they put them to the guillotine from 1789 low tax on the elites - nope, high tax on business high tax on individuals - nope, many indiviuals live tax free. crap public services - nope, some of the best in the world. (e.g. new mothers get nurses to do their housework) All of which they keep by fighting for it.