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  1. So about that rumour John Bolton was fired for organising a purchase of Iranian weapons... f'ing Amerifags. Even their own president decided he couldnt stand to be married to em. However at least someone is bringing the pain on the damn Saudi scum, only thing worse than an Amerifag is the Saudi child rapist scum they are subserviant to.
  2. Ho Hum... Can you name everyone in the photo yet... thats 4 of them. 2 to go and you'll have a full house.
  3. do you remember https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-01-25/clinton-silsby-trafficking-scandal-and-how-media-attempted-ignorecover-it or were you too busy covering it up?
  4. Obviously. Because he was suicided. Its similar to commiting suicide only someone else does the commiting. Like they did to David Kelly, James Dolan, Aaron Swartz or Seth Rich. Only difference is this motherfucker deserved it, and (unlike the above names) it will ensure he cant pay off any more witnesses (Reuters) Trump, Andrew the Clintons and all the rest of his clients must be shitting themselves right now. And that feels great.
  5. Even now the level of stupidity continually reposted still surprises me. Amerifag internet now of equal quality to Amerifag TV Why are we supposed to take seriously the opinion of death from someone who has never heard of the morgue n. A place in which the bodies of persons found dead are kept until identified and claimed or until arrangements for burial have been made.
  6. hasta la vista motherfucker. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-49306032 Jeffrey Epstein: Financier 'found dead in cell' in New York
  7. lol. gbp. forgot all about that pos. gbp is deader than a argentinian peso surely. Already only really good for buying dirty donner meat made from skinned rats. Once London falls post no deal brexit there will likely be some decent upside. Other than that you should of been out of gbp more than 2 years ago.
  8. Ill bite. Who Gets it? No one. Who Pays for it? Everyone. Why? The cost of private health insurance is born by everyone in the price of goods and services. private health insurers dont insure ill people that cant work, so anyone that gets sick dies an early bankrupt death. Doesnt medicare/medicaid count? You would get better healthcare service in an aids infested clinic in sub saharan africa without power to keep the meds cool. At least they have doctors. Politics? Irrelevent. both sides are paid handsomely to maintain the status quo. some 15% of US gdp is dedicated to ensuring Amerifags never get access to healthcare. So what? Exactly, no one cares.
  9. her main claim to fame was recruiting roberts when she was underage to give happy endings at trumps mar-e-lago. alleges roberts recent court filing. fairly surprised to see you taking that allegation seriously.
  10. is a tiny branch of the CIA, whose job mostly trafficing drugs accross India and into China. Not sure what need they would have for an Epstein. If people get in their way they make no secret what they will do to them. You're talking about a group that still shoots brown kids for sport on a sunday. Blackmail is more the purvue of mi5/6 such as cock in a dead pigs mouth david cameron or the DNC employing Fusion GPS after they found out the Slavs like Deripaska own Trump.
  11. rofl. bet that gave a large number of scum heart palputations. Epstein getting suicided would mean no one to pay off witnesses or keep testimoney out of the public sphere. Americas Saville moment. Im even tempted to say the attempt at suiciding him was successful but its being covered up so as not to lend legitimacy to those who said he would be suicided.
  12. Vs https://dcleaks.com/ Sigh, "could try harder".
  13. I take it that one sneaked past you.