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  1. Mueller's desperate Russian ploy?

    Didn’t you suspend me for saying i wasn’t sure if trump was an unwitting dupe or active participant? He’s definately dumb enough to be unwitting dupe, but then there’s those phone calls and meeting that hot rusky babe in trump tower his son admitted to. One way or another, most babies got more skillz than Mericanos.
  2. https://theconversation.com/tulip-mania-the-classic-story-of-a-dutch-financial-bubble-is-mostly-wrong-91413 Nice to see someone finally put some research into this. I remember back in the day a quite heated discusion where i said i have a lot of trouble believing he tulip ‘myth’. Exactly the same problems exist with the ‘29 crash too. Mostly ‘chinese whispers’, I wonder how much ‘common belief’ is founded on world events that have basically become pure myth simply because people are so willing to assert as fact things they do not know, and worse, assert as fact things they know to not be true.
  3. https://edition.cnn.com/2018/02/16/politics/mueller-russia-indictments-election-interference/index.html
  4. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2018-02-13/u-s-forces-said-to-kill-russian-mercenaries-in-syria-video no one cares about the american casualties :p, not even the americans. the only way to report it, is by counting the russian mortors the us troops killed with their foreheads.
  5. At what point do you think the fact human society is at least 200,000 years old will begin to sink in to j6p? Do you think the Vatican will ever release the texts that fill in the blanks between then and now.
  6. I believed it enough to buy a fallout shelter, we were discussing that in the run up to the election. Doesn't really matter now though, she's ancient history. Puppet masters are still trying to pull the strings in the background though, we are a long way from safe. And I am not talking about distractions like Soros or the Rothschilds, neither of whom are particularly invested in the Military industrial complex, or the flow of opium and other narcotics around the world.
  7. Trumps trouble is that politics is a very different game, that takes a long time to learn, its fine when you are manipulating high iq low eq chumps to get you what you want, but politics is not about iq, its a game of political capital and media prowess, where all the high iq high eq elite are effectively your enemies, and prefer to sit in the shadows pulling strings and keeping a tight rope around your neck. Hillary, otoh, has a lot of political capital, and would quite likely of achieved everything her puppet masters wanted, starting with global genocide.....
  8. george soros vs king charles. Now thats a boxing match that would get record breaking ratings.....
  9. more to do with the eugenics programs that backfired catastrophically, because only white people were smart enough to fall for the propoganda that work is more important than family. they catching on a bit though. part of what made installing trump so “easy”, although easy not really the right word.
  10. maybe something to do with victorian values never really catching on in mainstream black culture? http://www.scholarsstrategynetwork.org/brief/why-has-marriage-declined-among-black-americans But then, at least they still having kids, white women waiting untill they are as baren as a Us gold mining town before they start trying has had more than a little concerning impact on the pop growth of white caucasian.
  11. sorry, i just couldnt help myself....
  12. yep, and therein lies the ultimate contradiction of society. farmer or livestock. The farm cannot exist without both.... Just a little glimpse of animal farm. But then put an elephant next to a building more than two stories high, and watch the fun unfold.
  13. And therein lies the sum total of us politicians that voted against the fisa section 702 recently again signed into law that ensure it will continue. Not sure what all the fuss is about though, letting anyone buy named Americans entire internet history is way more fun, beats having to hack it. Privacy is for people looking in from outside the wall.
  14. nice. really good interview! Do you think he would accept white caucasians (particularily the men) are generally subserviant and easily manipulated. making them much easier to govern, than say, your average black american with a heridated hatred of authority? would you say he is of the opinion that not doing what you are told, when you are told it because you are not afraid of empty threats - is a bad thing?