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  1. "Intelligent people are full of doubts , stupid people are full of confidence" Not sure who that quote is from but it rings true in my experience .
  2. "Jobs for people with IQ's below 85 are very, very rare" Isn't that the true role of the military?
  3. And those who paid top $ are already whining it will drive their property price down. Fact is the builders were already obligated to provide a %age for social use before the fire.
  4. Thanks , he did his entire secondary education at the American High school in Belgium so is savvy with the US mindset but Belgium isn't the US by any means . It will be from Jan to May 2018 so will miss the summer madness that seems to affect many. My youngest is off to Heriot Watt in Edinburgh in September so I may be suffering from early empty nest syndrome .
  5. Thanks DrB, very good of you to reply The university is in Champaign IL , that's his only option Stateside, however you have set my mind at ease Cheers.
  6. My son is due to attend the University of Illinois in January on an exchange programme. Was nervous enough with him going Stateside without this in the pipeline. If you have any insight into how this could affect that would be grateful for any info.
  7. AFAIK the cladding wasn't banned in UK although Germany had banned it. Costs between fire resistant and non fire resistant were £24/22 per panel respectively if reports are accurate. A total saving of 5k for the entire block. Its possible the fire had already ignited externally or was close to its flashpoint after the fridge was extinguished. Normally you wouldn't expect the exterior to be at risk and as such it wouldn't be checked , difficult to say without knowing the circumstances. If legal then the refurb company has a get outta jail free card, so will the council who will claim they had a duty to accept the lowest bid. Madness to think it would be approved for buildings without fire testing so whoever did approve it would be my starting point. If it was subsequently banned then it should have been removed as soon as possible. No doubt there are other properties with this cladding so it's imperative they are identified and removed without delay, a 2nd incident would now be unforgivable
  8. Thanks dgul , we all rely on each other, we all contribute something to society most of us positively.
  9. They are releasing the figs slowly in order to supress the anger, if they stated a 3 fig number immediately the anger would be multiplied tenfold. Was always warned never to talk to the press without permission on any incident. In general the advice is to stay put in a multi storey fire as fire shouldn't spread due to construction , concrete and steel generally stops fire spreading internally (see wtc 7). This fire spread externally via the flammable exterior panels to flats above, it may have been assisted by open windows due to it being a warm . There may have been other factors involved such as fire doors missing or badly fitted, I know the residents raised many concerns prior to the fire regarding safety. I do doubt that bodies won't be found due to being totally cremated, would imagine there will at least be skeletal remains. As usual misinformation, disinformation and rumour will muddy reality.
  10. Behave yersel Joe , this isn't ritual sacrifice this is just tragedy from cheap materials that weren't fireproof. I knew the conspiracy bolloks would start somewhere , you see everything in this light. Sometimes tragic accidents are just that. As for the number of deaths , it's no doubt far higher than is being reported,3 figs for definite and it's possible that the true numbers will be hidden. Firefighters will have been warned not to discuss any of this, they will risk losing their job if they do.
  11. It must have been hot in those towers , you all have terrific suntans.
  12. Never thought of myself as brave or a hero and neither did the guys I worked with. Actually cringe a bit when the " hero" talk happens. Nobody forced me to join up, we were just guys ( no women when i worked) doing a shitty, dirty job. I was never frightened when going in to a job, I think the adrenalin kicks in and takes over, there's no time to think much either about the danger. Afterwards is when you get time to reflect on what could have happened. Lots of guys turn to drink (or drugs) to numb the pain , i saw some horrific things , even now they upset me reflecting on them. I'm glad I did it tho , was an experience that stood me in good stead for life , allowed me to get my values in order I think. But there's many jobs that have the same circumstances , I couldn't be an ambulance man , those guys have it just as tough and are rarely recognised for what they do . My wife is a nurse , another shit job where a decent wage is substituted with patronising platitudes of being an angel . I think what they really want is a fair wage and the resources and staffing levels to allow them to do their job properly. Tory/Labour/snp they're all the same when it comes to running these services, patronising fukkwits that really don't give a shit. Rant over- thanks for listening.
  13. I was a fireman in Glasgow in the 70/80s Back then the minimum crewing levels were 5 per appliance , that has I believe been cut to 4. That in itself has made a difficult and sometimes dangerous job far worse. If , for example a ladder is needed then that in itself is a 4 man operation, the 5th man , usually the driver is free to prepare the pump and ready the hose so that when the ladder is ready for use so is the hose . Time is crucial in these situations, lifes are at risk , these cost cutting measures might save money but at what cost? I have also heard the retirement age has gone from 55 to 60. Those who have worked in a busy station are generally fukked by 40. The worst aspect of the job for me was not the physical aspect but the emotional one, you see a lot of shite that takes its toll. Those men and women who experienced Grenfell will be haunted and traumatised by it, for a long time. My heart breaks for them , I know what they're going through and to hear Boris Johnsons sister blame THEM leaves me shaking my head in disbelief.
  14. "The Clintons are good people" "Larry Silverstein is a good friend of mine" 100% support for Israel His solution to debt is to declare bankruptcy (4 times) Trump is a crass ignorant immoral conman. He sold his soul to the devil decades ago. With a choice between him and Clinton the outcome was always going to lead to disaster.