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  1. Good Dr I must admit I am totally amazed by the amount of time your very life energy you give to commenting on the PUPPET SHOW....I remember walking away from the Punch and Judy show on blackpool beach when I was 8 years old wondering why the gathered audience got so drawn into the SHOW and being bemused by the fact that they didn't seem to understand that there was a man behind the curtain PLAYING THE WHOLE THING. I appreciate that it's a bigger canvas tent and with more PUPPETS than just PUNCH & JUDY and also the WIZARDRY seems more realistic with the amount of electronic gadgetry employed but really is it so hard to realise the PUPPET MASTER.
  2. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-38451258
  3. Just in case anyone was in ANY DOUBT who controlled TRUMP TON. ... Earlier, US President-elect Donald Trump tweeted in support of Israel, saying he would not allow it to be treated with "disdain and disrespect". He urged Israel to "stay strong" until he assumed office next month. Any speeches he makes will have to be translated for him from Hebrew. I cannot believe that Anyone can not see through this puppet show once and for all. The power of the propoganda machine and brain washing of the sheeple is truly awesome and pumped through every orifice that the zionist's can devise.
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    Oh rh back to your myopic moderating,its fine for that prat to make personal insults to the very way I conduct my lifestyle but oh dare not say anything about his silly investment strategy because you agree with it and that is bad form.My advice was valid and reasonable and well intended,where as his was just pure slander and piss taking.Open your eyes and read the posts properly RH,or perhaps I should put it on a log chart.
  5. fitkid

    Serious Civil Unrest in the UK

    Martial law is coming they have got an excuse now.
  6. Not so silly or alarmist today heh.
  7. fitkid


    :lol: The TRUTH is to much to bare heh. GOOD LUCK with your hhhmmnn profits. PRAT
  8. fitkid


    PROFITS IN WHAT BL**dy paper. YOU NEED PHYSICAL METAL AND COUNT YOUR OUNCES NOT PAPER PROFITS. Look at what is happening mad max beyond the thunderdome looks like a childrens bedtime story now.
  9. fitkid

    Serious Civil Unrest in the UK

    This is realy very very sad and shows to what lengths the PTB will go to facilitate their aganda,i mean they are just letting even looks like encouraging the whole debacle.
  10. fitkid

    Serious Civil Unrest in the UK

    The AGENDA is definetly martial law the policing is a joke, they were looting DEBENHAMS for 2 hours and no police were anywhere to be seen,its all about letting them cause as much damage and mayhem and then send in the army with an excuse. One thing is for sure no one will be impressed with the debenhams blue cross sale again,they will wait for the LOOTING summer clearance for a real bargain.
  11. :lol: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yRi1gieDMw&feature=related
  12. fitkid

    CGNAO - Here & on HPC: The Grim Reaper

    A very convenient SMOKE screen ala LONDON 1666 londons burning....londons burning.....fire fire fire. What was the SMOKE screen for then.?
  13. fitkid

    Serious Civil Unrest in the UK

    THERE HERE QUICK RUN........................................
  14. fitkid

    Serious Civil Unrest in the UK

    IRS seeing through the cloudy smoke filled air,as though it's a clear spring day.
  15. fitkid


    Give up on that one now it looks like it is going to run and run.Even if they do launch some outlandish propoganda to spin the sheeple i dont see it effecting PHYSICAL METAL much............ITS STARTED. CONmex might make cheap paper but who in their RIGHT mind wants that SH*T.