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  1. GerMonkey

    Dominic Frisby

    I picked a copy up. Friday afternoon reading
  2. Today was a good day for being short
  3. I have some small scale bet on this. I'm using a spread betting company in the UK so I don't pay tax and most trades are possible. I've sold the Aussie Dollar against a few currencies. GBP, USD, SGD & CHF. I've short sold the Aussie banks. WBC, ABZ, CBA, NAB as well as BOQ and SUN Also shorted a few property focused companies, MGR, WDC, SGP, IOF. nothing huge here. happy to ride out a 10% move upwards move but looking for a 30% drop.
  4. GerMonkey

    UK House prices: News & Views

    Please forgive me if I'm covering really old or obvious ground here. Many of the assumptions around a house price corrections revolve around interest rates. Which in the main are set by the BoE. But what if the EU starts to implode and Bond holders start demanding higher interest rates from UK PLC to cover the risk? Would this not force the BoE's hand regardless of housing or other internal economic factors and therefore increase interest rates for mortgage holders?
  5. GerMonkey

    Storing physical gold in the UK

    If you go the home safe rout have a chat with your home & contents insurance company. I was on the phone to a company today and asked about this exact situation. They will only cover cash up to £500 but gold is seen as a valuable item and my policy covers up to £5,000 before I even need ti itemise it. Although I didn't push the issue (I don't store gold at home) I would imagine you could probably itemize the gold and you'd be covered. Maybe a reason to store gold and not silver at home. The quantities of silver required might encourage the insurance company to view the storage as commercial. I'm guessing it might be a fine line on gold coins, as these could be treated as money. In summary, I'm not an expert, but check out your insurance and maybe just melt everything into the one massive Mr T gold chain so your insurance company will cover it.
  6. GerMonkey

    Commodity Watch Radio (or a New name?)

    I'm happy to lend any support I can. My expertise is more online marketing but a university did give me a business degree so maybe something stuck. On the show name: I like the use of 'frisby' and someone else said 'curve'. The use of 'money' i feel cheapens the show. I also agree with previous points about 'radio' sounding dated. I'm not a prolific poster but I do think the idea of Dominic having a small army of willing poster over various forums being a good idea, we all have our own niches. I would avoid linking too closely to GEI, you guys can be pretty scary ( ) and are also very niche. If expanding the audience is the goal then keeping the themes moving and varied is essential. Working out the target markets and varying topic (where practically possible) is essential. This can be as simple as splitting the show topics into percentages. e.g. 15% Gold 25% General commodities 25% Shares 15% International Economics 10% Housing 5% Green Investments 5% Politics Often just forcing yourself to jot down the split will reveal a lot. As far as show listeners go I'd focus on: current listeners: I expect itunes has a big influence on repeat listens. You might want to keep your own database of emails and remind people when a new show is posted. new listeners: promoting the show is all about social marketing. The best path to market here is to find other public figures and cross promote. mish shedlock does a great job of this. By giving you interviews he is expanding his reach. Gives you a great show picks up a hand full of extra people in his network. Now I figure Dominic could start doing more gold spots on websites. Or you can simply focus on having your interviews promote your show on their sites/blogs. You know the ones, where the blogger says, I just did an interview over at Commodity watch radio, you can check it out here. Bah, anyway, rambling now.
  7. GerMonkey

    GHPC - GlobalHousePriceCrash - A Temporary Home

    OMG. I just panicked when I saw the site was down. If nothing else the site saves me having to read all the Australian media.
  8. GerMonkey

    Rents crashing in London by 10% (Guardian)

    I'm sw15, just two bedrooms but a really nice place.
  9. GerMonkey

    Rents crashing in London by 10% (Guardian)

    I pay way too much for my rent £2000/month. I've just moved in and while I didn't negotiate a discount on the rent. They did hold the property vacant for 3 months and install and new shower, bed and couches (sofa bed). All up I think that was a sizable discount. My new landlord is one of these accidental landlord who had to get that rent to keep their mortgage. So for them the rent was more important that the additional costs