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    No, I don't recommend that.
  2. pjohnp


    Hey, come on you lot. The gold thread is one of sanest threads on this board: don't go spoiling it! GF, I'm glad you're back: yours were always some of the posts that encouraged me most in my p/m dabbling. But "No wonder I had to essentially stop posting at this joint!" isn't why you left: that was after a ridiculous spat with Dr B about trading versus holding (a false dichotomy if ever I saw one). So less crowing, please .. and fewer split infinitives if you also choose sometimes to post solely in Latin. Stay with us, join in the conversation like a man, and don't show frustration with those of us who post financially naïve comments ... it may just be that we're busy in the world outside and don't know as much about markets as you do.
  3. pjohnp

    UK House prices: News & Views

    Yes, sorry: guilty as charged. I've looked briefly at one or two bits, cuch as this -- http://www.raidersnewsupdate.com/ -- and recoiled, having had my instincts confirmed that we're dealing here with puerile drivel. The over-excited, intellectually-facile, downright ignorant Christiano-triumphalist rubbish, (mis-)using the tired old categories of Antichrist, Armageddon, and other such talismans of pseudo-Biblical American ecclesio-imperialism is just simply too wearisome for words. I shall retreat to the other board that you've kindly created, hope that you'll send the house-price thread to join me, and go back to my preferred method of visiting these boards for financial and economic insights, and somewhere else (where people can distinguish literary types and have a sense of historical context) for my theology.
  4. pjohnp

    UK House prices: News & Views

    I agree that the authorities fob us off with smooth falsehoods while they quietly do much of their (sometimes rather different) business behind the scenes ... it's always been like that. But there's a difference in kind between the US secretly doing business with the Taliban (I'd be surprised and even disappointed if they weren't) and the Vatican doing the same with aliens! One is realpolitik and the other is fantasy ... Confusing the two is tedious, and a good reason for having discussion of house prices moved, as you suggest, out of earshot of such stuff.
  5. pjohnp

    UK House prices: News & Views

    Because it's the only thread that I visit this section for, and I have to tiptoe round the Pope being in league with aliens and the Twin Towers being blown up by the Israelis to get here.
  6. pjohnp


    Thank you. It looks to me like a good contra-indicator ... as one might have expected!
  7. I've only myself to blame: I wandered over here from the grown-up thread that Dr Bubb started, having a hunch that someone would be getting excited about the Pope's resignation. I don't know much about economics (which is why I visit these boards, to learn), but I do know a bit of Latin and some Biblical theology. "Lucifer" is the Morning Star, one of the Biblical images for Christ. "Christus filius tuus" does not mean "Christ is your Son" but "... is Christ your Son" -- in other words this rather lovely song is moving from the image of the morning star to the application of that image theologically. "Ab Inferis" is not a reference to hell, but to the "lower reaches" more generally: meaning that just as the indefatigable rising of the morning star from below the horizon continues throughout the ages, so Christ's resurrection lightens humanity down the generations. There are various other mistranslations in the piece you quote, but those are some of the key ones. I'll go back to the other board now: I shall only find that Bigfoot's been discovered, or some other nonsense, if I stay here any longer.
  8. pjohnp


    I'm not a great chartist, but I keep half an eye on the retail physical market, and when dealers are offering to buy sovereigns at spot price, it suggests that they've a lot of unfulfilled demand to buy: http://www.hattongardenmetalsnews.co.uk/2013/01/rate-increase-100-market-rate-for-the-full-gold-sovereign/
  9. I'm with aardvark 100% on this Some of us come here to find help navigating through times of economic chaos. I've learnt, reluctantly, to put up with puerile rubbish about time-travel and aliens, and I've stayed put at Bubb's personal request; but the beneath-contempt conspiracy theories about some of these shootings for example have just about pushed me beyond the limit. I know little about economics, trading etc (which is why I read these boards), but I have professional training and experience, over many decades in (amongst other things) child-death and bereavement. "Sick" is indeed not too strong a word for the prurient fantasists whose drivel is repeated here without apparent moderation. Can we not have an adult, economic, section ... and (if we really have to) an entirely separate quasi-teenage fantasy section for everything about man-made earthquakes, 9/11 conspiracy theories ... and (if really necessary) child-murder prurience.
  10. So perhaps it's just me that's finding it both ridiculous and distasteful. I know a widow of one of the passengers on Flight 77: her husband even phoned her from the plane. I now understand from some of the posters about that event, that it didn't really happen. Perhaps we should tell her? Is there any chance of separating adult financial discussion, which why I (decreasingly often) visit this site, from extraterrestrials and wacko conspiracy theories, or is that too much to hope for?
  11. May I join in? Yes, I find it entirely credible. The reason I find it more credible than the other two issues is that the former of them is (by current scientific understandings) impossible and the latter (ditto) remarkably unlikely.
  12. Is this the grumpy thread? It's a great idea to have one! I'll think of something soon to add to it, I'm sure. I like the BBC (a lot), and sports ... so I'll have to think of something else.
  13. I think that there's a sort of chronological fallacy at work here, whereby every generation thinks that its own time is uniquely important ... whereas on the longer view most times are commonplace and only a few periods in every thousand years (if that) are world-changingly significant. Are we living through such a time now? I think that we may be, economically (the collapse of the fiat-money experiment?) ... but I don't give any credence to this New World Order stuff, nor visiting (let alone resident!) aliens. For the former, my own knowledge of, and occasional conversations with, Very Important People, confirms my impression that on the whole things just happen ... and that they, as much as we, are just running after events and trying to respond to them (they really aren't that powerful, organized & secretive, nor remotely capable of being so); and for the latter I regard aliens as a contemporary form of witch, or demon, hysteria: four hundred years ago everyone from the king downwards knew that such things were real, and eye-witness accounts abounded ... and yet still they were wrong. I deal professionally every day with the realm of believing in things that can't be proved ... and, trust me, there's a big difference between intelligent faith on the one hand and credulity on the other.
  14. Is the fringe section taking over the main boards again? Touch and go whether World War III breaks out before the end of the month, or little green men finally reveal themselves in our midst before then. It would be quite helpful to separate this sort of stuff from the financial discussions, I think?