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  1. Concrete Jungle

    UK House prices: News & Views

    Nice charts, cheers Dom!
  2. I have not paid the TV tax for years. You would have to be a moron to give Crapita PLC enough 'evidence' to take you to court. When they knock on the door (assuming if you have a TV it can't be seen from looking in the door or front window) Don't confirm your name to them or confirm if you live there or not. Don't answer their questions, politely tell them to leave your property and not to return. Write to Crapita PLC and withdraw their implied right of access. Unless they see you watching live broadcast TV through the window, or you admit it to them on the doorstep / invite them in there is not a lot they can do, bar send you junk mail threatograms in the post for years. http://tv-licensing.blogspot.co.uk/ http://uk-tvlicensing-resistance.co.nr/ http://www.tvlicenceresistance.info/
  3. Concrete Jungle

    London: Trouble Coming? Wimbledon, Olympics

    I spoke to someone who is in the VIP / close protection security business at the weekend. He told me the security arrangements for London 2012 are a complete and utter joke as are G4S. Despite being offered a sum of money that would take me 5 years to earn for being involved in the VIP / close protection security at the games he will have nothing to do with it. He would rather go on holiday than suffer the reputational risk associated with working for the G4S / LOCOG muppets.
  4. Along similar lines (imho) the compulsory UK government private pension scheme that comes in to force in 2012 will be force fed 100 year bonds then inflated to a value below that of toilet paper. http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2010/oct/27/private-pensions-compulsory-all-workers
  5. Concrete Jungle

    Verboten! / HPC's Forbidden Topics

    He may claim to drive a desk, but we know he drives a truck. He also suffers from smelly feet and less than impressive mountains.
  6. Concrete Jungle

    1984 (steps to Orwellian doom)

  7. Concrete Jungle

    PIIGS / Europe's Debt Troubles

  8. Concrete Jungle

    PIIGS / Europe's Debt Troubles

  9. Concrete Jungle

    The Perfect Score: Cheating on the SAT

    He will probably be offered a position in a Wall St firm, he appears to have displayed many of the character traits required. Namely fraudulent activity in exchange for fiat dollars. Perhaps he should have claimed to be doing Gods work.
  10. Concrete Jungle

    UK House prices: News & Views

    I am a British citizen and I am confident plenty of people will take the money. Some will end up under water, in arrears and / or reposessed. Others will sit tight, keep their jobs and sweat out negative equity. Don't forget the government here will also pay your mortgage interest for two years (I think) should someone be made unemployed. Property is the UK economy and we have no shortage of idiots. I guess we will have to wait for the finer details to be made public on the mortgage 'backing' scheme.
  11. Concrete Jungle

    UK House prices: News & Views

    I have not seen a figure quoted for the amount committed towards mortgages yet. The four hundred million pounds announced was basically a bribe to builders and a bail out for the land values on their balance sheets and ditto banks. It is supposed to bring mothballed housing developments back to life. So assuming each mothballed property on average requires a forty or even twenty thousand pound bribe for the builders to finish it, you are only looking at say ten to twenty thousand finished houses. Or roughly one to two weeks mortgage lending for house purchases at September 2011 levels.
  12. Concrete Jungle

    UK House prices: News & Views

    Have any meaningful numbers been published on this latest government wheeze to persuade proles to take on massive debts from banksters to 'get the housing market moving'? At a first glance it smells suspiciously like the various New Labour grand plans for housing and mortgages in 2008 - 2010 that fell to pieces upon closer inspection. Initial back of a fag packet calculation 400,000,000 / 160,000 = 2500. A bit high you might cry well divide it by 80,000, or 40,000. Bearing in mind for September 2011 total mortgage lending for purchases was seven billion one hundred million pounds on 48,200 sales for just one month. The initial four hundred million to "unblock" stalled housing schemes at say forty grand per property = 10,000 houses. Or less than one weeks worth of mortgage lending for September 2011. Unless the total amount committed is in the tens of billions per year, it initially strikes me as more political smoke and mirrors designed to win some favourable headlines in the mainstream media. Ditto the £150 million to help bring empty housing back into use. At fifteen grand per property it brings ten thousand properties back to a habitable standard. At ten grand per property it brings back fifteen thousand. At five grand per property it brings back thirty thousand, a tiny percentage of the total housing stock. Fingers crossed I didn't inadvertently borrow a calculator off Mr G Brown when doing the sums.
  13. Concrete Jungle

    323 UK retailers on "critical watch list"

    Business rates in the shop I work part time in are going up 5.6% next year.
  14. Concrete Jungle

    323 UK retailers on "critical watch list"

  15. Concrete Jungle

    PIIGS / Europe's Debt Troubles

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBWiQlS5Qg0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HW8J59rQNQ