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  1. Very low market Cap for a domestic explorer, I have have recently bought a decent amount of GSM in their placing last year. They have a very experienced team and the deals they are doing should help them get on track for some great results over the next year. An exciting company IMOP with tiny market cap.
  2. I tend to agree Dr.B , and for the moment I am sticking with my longs. Gold had a great opportunity to really go down today but it recovered from what ended up being a fairly shallow dip. Silver wanted to really move but was halted by Gold's anaemia. Platinum did have a healthy move up ( $35) or so.
  3. I am short term bullish with the S&P closing over 1365 I think it could be good for another 40-50 points. That may be the time to short. However in these markets the risks have to be to the downside and with the jobs data tomorrow I am not brave enough to long the S+P.
  4. Silver and Platinum peforming better than Gold today, could be a good sign. Gold is probably being supressed by the authorities imop. I think once it breaks out it will explode. I am long Gold and Siver.
  5. Kickstart

    Anyone interested in platinum?

    Well these babies are flying today 117-120p I wonder what is in the wind ?? You could have bought them at 86p at the lows last week, I did add at 97p and 102p. News due any day now and I suspect it might be very good. Therer was a rumour they have acquired a massive new tailings agreement. Money for old rope !
  6. Kickstart

    Anyone interested in platinum?

    I have a decent holding in Magnum. rumours are they are close to doing a deal re Tantalum. The guy who runs it ( Grant Button) I have met last year and he was then Finance director of Sylvannia.... One of the reasons I bought in. As My last post above shows the connection between Magnum, Sylvania, Dwyka and more importantly AQP. I have great faith in the management. They have delivered the goods and I dont think it will be too long before they float Magnum in London, but we will need some news first. This share is a punt at the moment but I believe in time patience will be well rewarded.
  7. Kickstart

    Anyone interested in platinum?

    I agree with Frizers re Platinum Australia. I think they are a great bet for this year. My favourite however is Sylvania (SLV) AIM. Sylvania are in a more advanced position. They are already producing PGMs from their Chrome tailings retreatment plants. They have two up and running and two others under construction. They should all be up and running by the end of the year. They are already ahead of production schedule producing over 1,000 pgm oz a month at very low cost and a very high basket price. The reason for the high basket price ( $1,775 and that was for the quarter ending 30/9/07) is that the dumps contain high amounts of Rhodium. One plant has cash costs of $378 an oz and the other $348. Find me another producer with costs that low! The bit I really like is that you have no risk as they are not exploring -just extracting from the tailings. Almost a license tto print money. They recently raised a load of cash at a much higher share price as they are carefully looking for suitable acquisitions. They have already made one small invstment in an Australian explorer. They also have a joint project at Everest North together with AQP. The results of the feasability study are due any time now and I would expect them to be very positive knowing Sylvania's management and track record. This is one junior that is about to become a senior and is not on many peoples' radar. I have met the management and am suitably impressed. I am also impressed that Ed Nealon of AQP fame is also a large shareholder and was until recently a Director. So in conclusion , great management, lots of cash and soon to be making some big profits from their Chrome tailings plants. Market cap at today's bashed price about $170mln. Very cheap for such a low cost producer.
  8. I am still long from $892 Gold futures. Looks liike we are in the midst of a parabolic move with this mornings performance. The Gold shares should have a good day.
  9. Just bought 20k. Lets hope they start to play catch-up. Should be a good ride over the next few months with the expected news providing the price of Gold holds and costs start to come down as they said in the podcast.
  10. Kickstart


    I have bought some Hochschild on the dip today at 357p. great Silver play IMOP and still very undervalued given the cash in the bank and profits they are making.
  11. Kickstart


    Hi Frizzers, I will be attending with a friend. We both have a decent interest in Silverstone Resources who are on the menu. C U There. In fact SST is by far my largest silver play.
  12. Well I got that wrong- but I got out without too much harm being done. Unfortunately I closed my share shorts today --obviously too early.
  13. I have started buying a bit at these levels I think the market is very thin and being pused down on low volume. I expect a rally to start by the end of the week ( maybe earlier). Now long a small amount of FTSE and the SPX.
  14. Just to add to my previous post, if the S&P cant close soldily above 1460in the next couple of days we could be heading down to 1300-1325 &P IMOP - in very short order.