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  1. geilogin1

    Ethical Investment+World Peace

    Yes , I agree. Monsanto have a horrible record, and the biotech GE stuff seems like really warped profiteering to me. Maybe some wings of the company are good some bad though? Maybe one day they'll sponsor some sort of progressive prize like Alfred Nobel with the profits from his dynamite co.! 'We don't drive looking in the rear-view mirror. Neither should we invest that way' (helps to check the mirror sometimes though-especially when you are reversing!!!) I'm leaving my cash put for the minute, despite rate cut. I've always been a bit suspicious of the concept of letting the money work for you. Surely its just supposed to be a store of value, not a magic bean! c.m thanks for links b.t.w. ps 'peace is the fruit of justice' ....cool
  2. I'm just curious about people's attitude to investing. I did ok when my father died, and inherited shares invested in the South African Stock Market. That was a few years ago, I just sold them all, and deposited the cash in an ethical bank account here in the UK. The co-op bank. I'm really concerned at the moment that TSwillHTF and we'll have major global conflict (hoping for a cooler sort of 'war', bit of protectionism/trade war but no major shite. The bank just sent us all our voting slips for what we want them to include as part of their ethical strategy. (Didn't tick the 'lets not invest in nanotech firms that might harm the environment box' because am not that suspicious of nanotec.) I'm just interested to find out what sort of things one might invest in apart from sustainable technology, to actually encourage world peace. Interflora? Maybe goldbugs should be investing in De La Rue if they are fearful? c.m
  3. geilogin1


    Hi. Might be an idea to read the leaflets that we posted round couple of months ago! ( I was working for Wastewatch in your area. ) No . It doesn't all get shipped off to China.... nice video of where your orange bags go, the film of the SE London Materials Recy Fac. is about 4/5th of the way through. http://www.westernriverside.org.uk/recycling-movie.php
  4. geilogin1

    URGENT: Bank Run in Hong Kong

    yes uk taxpayer will pay for banks+govt.'s crap misjudgement of oil price + international financial situation (they estimated it would hover/max at $80 i recall). we are on our arses. true, shit maybe someone ought to get up off their arse and do some meaningful work! gambling is such an empty hobby. 'financial services' my arse. btw apples will keep for a good season if wrapped in newspaper + stored in a cool dark,well ventilated place. im off to the land of the leprechauns! bye 4 now c.m
  5. geilogin1

    URGENT: Bank Run in Hong Kong

    Isn't it better to be part of the herd , when the herd is running? Otherwise you get stomped on. A thief may come and steal your stagnant gold investment. Don't buy Gold. Gold is far more use to industry than as something pretty to have, locked in a safe. All this gambling is such a waste of time+energy+ is no doubt inducing a fair number of heart attacks. Be patriotic, Al Qaeda must be laughing. Islamic banks will be doing a roaring trade no doubt. Buying gold is short selling the global economy. Ok have a little if you are scared, but not great chunks of it. I'd rather have my mobile phone with its 0.001g of gold than a kilo in the safe making me nervous and wary of strangers. c.m ps my cousin used to work for barclays in HK.
  6. geilogin1

    Peak Oil - Bull or Bear?

    Hi . 1st post. (Guess I should introduce myself in the appropriate place at some point. Came here from housepricecrash- partly drawn in by cgnao's accurate short term economic analysis. My dad used to go on about US debt in the 80's) I think peak oil will manifest in the UK as a slow winding down of economic activity, in fits and starts, with the occasional city riots, as per the the 70's 80's 90's! Ok we are having huge shifts in the economy+ financial world, but I dont think things will get suddenly awful, or horrific (for the great majority), as others seem to think. A little bit of oil goes a long way to improve farm productivity, and there's so much slack in the system in the way that we waste oil. Nature puts most of the (solar) energy in for the food we eat. The fertilizer is just a 'vitamin pill' for the sick soil. Organic production with fossil fuel mechanical assistance can produce enough, especially when you consider all the waste in the food production+ consumption. The obesity we have is often caused by malnutrition, bad hydrogenated fats in cheap manufactured food which accumulates because the body cant process it. With more organic farming+ focus on healthy food production hopefully the standard diet will improve, as it is often said it did during the rationing of WWII. Think the fashion for skinny models has peaked though! Farm productivity in calories/acre might drop , but organic farming is prospering, and calories+vitamins/acre is on the rise! c.m