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  1. It does not seem so difficult to understand to me. The world is currently awash with cheap oil. The producers have bills to pay and there is nobody sufficiently strong that they can stop producing to drive up the price. Yes additionally the Saudis may wish to go along with the US so the oil price is low to enable some chance of an economic recovery where the world is totally dependant upon cheap oil for survival and where importantly there is no free energy


    The interesting unanswered question (particularly for me living here in Finland where we are dependant upon a healthy russia) is whether or not a country like Russia has had a sophisticated ability to forecast oil prices and is comfortable at the moment or in fact the combination of low energy prices and low commodity prices are going to bring it back to its knees all over again.

  2. You have a point that we can agree with:


    Money creation looks different, if you look at the system as a whole rather than an individual bank.


    From the individual Lending bank's point of view, they will need to attract a Deposit to cover the Loan proceeds when they are sent out - so they have a requirement for real funding - and I suppose that is what you are calling "hard money."


    But from the point of view of the banking system, that new money created with the loan represents a real new rise in the Money supply, for the banking system as a whole.


    Fpr example:

    If the Lending bank is also the bank for the House Seller, then the money may just go out of one account and into another within the same bank. So as long as it stays there, in the House sellers bank account, it can be used to fund the Loan. But the bank may have very little control over how long it will stay, so it had better have some real funding lined up.


    The lending bank only requires prearranged lines of credit to be funded.


    My point overall though is that bank lending is very little different to a person writing a cheque. One way or another you and the bank will need to be sure that you or they can handle whatever happens next.


    We are probably saying the same thing? Some real funding though sounds like they absolutely need to have in their possession something real. They might do or they might not. The nature of banking is a network of relationships where banks have accounts with each other.


    A bank loan is essentially a promise or at least this is how it begins life. All the bank needs is the promises of other banks. Plus it has the promise of the central bank.

  3. Anything that makes sense and appears to work will get reasonable funding.


    QEG made no sense at all. The whole resonance idea was misunderstood from start to finish and it was obvious that what they had done and what they were talking about totally did not reconcile at all.


    The cold fushion 60 minutes was very interesting, but what you need to see is independant replication of results, rather than checking over a system in Israel for a couple of days and concluding the work was being carefully done. Fairly clearly it can take days of inputting power to get power out so the opportunity of introducing errors is fairly huge. In any case we already have consumer units available that produce more power for the consumer than the consumer provides, which are highly reliable and have very compelling economics. These units are called heat pumps.


    Rod Duncan did this talk a week after 60 minutes where he says a little more on the topic of cold fusion possibilities. Obviously the whole thing is at a very early stage of development even if it is real.


  4. Bubb


    You are tending to over emphasise the hard money side of the equation while the 'truthers' are totally ignoring it.


    The big banks have accounts with each other, so when the loan is paid out of the creating bank it is likely to only require that the creating bank pays interest. The banking system has still therefore created a loan without needing any money to do it other than the ability to be solvent where necessary, have sufficient capital, and for example have lines of credit to cover the eventuality it needs to borrow to fund the loan.


    So if two banks decide to fund each others loans and only approve loans for each others customers who buy from the other bank - eg they allow those particular mortgages only, they are funded for these loans.


    However at the end of the day a bank is just an ordinary business with no special powers that an individual would possess if there was no government to prevent ordinary indiviiduals running an honest business. Eg you could have a substantial farm say, almost no cash, be highly solvent as necessary and manage a loan business just like a bank. Banks of course have one way or another a vast amount of capital as none cash items - just like the farm.


    The bank fraud saga is like the free energy saga. People are gullible and evidently people are wanting to believe they can change their lives if the system changes while meanwhile essentially wasting their lives dreaming.

  5. The methodology for global financial domination is really quite simple: America imports more goods than it exports and therefore dollars flow out of the US and accumulate in the central banks of other countries. Since the US has refused to honor these obligations in gold, the central banks are forced to invest in US treasury bills, bonds and other US financial instruments


    Nobody is forced to invest in US debt because of the US trade deficit. Therefore they can only be doing it because they chose to do it. Eg the Asian people are savers rather than consumers.


    The exporting countries will always have a problem if they build their economies on exports and there are too few importers unless the exporters finance the imports.


    People like to see the exporting nations like China or Germany as virtuous but the reality is often more complex if like Germany the Germans are also financing US subprime or US and Greek purchases of BMWs.


    I don't know of AAK saw the whole thing.

    (I havent had time to watch any of it yet.)

    Even so, I expect his summary may be accurate

    I listened to the whole thing. About 95% or more of the call was spent talking about aspects of QEG that would be relevant if they can produce free power from the Toroid which they admit they have not yet produced.


    Evidently Robitaille knows he has discovered nothing new and is only relying on Thrapps design.


    From elsewhere, via third party donations they have at least 100,000 as of last week, plus whatever they get via direct paypal payments.


    Val said 80 people are going to Morroco.


    the fact that they were able to get a grant and third-party verification merits some more digging into, all IMHO.


    The organisation claimed to have provided a grant says:




    The Foundation has awarded several grants to date. The recipients are Dr. Rajendra Niraula, The Cheetah Conservation Fund and The Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, located at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington

  8. What kind of reputable scientist writes a letter like this??


    Hakop Jack Aganyan
    Solar Hydrogen Trends Inc.
    Dear Simon,
    As someone rightly pointed out at the forum that I do not have time to answer hundreds of questions.However, ignoring your question, certainly would be understood by all of you as cowardness or scientific unsoundness.

    Your calculations are absolutely correct, if it only operates from concepts of gravitational and electromagnetic interactions, but the nucleons in nuclei are binding with interaction which is called in nuclear physics “strong interaction ” (nuclear strong force or color force) which is equal to (7-8) MeV / nucleon.

    We have managed to make these forces work for us in our hydrogen reactor “Symphony 7A”.

    If you promise to keep my secret than I will only reveal that secret to you.

    As it is known “Strong interaction” in the nuclei, the distances between the nucleons is ~
    ) fm (femtometers), Binds them into the nuclei.

    In the hydrogen reactor “Symphony 7A”. due to the collective excitation of nucleons from the external electrical source ( just 0.5 Kwt / h we were able to increase the distance between nucleons to a magnitude of ~ (
    ), fm in strong interaction in the beginning it drops to zero and then starts to push away nucleons , causing decay of the nucleus.

    As my partner Jack Aganyan likes to say I should tell myself to stop now.

    Because 2-3 more words and absolutely everything will become clear to you how in the hydrogen reactor “Symphony 7A”. 1liter of water is converted into 1kg of hydrogen.

    P.S. Last time I was so sincere and open that was back in 1961 in the conversation with the great Niels Bohr.


    Konstantin Balakiryan

    PhD Professor

  9. DrBubb,


    While the QEG plays out to its likely conclusion, is it possible to research more into 'more credible' claims from outfits such as Solar Hydrogen Trends [ http://solarhydrogentrends.com/ ] ?


    Solarhydrogentrends is another scam claiming they can create silly amounts of hydrogen from water with a tiny amount of electricity where 1 Kg of hydrogen and oxygen mysterously gets converted to 1 kg of pure hydrogen.


    Once again the known laws of physics get suspended and GOD is involved.



  10. DrBubb


    Would you place any of your own money on the outcome of this thing?


    100% guaranteed nothing is going to come from this. If you think otherwise then put some money on it please.


    I say 1000 USD nothing will come from this other than the same rubbish that Thrapps spews out year after year.


    The entire QEG thing is bullshit from start to finish. The evidence is overwhelming that they are pretending they have something they do not have.


    These QEG low lifes are ripping people off. Ordinary people are sending them money they probably can ill afford to spend simply because they have been conned - there can be no excuse for that kind of disgusting behaviour.

  11. The unknown question is whether these people are misguided fools or if they are just con artists. The impression given is that they are a mixture of both.


    It is totally clear they began by presenting this thing as a working over unity device creating free energy and all of this was made possible by the trusted inventor they were working with.


    Heaven knows why you keep wanting to believe they are open. Even if they are misguided fools it is clear they are creating a smokescreen to cover up the fact they dont have a working arrangement.

  12. You already agreed there were debunking articles available on overunity.com from at least 27th of March.


    QEG has been fraudulently presented since 2013 as an original device created by James R.


    In reality QEG has a direct connection to Thrapps Witts quantum generator


    Thrapp has been flogging the plans for this thing since 2010.


    People continue to be defrauded by Thrapp and others, and yet not withstanding the absence of results, people like Sterling Alan enthusiastically promote their ideas.

  13. AAK, I think it is more accurate to say:


    Robitai never fully tested the Output, to confirm Over-unity

    False. The 400hz alternating current generator output from the copper wiring has to be fed back to the presently mains powered Direct current motor, which they say they need a 400hz inverter for, before they can complete that part of the circuit, which is by the way not in the open source PDF, plus they need significant motor control circuitry as presently they are using a mains powered variac for DC motor control, and that too is not in the open source PDF circuit.


    All they have at the moment is an unusual mains power driven generator.


    Listen from 23 minutes


  14. Here's WHY I still call myself an "Open-minded Skeptic" - there's not yet a true PROOF of Concept


    [8:37:04 AM]

    Robert Towers: Jim my heart mind tells me that the QEG Team would have no reason to lie and spend thousands of dollars flying all over the world if they did not have a working unit to begin with. Faith can move mountains.

    Daryl Hansen: I totally agree. There is no way that Hope would risk her reputation to do this without having a working prototype.

    Robert Towers: (y)

    jimboot: I've been mistaken a lot over the years when I thought I had something signficant working only to see later it was not, which is why I ask.

    Robert Towers and Daryl Hansen only have to listen to the utube video i linked to earlier with Sterling Alan to see there is no working prototype.



    Curiously Sterling Alan pressed Robataille on the issue but once the answer was given said nothing and just continued to praise witts, Thrapp and fix the world!