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  1. Robert Towers and Daryl Hansen only have to listen to the utube video i linked to earlier with Sterling Alan to see there is no working prototype. Curiously Sterling Alan pressed Robataille on the issue but once the answer was given said nothing and just continued to praise witts, Thrapp and fix the world!
  2. Of course anyone can raise big money if people believe they have a working device! How do you think Japan is going to get along without Nuclear energy?
  3. They have nothing working yet.
  4. It is totally clear they do not have a working device by the inventors own words, and yet it is totally clear they are claiming they do have a working device Openness??
  5. Anybody who cannot see this is a scam by now needs their head examined.
  6. According to the inventor, as of April 3rd, the QEG has never been run without the mains powered start up motor and he got the basic design from Witts ministry http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJKE5DJRMFQ He says to get the QEG to self run would require a 400hz inverter which he does not have.
  7. Naicheval robitai is hope girls mother. The QEG 'inventor' is her step father James Robitaille Hope girls says of her step father: In his own meditations he’s received a special understanding or “download” that has given him the knowledge necessary to create a quantum generator.
  8. 100% guaranteed there will be no working QEG this decade. As for next month, soon it will be the next month and on and on with excuse after excuse. Even a correct circuit diagram by Christmas seems fanciful at this point in time
  9. DrBubb You are saying nothing new. Why are they still providing a PDF of "instructions" with an obvious mistake in it? There is absolutely no question it is a mistake so there is no reason for them not to fix it. There is also the larger question as to why they are including Tesla in the idea when the included Tesla patent has absolutely nothing at all to do with free energy and they are saying they are only providing slight modifications to Teslas design.
  10. according to hope girl, a mass consciousness is required to get the QEG to work. When they turn it on only people who have donated money or who are involved in the development will be notified
  11. Just as overunity.com described on 27th of March: http://www.overunity.com/14442/anyone-heard-about-qeg/msg394559/#msg394559 the QEG open source instruction PDFon page 7 shows a circuit error in a very simple circuit, where mains alternating current power is being used to attempt to drive a direct current motor. By now you would have imagined they would have been able to alter that PDF after 50,000 downloads!
  12. http://www.overunity.com/14442/anyone-heard-about-qeg/msg394736/#msg394736 QEG is apparently an off shoot of Witts ministeries. The inventor for the device was informed by devine intervention that the device would work and although he did not have a working prototype he got other people to attempt to build the device because he was certain it was going to work because he got the idea from God. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=witts+ministries&sm=1 QEG is using exactly the same methodology. As you can see from the videos Witts claimed they had one working back in 2012. Obviously the whole thing is just a scam or one kind or another.
  13. My questions would be: Why all of the hype about Tesla and the inclusion of a patent by Tesla that has absolutely nothing at all to do with free energy? Why not provide a set of instructions that enable a person to build this device without asking trivial questions? Why not show the thing working?
  14. You were the Troll who first raised the topic of it looking odd that comments were no longer allowed.
  15. Riddle me this. If i am making an electromechanical device from clearly written plans why on earth do i need to have any knowledge of advanced quantum physics??? The first thing i noticed about QEG is that the plans are as clear as mud
  16. If i was an electro mechanical engineering teacher and my students were ok working with very high voltages, i would get my students to make this thing as a project as my way of fixing the world. Education can be a beautiful thing. And if i was a japanese minister of technology i would probably fund the taiwanese and send over a few PhD's to check the work was being done seriously. Finland would probably chip in too.
  17. Sure, and the reason the comments are disabled is because?
  18. In Taiwan they are constructing a slightly modified tesler device. The original device has no connection with free energy whatsoever. So what if it resonates?? All the commonsense remarks already made about this saga should be telling you something. As for start up companies relying on public support and this will help fix the world. You know you have heard of shares. You know many successful companies have begun from garages and so forth etc etc etc. The idea a unique energy device could not get support and be successful is plainly nuts. Or do you think the military want to supply armies with another army of highly vulnerable and cumbersome fuel tankers and so forth etc etc etc, and they only do this because otherwise people would realise there was free energy already known about! Do you think they came up with excuses to secure Iraqi oil and secure routes to the ocean just as a cover for the availability of free energy?? Come on! Wake up! It is though an interesting cover story. Get people to believe there is free energy available and there is no need to save the empire by stealing oil. Why not? Seems to be working so far. Aliens fits nicely into that kind of cover story too. After all if you are talking to the Aliens who have advanced tech, just imagine how powerful the government is. Imagine how futile it would be to stand up and say i have had enougth and cant take it any more. You guys need a focus. Instead you are all over the place, with the result there are allegedly more or less only two people posting on this board all day long. Is that going to be your lifes work? Your contribution to fixing the world?
  19. if they are talking about more flywheels and more mass as an over unity device then even the US government has experimented with massive flywheels. All you are doing is capturing the rotational movement of the Earth as your free energy source. Practical? No. QEG sounds like stupidity from start to finish simply because there is X and Y and Z etc etc all adding up to stupidity. For starters it appears nobody has built a working QEG device! Then there is all the hype about Tesler where Teslers device is nothing to do with free energy. How stupid is that?? Time to wake up and stop dreaming, at least as far as QEG goes. QEG is just plain stupid or worse it is just a scam.
  20. Dont forget to send them money to cover their costs for all of the important work they are doing to fix the world
  21. Apparently they are promoting this 'device' as something invented by Tesla ....and not something they have discovered for themselves. In fact what Tesla's device does is enable a constant power without a heavy mechanical flywheel and it has nothing to do with free energy at all. Apparently they are wanting people to send them money. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUyt0sKg7P8 Open the video in Youtube and read the comments "This is a comment someone posted from their website: I took a brief look at the QEG open source documents pdf and noticed one thing. As far far I have understood, many free energy devices such as the one mentioned in the document, are said to derive their miraculous capability from a high-voltage and apparently quite high frequency oscillation, what can achieve a power multiplying effect with a self-resonance phenomenon. But, in the QEG document, for a non-expert reader the reference to the Nikola Tesla electric generator is in my opinion misleading, because the enclosed patent text clearly only describes a technology to attain steady electric output for a piston-operated generator without the use of a flywheel. As we know, a flywheel is normally needed to achieve constant revolutions per minute for piston-based engines. Again, in the introductory description of the QEG technology it is let a non-expert reader who takes also a look at the Tesla patent to assume, though not literally making any such claims, that the oscillation and self-resonance technology of the QEG is comparable or equal to the oscillation technology of the Tesla patent technology, but they are not. QEG is said to be an adaptation of the Tesla technology, and the Tesla patent talks about achieving resonance for oscillation(s), but in Tesla patent the resonance of oscillation serves only to produce steady reciprocal movement of the piston, and steady production cycles and output of electricity. So it isn’t a means of multilpying energy there, but an adjustment technology for an electro-mechanic machine. I agree that bringing Tesla’s name to the invention plans brings a lot of credibility to it, but I was very disappointed to learn that the Tesla patent had very little to do with QEG technology, and that I had to find it out myself."
  22. If it works nothing needs to be co-created. It just sounds like it does not work but they think it might work if more brains are fiddling on it.
  23. My house already has a room designed to withstand a significant domestic oil boiler fire/blast event. So that room looks like it would easily suit an existing practical working over unity device. There is a huge market already for these things now.
  24. If these guys want to save the world then all they have to do is turn up to Finlands National TV studio with a working device. Finland would not be spending billions on nuclear power stations built by the French, if Finland could get access to an economically useable over unity energy. Additionally as an ordinary homeowner, I am spending USD $3000 on heating per year, others here in Finland are spending much more and Finland significantly subsidised the installation of ground source heating to reduce Finlands dependance on oil and coal. All of us here have a huge vested interest in reducing our energy costs if an economically worthwhile over unity method can be demonstrated to us. Elsewhere, countries like Japan and many others have a developing problem with energy, so talk of conspiracies to prevent over unity energy tech from being used makes no sense at all.
  25. aliveandkicking

    BoE on Money Creation: A Bank Lends You £100...

    One of the problems of the banking system is the way the banking system is able to install its own people as regulators because almost nobody outside of banking understands banking, plus additionally the banks have a huge ability to lobby for the people they prefer, where in the event the banks do not like the governments policies they can withdraw their operations and move to a more favourable jurisdiction. Prior to the GFC the banks were engaging in many practices which has no legitimate purpose and can only have been created in order to reduce their ability to be regulated. You can argue the regulators were outsmarted but it seems hard to believe that people at the BOE were unaware of just how dodgy the system had become. (However in fairness to the BOE, the BOE has been talking about money creation for decades and more or less poking fun at the academic worlds inability to understand how the banking system operates.) Then on top of that, there is continually occuring theme of privatising gains and socialising losses, where during the GFC it has been shocking to me that more banks have not be quietly passed into public ownership and the entire culture of greed excess and bonuses has not been transformed back towards a concept of banks as community assistants in the context of us having an actual society, rather than mega corporations only answerable to shareholders and the absence of any meaningful honest idea that many countries are a society. I had to witness these things to grow up a bit and 'see what is' rather than see what I imagined was there.