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  1. Looks like New Zealand may be due for another earthquake too.. Netanyahu 'told New Zealand backing UN vote would be declaration of war'
  2. Lots of Russia-haters in Congress I hear and I don't think Ryan will help not to mention Obama doing whatever he can to sabotage relations before Trump takes office.
  3. Interesting video analysis I don't believe it exists but I agree it could be another layer of pre-progamming for the .." Alien hoax "...supposedly being planned by the control freak NWO.
  4. colonelmustard

    Party Man George Michael checks out

    So much for ..." We are all living longer.." There is something strangely symbolic and prophetic about the .." Last Christmas "..theme though...Perhaps one might include ..Princess Di(e) in that too. Although I think the .." He sold his soul to Satan and was sacrificed for it " ..is melodramatic... you might make a case that he allowed it subconciously They all had powerful demons and a vulnerability that leads to self harm... Something often found in people who care deeply about others.
  5. Rather unfortunate all the threats of retaliation came at such a time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPraOTgLC8Q People could start to get the wrong idea
  6. colonelmustard

    9/11 Truth: Coming to a Billboard near you

    I'll give Donald a clue....(4.30) It wasn't Osama Bin Laden
  7. colonelmustard

    2017 Predictions

    Styx talks us through the Economists front cover for 2017. I've always regarded the Tarot cards as something to be avoided....one step away from witchcraft. Not surprisingly Styx seems relaxed around them.
  8. colonelmustard

    Obama's past, Obama's Legacy

    deleted post
  9. I think Associated Press and Reuters deserve a mention. Aren't these the globalist bankster cheerleaders whipping MSM into shape ?
  10. Red Ice take an objective look at Trump's cabinet so far
  11. colonelmustard

    Globalism = Political expression of Satanism

    Satanists or Scapegoats and Fear mongers
  12. colonelmustard

    YouTube alternative needed, as GOOG Censors

    I've got about 20 channels I subscribe to and I regularly visit each one and browse through the videos to see what interests me...not everything they produce will. So I don't rely on being notified about everything they produce and I don't feel it necessary to require that they do. In fact Alex breaks down his show into such small segments I wouldn't want to be notified about them all. I think Google deserve some credit for the Youtube experience. I would say it's largely responsible for the information revolution we have lived through. Its hard to imagine Brexit or Trump succeeding without it....but competition is healthy so it would be good to have alternatives. I'm thinking some kind of Bitcoin equivalent...an information blockchain with no central control...I don't even know if that is possible...I guess it would create alot of copyright and censorship issues...Makes you realise how hard Google's job is...they have to keep everyone happy.
  13. colonelmustard

    Brexit: Will it happen? What then?

    Niall has seen the wind change and done a U turn...Tip of the iceberg I think
  14. Sounds as if Ms Kelly has upset Alex... and he believes Fox News has sold out to the Democrats I would be surprised if they had when they have Trump in the Whitehouse...hardly the time to switch sides
  15. colonelmustard

    Brexit: Will it happen? What then?

    David Davis faces the House of Commons Exiting the EU select committee Nice to know they are getting on with it despite all the noise I watched this twice...I'm a complete nerd sometimes
  16. It does seem that the first thing any Western politician does when taking the reigns of power is swear their allegience to Israel almost as if they are frightened of what might happen if they do anything else.... and the new administration in the U.S. is no exception
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    Independent journalist exposes the Western media lies about Syria and Aleppo " Whatever you hear in the corporate media...BBC...Guardian...New York Times...is the opposite of reality "... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPqf9L7OxaU
  18. NWO lash out desperately in all directions
  19. colonelmustard

    Down Time

    I thought you must have been on the move for it to be down that long. It did make me think how we take it for granted and reminded me of a forum I used a few years ago until the owner was killed in a traffic accident. It continued for a few months after his death but I think the sense of loss and the fact his personality was so integral to the site meant it was doomed to die with him and all the years of threads photos and information went too. The digital word can be erased so easily ...you don't have to burn a huge pile of books...just flip a switch and it's all gone. Anyway I'm glad to know that wasn't the case with you Dr. B... Happy travels.
  20. It must have come as a huge shock to many of the swamp life in Washington and the CIA that they actually have a REAL person as their next President who realises that THEY are the problem and not the solution. Imagine the force of personality it takes to do that.... What a breath of fresh air he is. It would be nice to see him spawn a new establishment that can talk the same kind of sense because otherwise it's going to be tough to do it all alone. I mean there must be some panic at the moment since they are going to have to throw their foreign policy playbook out of the window. It just wont wash with him...By the way...I love how the media keep expressing concern that Trump's appointments have no political or foreign policy experience...haha...TFFT ...I say... Look where career politicians and academics have taken us for the last several decades... Winning the Cold war may have been a victory for them but for most people it was just the start of a rampage of death. destruction..economic..social and political enslavement... In fact the opposite of what we were told we were fighting for. The one thing that does puzzle me slightly is his apparent close ties to Israel and how that will pan out especially over the Iran deal but I never quite understood how a nation in receipt of so much foreign aid could then turn around and use it to buy influence with Washington...until perhaps I saw David Icke's video on how the left hand of Rothschild zionists give it to the right hand of Rothschild Zionists. I dont want to draw parallels between Trump and JFK and turn that into some kind of self fulfilling prophecy... I would rather just wish him luck and hope he turns out to be all we hoped he would.
  21. colonelmustard

    Trump and the Deep State

    I remember when Trump did the press conference with Obama at the Whitehouse after their meeting he said something like... " We discussed some of our high flying assets " And Obama looked a bit awkward as if he had let the cat out of the bag. He may have been referring to satellites or spy planes...or it could have meant something else.
  22. She did look quite disappointed by Trump's victory. She gave a very bland statement about it. I think we will have to keep a close eye on her.
  23. colonelmustard

    Brexit: Will it happen? What then?

    I think the Government's appeal in early December will be successful and Brexit will go ahead as planned. If not it may be delayed but we will not be defeated.
  24. colonelmustard

    Obamacare: What comes after?

    BBC and the globalist controlled MSM doing exactly what they did after the Brexit vote...nitpicking in order to discredit his policies.
  25. colonelmustard

    Trump and 9/11

    Makes me angry to think so many people are willing to accept a society based on such a blatant lie. I still meet people willing to argue the government would never do such a thing when the evidence is overwhelming it couldn't have happened without inside help. How do these journalists in the media live with themselves. It's another benchmark. As soon as someone accepts the official narrative I cannot take anything they say seriously again because it's not just this one event but our whole paradigm...the financial meltdown...QE..the destruction of the middle east... the migrant crisis... the police state..it all flows from this and all those in positions of power have been willing to accept it for personal gain despite knowing the obvious truth.They are all corrupt lying filth Millions have died and millions impoverished for their satanic agenda and it's time they were punished. William Cooper was an American hero. He should be given a posthumous Congressional medal of honour. I admire Donald Trump for speaking the truth. I don't know if he can really do anything even as President because he is surrounded by accessories after the fact whose careers depend on the lie being perpetuated. He reminds me of Kennedy in this respect and I do fear for his safety because the deep state that did this haven't gone away because he was elected. I mean wasn't that why they killed Bobby Kennedy to stop him ever getting to the truth.