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  1. " Good luck everyone " Look on the bright side...Our odds are a little better than this
  2. We are being told by the virology experts that the virus infection rate doubles every 4 days if left to it's own devices and no stringent quarantine is imposed. Based on that premise and those figures there will be one million infections by this time next month in the U.S. and I would think those figures are just the tip of the iceberg...it's probably ten times worse than that if the UK government estimate of 10,000 compared to the official tally of 500+ is anything to go by I think there must be many people who are asymptomatic carriers that don't even realise they have it otherwise health care facilities would have been overwhelmed already.
  3. Looks like the penny has finally dropped... I think it's too late the virus is already rampaging unchecked across America
  4. I can't imagine living to this age but he seems remarkably lucid considering he is 111 years old. When asked what his advice for a long life is he says : " I don't give people advice because.. a) If they don't like it ..they don't do it and b)... If they do do it and it turns out badly...you're to blame "
  5. Health Minister that met with Boris Johnson on Thursday has the virus. Case.. Case.. Case.. Cluster.. Cluster.. BOOM !!
  6. I have a feeling it must be spreading like wildfire in the U.S. since they have hardly started testing yet
  7. Great call Dr. B 10 % yield now on some oil stocks must be tempting
  8. colonelmustard

    Boris Wins. Now Brexit?

    " We are much more than a star on somebody else's flag "... Thankyou Nigel...You led we followed... Now let's see what Boris is made of.
  9. Shaun Attwood spent 6 years in an Arizona state prison for drug running and knows what goes on there. He has been following the Epstein case :
  10. I miss Spitting Image ..I think it would have a few politicians worried if it came back today. No one seems to do political satire anymore
  11. colonelmustard

    HYBRID trouble ? !

    A thousand years from now we will probably be able to buy a new body .. " off the shelf "...Rather like plastic surgery is popular today. I can imagine a time when they will isolate the concious mind and give a choice of add ons...bionic or natural depending on your want or means. Maybe even offer a cross species option... How about some new wings Sir...they are on special this month. It's going to happen ...just a matter of time.
  12. colonelmustard

    War On! Britain is still battling over Brexit

    Poor old Sterling... It has fallen so much I actually find it fascinating to see how low it can go now. For a trader Sterling must have been a one way bet for the last few years but one thing I have noticed about Sterling is that when it turns ..it turns really quickly. I wouldn't like to be the trader who gets caught napping. It wouldn't surprise me if Sterling rises after Brexit....That's the kind of reverse psychology that rules the markets.
  13. colonelmustard

    War On! Britain is still battling over Brexit

    Incredibly there are still more than half the Cabinet (19 out of 33 ) who are remainers . (25.30) Many people fear that Boris will just try to get a concession on the backstop and then reheat the May surrender Treaty... In fact I think he has made it clear that is his strategy but... It won't wash with Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party (37.45) Boris is going to have to do better than some backstop fudge to satisfy the Leavers and neutralize the Brexit Party but how can he do that without enraging the remainer infested Parliament. Nigel thinks he has to go for an election and Jacob Rees-Mogg assures us all he has to do is nothing and we will leave by default on October 31st.
  14. colonelmustard

    War On! Britain is still battling over Brexit

    Alpha male replaces snivelling quisling But is it too late... What can he do with a majority of two ?
  15. Well she has got zero sex appeal for me so I hope she is a good actress. I never thought Daniel Craig was a very good Bond he always semed a bit Wooden and I'm surprised he has lasted so long but I think Idris Elba would have made a good Bond.
  16. colonelmustard

    War On! Britain is still battling over Brexit

    Reporter: ‘Can’t you just respond on a human level?’ Boulton then asked: ‘Can’t you just respond on a human level?’ Jones responded: ‘I have responded on a human level. ‘I’ve spoken about the humanity of those who have suffered as a consequence of her policies and I wish the news would give far more space to them rather than spending time discussing the prime minister crying because she can no longer hold the most powerful job in the country,’ he said. Many people took to Twitter to share Jones’ sentiment in condemning Theresa May’s policies and to share the video. One tweet has almost 200,000 likes and 60,000 retweets, at the time of writing. Jones then tweeted: ‘Don’t feel sorry for Theresa May. Feel sorry for the victims of her policies.’ Well well well... I never thought I would find myself agreeing with anything that plonker said Just had to listen to Malcolm Rifkind on BBC given carte blanche to rant for a good 10-15 minutes uninterrupted repeating himself over and over like some deranged loon that Parliament couldn't agree a deal and wouldn't allow us to leave without a deal and therefore the only democratic course of action was to ...yes you've guessed it...Have a People's vote. The BBC scum really are pulling out every stop ... Rifkind was followed by another Remain nut job from Northern Ireland the newly elected Alliance Party MEP ...looks like she ate all the pies and then puked up her Remain rant for another 10 minutes. The BBC is now Remain central on steroids with any token Leave viewpoint scoffed at and derided. It's going to be an interesting summer. If these lunatics do get there way and we end up staying in the EU it's going to lead to violence somewhere down the road if we are forced into EU political integration through some Parliamentary stitch up....and not the kind you see exercised in riots but an organized resistance something like the IRA. That would be kind of ironic wouldn't it...because Sinn Fein the IRA's political representatives now can't get enough of their EU masters.
  17. colonelmustard

    War On! Britain is still battling over Brexit

    Labour is on the verge of finally coming out of the Remain closet. Both McDonnel and Corbyn talking up the idea of a People's vote in the media today. I guess they are preparing to use that as a campaign tool in the event of an early General election. So the race is on...Can the Tories elect a new leader and deliver Brexit before Westminster and the enemy within can sabotage Brexit and force a General election which may well produce a Labour government and a second stitch up referendum. The EU remain fanatics know this is their last chance and their media pals are pulling out all the stops to spin The Brexit Party landslide into a victory for Remain. Constant reminders that there is... no other deal to be had...nothing has changed...there is no way out of this deadlock...and people have the right to change their mind and the only answer is to have a People's vote where the choice is Remain vs the worst deal in history.
  18. colonelmustard

    UK House prices: News & Views

    According to my calculations the last bull run in UK house prices started in 2002. So if you believe as I do in Fred Harrison's 18 year property cycle theory the good times start to roll in the Spring of 2020...The roaring twenties perhaps ? If the Brexit debacle is cleared up by then confidence may return quickly to the market. It's anyone's guess but that would be my gamble.
  19. colonelmustard

    War On! Britain is still battling over Brexit

    No sympathy for May and those tears...none whatsoever...What was she crying for ? ..She loved her country so much she wanted to turn it into a slave state..What a P of S and to think when she came in I wanted to give her a chance...we gave her a chance and she sold us down the river for 3 years. We are absolutely infuriated with the Tories.. Now they think they can change the leader and everything is going to be hunky dory again. You should just here the MSM we have to endure here... 24 hours a day remain propoganda and tonight when the EU election results came out it was as if the Lib Dems had won ! The world has been turned on it's head here. The denial amongst remain campaigners is off the charts. Adam Boulton on Sky news tonight more or less calling for a second referendum..totting up all the Remain votes and then throwing in the Labour vote and saying that proves people have changed their mind...that a second referendum was the only answer to the deadlock in Parliament...It just goes on and on...usually a 3 or 4 to one ratio of remain pundits to leave and they just get shouted down constantly. I think they were really taken by surprise when Nigel started the Brexit Party because they were hoping to use these EU elections to make a case for a second referendum and now it's been ruined by the rise of the Brexit Party and the resignation of May...She would never have resigned if it hadn't been for the pressure created by them on the Tories and it's thrown them into disarray. This guys video summed up very well my feelings on Theresa May's premiership and the Tory government : As for the future Tory leader I don't trust Johnson an inch..another Tory clown.. He won't do anything unless Nigel Farage is there to push him all the way. Who knows if he will get the job anyway...they say the favourite never wins the Tory leadership race. Maybe a dark horse like Steve Baker will come through. Whoever it is I hope they grow a pair and do the job they were told to do....In any case they will never get my vote again as long as there is a Brexit Party alternative to vote for.
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    CryptoCATS Chat (Public)

    Is there a reputable exchange you use here ?
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    CryptoCATS Chat (Public)

    Ok I'll check it out. Are you in the UK ?
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    War On! Britain is still battling over Brexit

    https://www.facebook.com/nigelfarageofficial/videos/2390166141215040/?t=8 Peterborough by-election on the 75 th anniversary of D Day the 6th of June..will be interesting
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    CryptoCATS Chat (Public)

    Ok I'm in Anyone give me a dummies guide to buying Bitcoin ? It looks as if the recent price surge has put the price up to 6k Sterling for one Bitcoin. Obviously would like a pull back but I want to be prepared to move if and when that happens.
  24. colonelmustard

    Brexit: Will it happen? What then?

    Nigel Farage says Leavers should prepare for a second referendum now :