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    Deflationary implosion

    You will see the sky go dark...a loud siren will sound...and then everyone will have 5 minutes in which to grab as much gold as they can before the world disappears into a black hole and we all emerge in a parallel universe...where everything will be alright again.
  2. colonelmustard

    The Great Money Market Fund Freeze

    Ditto....I used to think the doom and gloom was a bit overdone...and I think most people could be forgiven for thinking that way...but I don't think that anymore.....Now I think ....Cash in the P.B's.....pay off the mortgage and buy some gold...if there is any left!
  3. colonelmustard

    Mrogan Stanley finds a partner

    Why bother to buy a stake when they can pick over the bones after it has collapsed?
  4. If you stop shouting "FIRE!..FIRE!"......They will stop asking you where the "FIRE EXIT" is.
  5. colonelmustard


    Thats precisely what worries me.It seems such an alien thing to do and I think to myself.. "What guarantees do I have that it won't go the same way as the banking system"...Someone's word?....I don't think I would feel comfortable unless I could see it and feel it.....That means Kruggerands or something similar but I wonder how easy they are to buy and sell....and if there is hyper inflation and a financial collapse would I swap them for worthless paper to go shopping with?...How much is a worthwhile amount of gold to protect yourself with in relation to your needs and will I end up looking a mug with a load of gold under the bed thats worth less than I paid for it....A lot of questions...and not very much time.
  6. colonelmustard


    I feel like a rabbit trapped in the headlights..........I can see the end coming but I don't know what to do about it.
  7. colonelmustard

    Soundbites & New sources: the Coming Tsunami

    If only we could have heard the rest of what Peter Schiff had to say without the constant interruptions.