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  1. I imagine that was his stick to beat the Government with and after he got what he wanted he changed his tune. Hard to know what is going on behind the scenes but that's what it smells like ====== STATISTICS (added in Edit) > HOPE INDEX: Growth in Recoveries vs. New Cases Mar Hp: #Cases: #Chg: #CHINA: C.Pct: Critical: -%-: Death: Recovs: %chg: Active: Non-Ch: #chg. F: Hope: 84,624: +1,245: 79,251 : 93.7%: 7,816 : 9.2%: 2,923: 39,903: ====%: 42,271: 5374 : +824 01: - 27 : 86.991: +2,366: 79.826 : 91.8%: 7,569 : 8.7%: 2,978: 42,326: +6.1%: 41,310: 7165 : +1791: +33% 02: - 19 : 89,070: +2,079: 80,026 : 89.8%: 7,356 : 8.3%: 3,046: 45,136: +6.6%: 40,888: 9044 : +1879: +26% 03: - 6 : 90,932: +1,862: 80,151 : 88.1%: 7,098 : 7.8%: 3,119: 48,165: +6.7%: 39,223: 10,298: +1254: +14% 04: - 17 : 93,021: +2,089: 80,270 : 86.3%: 6,771 : 7.3%: 3,202: 50,944: +5.8%: 38,875: 12,751: +2453: +24% 05: - 10 : 95,316: +2,295: 80,430 : 84.4%: 6,420 : 6.7%: 3,303: 53,524: +5.1%: 38,507: 14,886: +2137: +17% 06: - 16 : 98,421: +3,105: 80,552 : 81.8%: 6,272 : 6.4%: 3,385: 55,630: +3.9%: 39,400: 17,869: +2,983: +20% 07: - 17: 102,224: +3,803: 80,651: 78.9%: 6,153 : 6.0%: 3,495: 57,611: +3.6%: 40,946: 21,573: +3,704: +21% 08: - 13: 106,200: +3,976: 80,696: 76.0%: 6,035 : 5.7%: 3,600: 60,190: +4.5%: 42,311: 25,504: +3.931: +18% 09: - 14: 109,936: +3,737: 80,703: 73.4%: 6,129 : 5.6%: 3,806: 60,979: +1.3%: 43,886: 29,233: +3,729: +15% 10: - 11: 114,549: +4,613: 80,757: 70.5%: 5,771 : 5.0%: 4,028: 64,268: +5.4%: 46,300: 33,792: +4,559: +16% 11: - 12: 118,905: +4,356: 80,761: 67.9%: 6,045 : 5.1%: 4,269: 65,110: +1.3%: 49,526: 38,144: +4,352: +13% 12: - 14: 126,145: +7,240: 80,796: 64.1%: 5,709 : 4.5%: 4,627: 68,240: +4.8%: 53,344: 45,349: +7,205: +19% 13: - 16: 134,557: +8,412: 80,832: 60.1%: 5,958 : 4.4%: 4,981: 70,383: +3.1%: 59,212: 53,763: +8,414: +19% 14: - 16: 145,631: +9,074: 80,832: 55.5%: 6,042 : 4.1%: 5,423: 72,528: +3.0%: 67,447: 64,659: +10.9k: +19% 15: - 11: 156,444 +10,813 80.9kEst 52%: 5,888 : 3.7%: 5,832: 75,799: +4.5%: 68,925: 75,620: +10.0k: +15% 16: - 16: 167,798 +11,354 80.9kEst 48%: 5,639 : 3.4%: 6,451: 75,926: +0.2%: 85,603: 88,717: +13.1k: +17% 17: - 12: 182,403 +14,605 80.9Est 44%: 6,163 : 3.4%: 7,144: 78,342: +3.2%: 96,917: 101.7k: +12.9k: +15% 18: - 12: 198,181 +15,778 80.9Est 41%: 7,020 : 3.5%: 7,965: 81,734: +4.3%: 101.5k: 117.3k: +15.6k: +16% 19: - 14: 218,953 +20,772 81k.Est 37%: 7,158 : 3.3%: 8,952: 84,795: +3.7%: 125.2K: 138.1k: +20.8k: +18% 20: - 15: 245,073 +26.1k 81k.Est 33%: 7,378 : 3.0%: 10,041: 88,151: +4.0%: 146.9k: 165.5k: +26.1k: +19% 21: - 15: 274,643 +29.5k 81K.Est 29%: 7,975 : 2.9%: 11.366: 90,942: +3.2% : 172.3k: 194.6k: +29.1k: +18% 22: - 11: 304,999 +30.3k 81k.Est 27%: 9,382 : 3.1%: 13,003: 94,793: +4.2% : 187.8k: 224.0k +29.4k: +15% 23: - 11: 335,511 +30.5k 81k.Est 24%: 10.64k: 3.2%: 14,611: 97,636: +3.0% : 223.4k: 274.5k +30.5k: +14% 24: - 11: 375,536 +40.0k 81k.Est 22%: 12.21k: 3.2%: 16,369: 101584 +4.0%: 257.6k: 314.4k +39.9k: +15% 25: - 7 : 418,099 +42.6k 81k.Est 19%: 12.98k: 3.1%: 18,608: 108323 +6.6%: 291.2k: 357.0k +42.6k: +14% 26: - 9 : 468,012 +50.0k 81k.Est 17%: 14.91k: 3.2%: 21,180: 113,809 +5.1%: 318.1k: 407.0k +50.0k: +14% 27: - 7 : 529,148 +61.1k 81k. Est 15%: 19.5k: 3.7%: 23,976: 123,380 +8.4%: 382.3k: 461.8k +61.1k: +15% 28: - 7 : 592,919 +63.2k 81k. Est 14%: 22.1k: 3.7%: 27,187: 132,520 +7.4%: 433.2k: 520.0k +63.2k: +14% 29: - 6 : 660,173 +63.8k 81k. Est 12%: 25.5k: 3.8%: 30,642: 141,464 +6.7%: 433.2k: 578.8k +63.8k: +12% 30: - 4 : 721,412 +61.3k 81k. Est 11%: 26.8k: 3.7%: 33,956: 151,004 +6.7%: 536.5k: 640.0k +61.2k: +11% 31: - 1 : 784,381 +63.0k 81k. Est 10%: 29.6k: 3.8%: 37,780: 165,035 +9.3%: 581.6k: 703.0k +63.0k: +10% 01: - 3 : 854,039 +69.6k 81k. Esr 9%: 32.3k: 3.8%: 42,014: 176,906 +7.2%: 635,1k: 772.5k +69.5k: +10% 02: +0 : 934,033 +80.0k 82k. Est 9%: 35.5k: 3.8%: 46,922: 193,891 +9.6%: 657.7k: 852.4k +79.9k: +10% 03: +0 : 1,011.k +75.9k 82k. Est 0%: 37.7k: 0.0%: 52,887: 212,015 +9.3%: 694.0k: 929.5k +75.9k: +8.9% === (NOTE: some numbers don't add, they were taken from different sources) > CORONAVIRUS STATS / > https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ > More Detail > https://ncov2019.live/
  2. I was going to blow a fuse about the half marathon and then I realised that was 2 weeks ago before the lockdown at the same time as the Cheltenham festival had 70.000 racegoers in attendance just up the road.
  3. colonelmustard

    COVID at HOME... Staying Home & Coping

    The epidemic in NY is becoming biblical as a Doctor begs the public to..." Stay at home " :
  4. Never let a crisis go to waste... If there wasn't an agenda to begin with I am sure they will find one...and it usually involves robbing us and putting the money into their friends pockets.
  5. Lockdown...What lockdown ? I think it's going to have to get more serious than this. I have jusy been out for a walk...it's a beautiful sunny day here...17 degrees and clear blue skies...I couldn't resist it. There were people riding bikes ..walking dogs..couples with pushchairs..joggers and shoppers.. There is nothing wrong with all that...quite legitimate within the terms of the " lockdown " Reduced amount of traffic around and no school kids ... several buses and no passengers...who would want to get into the confined space of a bus ...it would only take one asymptomatic infected person breathing aerosolised droplets into that space and... boom ! I thought I was pretty aware of the risks but still it is hard to keep 2 metres away from anyone the minute you leave your front door...I squeezed past my neighbour on my way out ( I think she's from Poland...quite nice but has a boyfriend ) and I thought that simple act of stepping outside and squeezing past her could in theory have infected me with airborne droplets ... It's almost impossible to avoid such minor levels of interaction without shutting yourself away and only going out when there are minimal potential contacts and I guess that is why vulnerable people are being told to stay at home and not go out for 12 weeks...and why such strict quarantines have been imposed elsewhere in Europe. I expect things to get much more serious in the coming weeks because this just isn't going to cut it.
  6. Some interesting stuff on herd immunity..antibody testing and reinfection relating to Covid-19 in this video :
  7. I've got enough for a couple of weeks now so I will be limiting any outside contact to a minimum This thing kills quick...what puzzles me is how some can brush it off and others are dead within days Boris to address the nation tonight.
  8. The sun is out..so are the people... The supermarket shelves are full again... and London has fallen... I think they'll have to go into lockdown shortly because hospital admissions have exploded Still reasonably under control in my area but a worrying cluster has developed in Hampshire around Winchester
  9. There is so much disparity in the way countries record cases I don't think it's helpful to compare the numbers. Perhaps it's more meaningful to compare the number of deaths but even that is clouded with suspicion...when you look at Italy's death toll compared to China's...Can we really believe China got off that lightly. The UK is only recording cases that are admitted to hospital for treatment so anyone self isolating at home with mild symptoms is not recorded and Korea is testing and recording anyone and everyone it can. Then you look at Germany's figures and scratch your head at the death toll which according to Matt Hancock ( UK health minister ) who spoke to his counterpart in Germany is due to the fact the people most affected in Germany were young fit individuals who had been skiing in Italy but there is some suspicion they are using a different method of recording the cause of death and then you have the lies of Thailand and Japan...nothing out of Thailand for weeks and then an explosion of cases as if someone has just said we had better fess up...makes me wonder what is going on in Japan too with the PM there still insisting the olympics will go ahead...no incentive there to be straight. No one wants to be top of this league.
  10. No potatoes.. very few vegetables...no milk....no bread loaves...just a few bread rolls.. just one or two pre-packaged ready meals and a very limited amounts of tinned stuff...most of the freezer cabinets cleaned out. Baked beans all gone. No toliet rolls and it's been like this for almost a week...No one stocking shelves so there is obviously nothing in the backroom. As far as I am concerned there are food shortages here now and tonight Boris effectively shut the country down announcing all bars restaurants clubs gyms etc are to close from tonight and the Chancellor has promised money to support business. I'll survive but there are many self employed that will get diddly squat and won't despite all the fine words from the Chancellor and Prime Minister.... The rout has begun...it's every man for himself.
  11. Sterling is in meltdown along with all currencies as they rush back to the Dollar. The economics guy reporting on the BBC last night actually looked scared as he explained how while the BOE was cutting rates the cost of borrowing money in the money markets was actually going up. I'm convinced if this continues we are going to see Cyprus like bail-ins or possibly something worse. I can't help thinking some of those remainers who were promising us armageddon if we voted for Brexit and making jokes about waiting for all the older generation to die off...telling us that the planes wouldn't fly...and it would be a catastrophe have got exactly what they wanted. Be careful what you wish for.
  12. I think you are referring to this :
  13. In my local supermarket today they were limiting customers to a maximum of 2 items of anyone product. Their supply chain is clearly under a lot of stress because yesterday they had no milk at all and today they had no fresh meat...and I mean nothing...that is unprecedented in my experience although it's odd that I can go just a half a mile away to aTesco express and their shelves are full. My guess is a lot of people have come in from out of town that wouldn't normally shop there and they headed for the main supermarket and not the smaller stores located out of the way. I can understand it in a way because if you live in the sticks and do a fortnightly shop you might be trebling that in order to give yourself some security. Otherwise things are pretty relaxed...I feel as if people are getting used to the idea of this virus now and that could spell danger when complacency ( the Phony war ) sets in and you think it isn't coming after all then ...Whammo !...it will strike...A bit like the Germans through the Ardenne forest in May 1940....lets hope we don't get flanked this time and end up at Dunkirk.
  14. Well...I was regurgitating Boris Johnson's quote from a couple of days ago when he was asked to explain why his quarantine measures weren't as draconian as other countries. If we are not a liberal democracy I don't know who is....mind you they had a good go at destroying it over the last 45 years. Evidently whilst we are panic buying food...although it's not really a panic if you may have to self quarantine for 2 weeks it's simply a sensible precaution that the supermarket supply chain are not equipped to cope with....over the pond they are " panic " buying semi-automatics...lets hope when they find they can't shoot the virus they don't start using them on school kids again. Over in Thailand where I have friends they seem to be doing a good job of containing the virus so far although their case count is creeping up above the 200 mark and they have just begun bar closures....considering the number of Chinese they had crawling over the place it is remarkable it's not a lot worse but you have to wonder if they have tested many. I doubt it somehow
  15. I guess that's the difference between a liberal democracy and a pseudo police state that has to mount guards with pump action shotguns on the 7/11 and shoot drug dealers on sight. It's exhilerating watching the Dow Jones drop 1000 points a day and Sterling fall through the floor. Lots of opportunities for anyone with cash.
  16. Yes that's right. I think there may be sections of the population who feel it's not their problem mainly the young who have been repeatedly told it's not going to affect them. However, I think a lot are taking it very seriously...I had to go to the Post Office today and while I stood at the parcel counter I overheard a snippet of someone talking to the cashier..." they are going to be spread it everywhere...anyway I am in self isolation "...and I think there are a lot of people quietly going into their own self imposed lockdown. On my walk the local pub was open although they have restricted the hours slightly and plenty of people walking their dogs and going about their everyday business. As a matter of fact I thought it was refreshing after watching tv footage of European cities in lockdown and Police patrolling the streets I went to the supermarket...The shelves were being stripped bare again at 10 am...never seen anything like it in my life many of the shelves were completely empty so they obviously are preparing for the worst. The freezers and fridges of Britain must be filled to the brim. They say London is ahead of the rest of the country in terms of the spread of the virus but in my area outside London...population about 200,000...we had 2 cases 2 weeks ago and now according to NHS england there are 3 so the lid is on for now but there is a kind of electricity in the air...It's like waiting for a thunderclap...you know it's coming but you're not sure how loud it will be.
  17. I stopped work and went into self isolation two weeks ago not because I was sick but because I could see what was coming. At the time I wondered if I was over- reacting however I am semi retired anyway so the pros outweighed the cons. I don't have to worry about paying the bills my work simply allows me to lead a better lifestyle...I generally spend 3 or 4 months a year in Asia....Don't think that will happen this year ..so I will actually probably end up better off despite not going to work as I like to live well when I am away. There are currently only a couple of cases where I live , however, I am well aware of the exponential growth of this thing..ie...case ..case ..case..cluster cluster.. BOOM !...and you become a statistic. I go shopping in the middle of the night when there is hardly anyone else around to get enough fresh food for the week. I still go out for walks. I don't see too many hazards in that but of course the virus is airborne so it's always possible if someone gets too close but I need to get out for an hour so I think that's important. I'm lucky my work will still be waiting for me when I am ready to go back whenever that is although it will cost me a significant amount to maintain my position so this year will be a write off. I have a feeling I would shrug it off pretty damn quick if I did get it but there is enough fearporn out there to leave a nagging doubt in the back of my mind so I am erring on the side of caution until there is more information to go on. Maybe I should buy a Playstation to pass the time but I really prefer strategy type games like Rome total war or civilization on the pc. I have to admit to feeling a sense of guilt about being able to do this when there are so many who are not able to and so many health workers risking their lives to help others...I do feel it's a little selfish of me...but we'll see I have a feeling there are going to be many twists and turns before this thing is over. At least if I can prevent myself from being infected or spreading it..that is a contribution. Apologies for posting this in the wrong thread.
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    UK House prices: News & Views

    Given the current circumstances it looks as if we'll have to put the good times on hold for a while... possibly indefinitely
  19. I would be interested to know how many ventilators they had on board , I doubt they had one if that, in which case the only medical care they could give would be to hydrate and wait for the immune system to do it's work. Anyone in serious need of medical care would have been evacuated to a Japanese hospital...Hardly a miracle.
  20. Up to nine days on some sufaces I believe
  21. Be careful what meds you use :
  22. How long before the SHTF for the banks and the bail-ins start ?... There are millions of people that are going to be in financial difficulty as a consequence of these lockdowns.
  23. Donald (" I'm not concerned at all ") exposed to the virus - ..no symptoms Pierre exposed to the virus ( sleeping with it )-.. no symptoms Boris exposed to the virus-..no symptoms Are you seeing a trend here ? Meanwhile men over 40 and especially over 50 are said to be in the highest mortality risk group.
  24. Chris Martenson was discussing the Viral line on his channel he seemed to think it related more to temperature and humidity than to gene charateristics.
  25. I have to admit to being torn between going out there to mingle and pick it up and get it done with and isolating myself and avoiding it as long as possible. The first option is attractive in the sense that once I have recovered that's the end of it on the other hand if it turns bad the consequences could be fatal. The second option is a bore but holds the possibility that I might ride out the worst of the pandemic and avoid infection altogether. In either case for the first time in my life I have bought some Vitamin D tablets ( incidently the shelves in the supermarket were stripped bare. ) today after watching this : There does seem to be a very virilent strain in Italy. There are all sorts of theories as to what is going on there but the death rate seems alarmingly high. This is from a doctor on the frontline :