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  1. colonelmustard

    War On! Britain is still battling over Brexit

    Yep...I'm afraid this dog's dinner was the best they could come up with in the face of so much establishment resistence and sabotage. It is a minor miracle we have managed to get this far. Without Nigel and the Brexit party it would never have materialised I am sure of that. May and her band of weasels would have rigged another referendum to remain given the chance. All the Decades of lies and betrayal to steal our democracy piece by piece....so slowly most people didn't even notice until Brussels became so entwined with every fibre of Government it was almost impossible to break away. I pity any country that has joined the Euro currency because I cannot envisage they will ever be able to disentangle themselves unless there is a spontaneous and unforeseen collapse which I think is unlikely as long as Germany bankrolls it. I don't pity them because I believe Brexit is going to bring economic success or monetary gain..it may not...that's not what matters to me. What's important is we decide our own future for good or bad. For me the EU is a sinister operation and actually I am still angry that we came so close to the point of no return. If the 2016 referendum had gone the other way there would be no going back...eventually we would have been forced to join the single currency too. Maybe we had to experience the marriage before we could appreciate the divorce. Peter Shore in 1975...sounds familiar doesnt it.... " The message that comes now is.. FEAR !..FEAR !.FEAR !...fear because you won't have any food...fear of unemployment...fear that we've somehow become so reduced as a country that we can no longer as it were..totter about in the world independent as a nation...and a constant attrition of our morale..a constant attempt to tell us that what we have and what generations of Englishmen have helped us to achieve is not worth a DAMN !... " “If you cannot get rid of the people who govern you, you do not live in a democratic system,” ...Tony Benn. Happy new year dr B. I hope it's a good one for you.
  2. colonelmustard

    War On! Britain is still battling over Brexit

    Now all we have to do is find a way to shred it !
  3. colonelmustard

    MOVIE Suggestions, History, SciFi, Comedy

    David Niven wrote a compelling autobiography. I read it a long time ago but I remember I couldn't put it down ...." The Moon's a balloon "
  4. colonelmustard

    TIPS FOR 2020: Favorite stocks & commodities

    I'm going to be forced into stocks in the next financial year for the first time in over 30 years but I'm quite looking forward to investing for a dividend return that exceeds the paltry 0.1 something % available on a bank account. The capital loss exposure is my main concern in such uncertain times so I won't be looking for any dodgy penny stocks. Oh !.. look at that 777 posts... Now what was it Christine Lagarde said about 7. ...Can't remember the specifics but I do know it didn't end well.
  5. colonelmustard

    UK House prices: News & Views

    Or maybe not. This is from Fred Harrison's blog : https://sharetherents.org/articles/the-virus-exit-nightmare-what-we-can-do-about-it/
  6. MSM refuse to accept reality
  7. This is difficult but " Travelling masseuse "...Most young women would have run a mile at that She was no innocent so I can't believe she didn't know what that meant. Looked very happy in her pic with Andy . Not a very convincing witness in my opinion....I found her testimony cringeworthy. This whole thing is manipulated by warring factions of the deep state isn't it ?...doing their dirty laundry in public. Here's Attwood's take on Ghislaine's prognosis :
  8. colonelmustard

    Race baiting: Why is one-sided Racism Okay?

    Saying ..." White lives matter "....is now an act of racism to the woke football community of the UK MANCHESTER, England (Reuters) - The Burnley fan who took responsibility for the “White Lives Matter Burnley” banner displayed from a plane above the Etihad Stadium has been fired from his job, British media reported on Wednesday. https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-soccer-england-burnley-race-idUKKBN23V317 The poor woke footballers find it offensive and feel you need to be re-educated. Lancashire Police said no criminal act had taken place...Although the pilot was sacked from his job and the football club have issued him a lifetime ban.
  9. That's the kind of woman I'd like to see as President. I just hope they don't make her wait until she is 70.
  10. " Get your own fucking ambulance "... lmao.
  11. Scumfuck marxist media paint the Police wrong for arresting Reading knife murderer.
  12. Not to worry Meghan...No one is listening.
  13. It is going to be fascinating to watch what happens to the infection rates over the next month in the areas worst affected by riots.
  14. Armed robber Home invader Hip hop artist Bouncer Drunk Fraudster Hardly surprising things were going to get out of hand sooner or later...Pity he didn't grow up first.
  15. colonelmustard

    America is Back... in Space

    hmmm....ok. No one likes being made a fool of. Don't you think this space charade has gone on long enough. Perhaps if they were to fess up about all the lies of the Apollo project we could start again with a clean slate and I would have some respect for them. But until that happens I will treat all this monkey business with the contempt it deserves.