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  1. DR. RICHARD ALAN MILLER : MAGICK 101 November 17, 2020 Dr. Richard Alan Miller is a ‘whirlwind experience’ to behold. A pioneer in the annals of metaphysical and paranormal exploration, he is a preferred internet radio guest at a critical time in humanity’s, evolution where metaphysics and practical survival converge. NEW INTERVIEW with Kerry Cassidy > https://projectcamelotportal.com/2020/11/17/dr-richard-alan-miller-magick-101/
  2. Dr Richard Alan Miller : Insider Scientist re-emerges This fascinating Interview with Project Camelot is likely to trigger more exposure for Dr.RAM / VIDEO (edited, no breaks):Whistleblower Radio -- Kerry Cassidy/Richard Alan Miller 03 October 2012 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDZj_wMD5j0 Richard Alan Miller -- Physicist, Princeton, MIT, Emeritus Professor (see background, in post#9 below) -- SEAL Trainer, Explorer of State of Consciousness, X-Files contributor, Herb Farmer. Discussions included (..but too many to itemise!): Monsanto (DuPont) is part of the military industrial complex - GMO food is a bio weapon; Consciousness Studies; His development of protocols for Navy SEALS to bypass conscious state; Personal Development using the same techniques; Bio Feedback; Military use of microwaves as bio weapons in Iraq and Afghanistan - Frey Effect (see link below); Alphas (TV), Blue Sky Research in the 1970s; Alternate Universes; Holographic Universe; Plutonium main bio hazard to the planet; Water on Mars; Fractal Maths; Commando Solo. Rick worked (and has a handler) for Naval Intelligence. === === I discovered him about a year earlier, and carried some podcasts on my HERB thread Some say that Dr Miller and his ex-wife Iona are the real life versions, and the inspiration of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully of the X-files. ( see also post #50 ) Dr.RAM got out of Black Ops, and became "a dirt farmer", when he realised that his work was being weaponised. === === Physicist and author : Dr. Richard Alan Miller. / Bio : born 1944, Everett WA, etc RICHARD ALAN MILLER, PhD is a physicist, herbalist, horticulturalist, bestselling author of 7 books, and former special skills trainer for the US Navy Seals. Miller began his military work as an original black ops team-member in the “X-Files” world of Navy Intel (Seal Corp. and then MRU) in the late 60s, and now has amazing experiences and conclusions to share. Miller is the author of numerous foundational papers, including “A Holographic Concept of Reality” and “Embryonic Holography.” His books include Power Tools for the 21st Century, The Non-Local Mind, in a Holographic Universe and others. === === Guido Fox Interviews : (at 9/28/2014) / from Playlist : Dr.RAM favorite interviews ========= Dr.RAM #1 : "Food for Mars / Holographic Universe" (2,160, +11) Dr.RAM #2 : "The Web is conscious; Mexico" (2,996, +23) Dr.RAM #3 : "Living in the Flow, Connecting Dots" (1,069, +10) Dr.RAM #4 : "Changing The Movie : Away from Endless War" (1,019, +14) : recommended ! Dr.RAM #5 : "Power Tools" (a summary of his newest book) - primary website : www.richardalanmiller.com - His book titles--- : www.oak-publishing.com - Video Playlist---- : http://tinyurl.com/RAM-playlist Summary of his book : POWER TOOLS for the 21st Century LINK to here :: http://tinyurl.com/GEI-DrRAM
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    Hashtag: #DemCrime2020 xx READ EVIDENCE HERE
  4. WE CAUGHT THEM: Lin Wood Outed Mysterious Georgia Operative Gabe Sterling – Now Video Shows Him Admitting He Helped Set Up Drop Boxes and Promoted Far Left Activists as Absentee Ballot Counters Yesterday we reported on Lin Wood’s bombshell tweet about an almost $11 million grant award to the Georgia Secretary of State, Republican Brad Raffensperger and his accomplice Gabe Sterling. We wondered who Sterling even was. Now we have more. In a recent tweet Lin Wood zeroed in on an anomaly, or something much, much worse, relating to the Secretary of State’s Office and this almost $11 million transaction with the state of Georgia. Wood’s bombshell tweet refers to an April 15, 2020 letter to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) from Secretary of State Raffensperger, who is also Georgia’s Chief Election Official. WHOSE POCKET WOUND UP RECEIVING THIS MONEY? Georgia was poised to receive a $10,875,912 grant from the EAC for Covid-19-related election expenses. (The EAC, a federal entity which, by the way, certifies U.S. election machines, hardware and software, has some clear and shocking conflicts-of-interest of its own going on with its Advisory Board.) Raffensperger assured the EAC that the funds would be used to “prevent, prepare for and respond to coronavirus, domestically or internationally, for the 2020 Federal election cycle.” The contact person at the end of the letter is Gabriel Sterling, who was appointed the COO of the Secretary of State’s office by Brad Raffensperger, the brand new SoS, shortly after Raffensperger was elected to the position in November 2018. Raffensperger’s predecessor was Brian Kemp, who had just been elected Georgia’s governor. Sterling, as COO, would be in charge of budgetary, human resources and administrative operations for the Secretary of State’s office. Sterling, strangely, has also been referred to, in multiple, recent media accounts, as Georgia’s “Statewide Voting System Implementation Manager.”
  5. Vote Fraud? 2020 Election- For SALE to Billionaires? The Rules of Dem Cheating How the 2020 ELECTION fraud game was played. 1. Lie about the Polls to undermine confidence of Trump voters , 2. Cheat like crazy. 3. Spin the social media so people see nothing but negatiev news on Trump. 4. On election day, in key states with Dem governors, stop the count, if the state is going for Trump. 5. Continue the count where Biden appears to be winning, 6. Dont allow the Truth to get out, 9, Say that the MEDIA will decide who is the winning, 10, Stoke up the violence. Make it messy and emotional. 11. Keep state results locked in the courts 12, Lie thru the media that Trump lost and will not leave the WH.. ..... That seems to be the game that is now afoot. This has been planned and war-gamed extensively Stalled States State: Votes; Governor- (Party) PA. : 11. : Wolf, Tom. (Dem) MI. : 16. : Whitmer, G. (Dem) VA. : 4. : Northam,R. (Dem) NV. : 6. : Sisolak,S. (Dem) NC. : 15. : Cooper, R. (Dem) GA. : 16. : Kemp, Brian (GOP) AZ. : 11. : Ducey, D. (GOP) === Smooth OH. : 18. : DeWine,M. (GOP) FL. : 29. : Desantis, R. (GOP) BIDEN Even admitted as much... Joe Biden brags about having “the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization” in history.
  6. PROVE THIS, & TRUMP WINS... THE EXTRA GA BALLOTS CAN PROVE THE FRAUD- (& point the way for other states?) A witness in Georgia will be testifying that there were ballots that were different than the official ones. He will say that the paper is different and the area where you vote is solid grey instead of transparent like the ones the state sent out. He says there were stacks of pristine ballots that appeared to have been marked for Biden by a machine. Sidney Powell’s lawsuit points out several anomalies of which this is just one, but a very important one. If what he says is true, these ballots were manufactured not by the state, but by someone who wanted to assure that Biden won the election. The witness claims the ballots did not look like they had ever been handled and the vote could have been added by a copy machine. > https://davidharrisjr.com/steven/georgia-lawsuit-witness-to-testify-about-use-of-different-paper-for-counterfeit-ballots-watermark-solid-grey-instead-of-transparent-claims-100-were-for/ / 2 / TWO WITNESSES and it is done- since it will likely force recounts in the other states, and more Fake Biden ballots will be found - maybe millions more, (If this plays out, Dim-Dem & his co-conspirators may be headed to jail, Then it will be: Bye, Biden, We're Done with you!) Witness#1: "I noticed that almost all of the ballots I reviewed were for Biden. Many batches went 100% for Biden. I also observed that the watermark on at least 3 ballots were solid gray instead of transparent, leading me to believe the ballot was counterfeit. I challenged this and the Elections Director said it was a legitimate ballot and was due to the use of different printers. Many ballots had markings for Biden only, and no markings on the rest of the ballot." Witness#2: "Another affiant (same witness who gave sworn statement in Wood v. Raffensperger) explained she observed batches of pristine ballots with different texture paper with machine-stamped bubbles that went 98% for Joe Biden."
  7. The Definitive Case Proving Donald Trump Won the Election By: PatriotRising The on-the-ground circumstances in these states had been suspicious for weeks and warranted investigation in their own right. We now have the math to confirm our suspicions. This report, in winding sentences and hedged language, lays it bare for all of us to see: Joe Biden’s election “victory” relied on a fraudulent counting process in the dead of night.
  8. What's Cheap now? Gold & Gold stocks (silver too) GLD vs.... 4yr: YTD / Last: $169.51/142.80, +18.7%, GDXJ: $49.13/42.26, +16.2% GDX: $34.04/ 29.28= +16.3%, SLV: $21.72/ 16.68= +30.2%, AGQ: $40.58/ 31.65= +28.2% Rick Rule agrees / Gold Stocks on Sale with Rick Rule / 2 / Grandich’s 4 picks: AMX-C$3.00, #1: VSR-C$1.25, (img), #2: SUP-C$0.95, RDS-C$0.32 (all four look expensive to me) Peter Grandich: We Need this Washout for Gold to Go Higher
  9. Gold Mining Royalty Companies Gold Royalty Co's / RZZ-1 : vs. US Roy'l Co's (rgld, wpm, fnv.t) ... update : 5yr-wGDXJ / 1yr : 10d : Royalty Co.-: Sym. : F/X : 04/20 : MktCap : BkVal. : P/BV : P/CF : CaFlow > CF '18 : P/CF Abitibi Roy'l : RZZ.v: CAD : $10.06 : 114.7M : $2.98 : 3.377 : 52.95 : $0.190 > $0.28 : 35.9 Franco Nev. : FNV.t : CAD : $90.77 : 16.88B : 32.05 : 2.832 : 26.89 : $3.376 : WheatonPM : WPM : USD : $21.31 : $9.60B : 11.06 : 1.926 : 17.50 : $1.218 : Royal Gold- : RGLD : USD : $89.46 : $5.86B : 34.50 : 2.593 : 20.29 : $4.409 : Osisko Gold- : OR.t : CAD : $12.58 : $1.97B : 12.13 : 1.037 : 33.04 : $0.381 : Sandstorm- : SSL.t : CAD : $05.91 : 1,090M : $4.49 : 1.316 : 18.21 : $0.325 : Altius Min'l : ALS.t : CAD : $14.19 : 613.2M : $7.98 : 1.779 : 37.46 : $0.379 : =========== Average Price-to-Cash Flow for 6 co's (not RZZ): 25.56X . . > Apr'18 RZZ Presentation : http://abitibiroyalties.com/investors/presentations/rzz-presentation-april2018-web.pdf
  10. What's Cheap now? Gold & Gold stocks (silver too) GLD vs.... 4yr: YTD / Last: $169.51/142.80, +18.7%, GDXJ: $49.13/42.26, +16.2% GDX: $34.04/ 29.28= +16.3%, SLV: $21.72/ 16.68= +30.2%, AGQ: $40.58/ 31.65= +28.2% Rick Rule agrees / Gold Stocks on Sale with Rick Rule / 2 / Grandich’s 4 picks: AMX-C$3.00, #1: VSR-C$1.25, (img), #2: SUP-C$0.95, RDS-C$0.32 (all four look expensive to me) Peter Grandich: We Need this Washout for Gold to Go Higher
  11. A PRECIOUS Decade? - Long View of the Challenging 2020's Coming: A DECADE of Rising Commodities, and weak Stocks? Silver & Gold have been one of the best investments of 2020 & deserve a strong focus. David Hunter has a well articulated view of the Next Decade ... & Beyond > HUNTER's Twitter > https://twitter.com/davehcontrarian?lang=en UDN vs-SLV, GLD, SPY ... from Nov.2018: 11/2019: YTD: 10d / SLV: $22.94 , GLD: $178.64, SPY: 345.78 From 2020’s March Low, to the year's Aug High. Silver was >3X Gold’s rise ! /GLD: SLV: +etc: 10d: UK 5d: AGQe: SLV Mar.L: $10.86 > Aug.H : $27.39 : Silver = +152% GLD L: $136.12, $1,451 > H: $194.45, 2,089 = +44.0% SPY L: $216.42, $2,192 > H: $357.32, 3,588 = +63.7% Per David Hunter: "Secular Top in stocks this year" (maybe SPX-4,000).. and... A melt-up Peal before year-end, and a Big Bust next year - with Eventually a 80% drop in Stocks. This chart will be one to watch, possibly for years: Focus on "precious" metals, Silver & Gold UDN vs-SLV, GLD, SPY ... from Nov.2018: 11/2019: YTD: 10d / Silver: 24.67, SLV: 22.94 = r107.5% / Gold: $1.905, GLD: 178.64 = r10.66 UDN: 21.17. with DXY@92.75, Eur@$1.186 / SPX: 3,465, SPY: 345.78 = r10.02 STOCKS; DEFLATIONARY BUST in 2021, after a melt-up? So says Cyclical analyst David Hunter... David Hunter: 1970s Style Inflation Will Set Gold on Fire > The Dollar & the Fed are a big part of this story. USD has been weak in 2020, especially since the late March peak at 103 DXY - trade-weighted Dollar ... All: 5yr: 2yr: 2018: 2019: YTD: 10d / DXY: $92.75 > DH expects a Low at 85. UDN - US Dollar Bear Fund...All: 5yr: 2yr: 2018: 2019: YTD / UDN: 21.17
  12. What's Cheap now? Gold & Gold stocks (silver too) GLD vs.... 4yr: YTD / Last: $169.51/142.80, +18.7%, GDXJ: $49.13/42.26, +16.2% GDX: $34.04/ 29.28= +16.3%, SLV: $21.72/ 16.68= +30.2%, AGQ: $40.58/ 31.65= +28.2% Rick Rule agrees / Gold Stocks on Sale with Rick Rule / 2 / Grandich’s 4 picks: AMX-C$3.00, #1: Vanstar, (img), #2: No.Superior Res, Radisson Peter Grandich: We Need this Washout for Gold to Go Higher
  13. Mentee's Favs - Stock Charts & Monitoring... Two Portfolios (C$, Php) These charts are for a monitoring model trading portfolios of a Mentee, a friend I am helping to learn stock trading : Php 100K & Cad $1,300 > Will become How Much?? There is a PHL portfolio, started at just over Php 100,000. And a CDN portfolio, which started at C$1300, roughly US$1,000. old Top3 : vgld : vg : aag / 2020: 10d: +k/ st-watch: 0.125 + 0.365 + 0.28 / tinyurl.com/em-tee ... cdn: phl: updated New Top4-CAN: 10d: / at 9.25.2020: Vg: C$0.66, Vgld: $C0.18, Emr: $0.11, Smc: $0.065 New Top4-PHL: 10d / at 9.25.2020: Areit: P25.55, Shng: P2.65, Rci: P1.15, Plc: P0.315  Step #1: CAN Portfolio - Began at about US$1,000 Started at C$1,300 = 10,000 VGLD: C$1,000 + 2,000 AAG.wts ($0.15): worth C$300= C$1,300 x37= Php 48,100 Sold: 5,000 VGLD at 12 cents (raising $600), to buy VG placement at 25 cents, with "free" half warrants (in edit: Trading restrictions expire as follows: EMR: 12.01.20, VG: 11.29.20 ) Step #2: Portf. : # shs : price : strike : Net : c$Val.: VGLD : 5,000 : 0.125: $0.00: 0.125: $625 : VG : 2,400 : 0.365: $0.00: 0.365: $876 : VG.wt : 1,200 : 0.365: $0.30: 0.065: $078 : AAG.v: 2,000 : 0.280: $0.12: 0.160: $320 : =====> total: $1899 x 37 = 70,263 : vs. 48,100 : +46.1%, (but VG shares have a 4 month "hold" restriction) Big Picture indicators: GLD/Gold, SLV/Silver, GDXJ/Jr. Gold Stock index... versus PSEI/ Phl. Stock index BigPic : YTD: 10d/ at 9.25.2020: Gld: 174.94 ($1,900), Slv: 21.30, Gdxj: 54.23, PSEI: 5,839 -> Ratio: Psei/Gld: r33.4 RELATIVE PERFORMANCE (In edit, From BELOW): Index : 12/31/19: 3/30/- : 9/30/- : Sep.% : >9mo : >6 mo.: SPX —: 3,230.8 : 2,584.6: 3,363.0 : - 4.13%: +4.09%: +30.1%: PSEI - : 7,815.3 : 5,321.2: 5,864.2 : - 0.34%: - 25.0%: +10.2%: GDXJ. : $42.26 : $28.10: $55.36: - 7.41%: +31.0%: +97.0%: Can.pt : $1,300 : $1.300: $2,967 : - 6.82%: +128%: same Phl.pt.: 113,750: 113,750: 133,075: +1.01%: +17.0%: same 2.portf : 161,720:161,720: 241,371: - 3.18%: +49.2%: same
  14. WEALTH & the Crisis in Capitalism. Really excellent interview here with a guy who is probably the world's most successful Hedge Fund manager: Ray Dalio's introspective look at financial world order, inequality and capitalism: Full interview > === Dalio's article: The Changing World Order, March 25, 2020: More Articles : Folks, I don't think Biden is going to do anything to remedy the Crisis in Capitalism, if he is confirmed, so think deeply about the danger of holding cash - My PHL portfolio has a lot of that, so I will be thinking some deep thoughts about what to do with it
  15. WEALTH & the Crisis in Capitalism. Really excellent interview here with a guy who is probably the world's most successful Hedge Fund manager: Ray Dalio's introspective look at financial world order, inequality and capitalism: Full interview > === Dalio's article: The Changing World Order, March 25, 2020: More Articles : Folks, I don't think Biden is going to do anything to remedy the Crisis in Capitalism, if he is confirmed, so think deeply about the danger of holding cash - My PHL portfolio has a lot of that, so I will be thinking some deep thoughts about what to do with it
  16. FIRE: Getting to Financial Independence, Retiring Early ( Companion thread for a Viber chat) Financial literacy, modest spending & good savings and investing habits will build you wealth. THIS THREAD captures some Highlights from a Viber chat, set up to help spread Financial Literacy. Here was a statement I made when the chat began, back in April 2020: FIRE LIFE HABITS: New Viber Chat Initial thoughts, which helped to inspire creation of the Chat: Over the last few months, I have been mentoring some younger friends in investing. The main idea is FIRE: ie, Financial Independence, & Retiring Early. I am already retired, using skills and knowledge to support my lifestyle through investing. So far, my friends have done well, for instance one young friend just sold over half the stocks they owned, capturing a 7.5% return, which is over 30% per annum. This is in line with the returns I have been making in recent years, and so was a sort of confirmation, or proof of concept.
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    Ray Dalio's Principles of Investment

    WEALTH & the Crisis in Capitalism. Really excellent interview here with a guy who is probably the world's most successful Hedge Fund manager: Ray Dalio's introspective look at financial world order, inequality and capitalism: Full interview > Note:
  18. PSEI Almost 2% down; Testing Support? PSEi: 6,791.46 -136.29 (-1.97%) ... PSEI: ytd: w/Ukx: /6,364= 106.7% Meantime. Mentee* Portfolio hit a new high: 146,179 Cash is 105,496, or 72%. Only two stocks are left. Both dividend payers: AREIT (4.53% @ 27.30) & SHANG (5.71% @ 2.74) *(NOTE: Mentee portfolio is a small scale version of my larger PHL portfolio. I am helping manage a portfolio with a Young friend who wants to learn about stock trading. She invested P 113,750 a months ago and so is now up P 32,429, or +28.5%.)
  19. STOCK. "MELT-UP UNDERWAY" says David Hunter SPY : 3yr: YTD: 10d ... Last: 362.66, yrH: 364.38 David Hunter @DaveHcontrarian·. Nov 25 I keep hearing pundits talking about the likelihood & need for a big correction before the market moves higher.We already had the correction with the low at the end of Sept & a retest a month later.The market is breaking out & the melt-up beginning.Rally will be steep & stunning. / 2 / I may be the last person on Wall Street who still believes we will see a fiscal relief package passed this yr.Always the contrarian,but even Congress can't be so blind & heartless as to ignore the 20 million people unemployed & the millions of small businesses closing their doors I have been saying for the past month or two that energy, industrials & financials would have large catch-up rallies in this run to the top. Well they have & it will continue. These three groups are at the top of the performance parade this month. XLF : 28.56, yrH: 31.38
  20. Osisko Gold Royalties, a Buy at C$14 or Lower OR.t vs... from 12/2016: update: YTD/ C$14.02/12.62 (+11.1% ytd) vs GLD: $169.51/142.80, +18.7%, GDXJ: $49.13/42.26, +16.2% Ratio: OR.t / GLD = 8.10% Ratio: OR.t / GDX = xx% xx NEWS Date ET Symbol Price Type Headline 2020-11-25 13:33 C:OR 13.73 News Release Osisko Gold Royalties launches Osisko Development 2020-11-23 17:29 C:OR 13.86 News Release Osisko Gold, Barolo expect to close RTO Nov. 25 2020-11-09 19:08 C:OR 15.16 SEDAR Interim Financial Statements SEDAR Interim Financial Statements 2020-11-09 19:08 C:OR 15.16 SEDAR MD & A SEDAR MD & A 2020-11-09 18:58 C:OR 15.16 News Release Osisko Gold earns $12.51-million in Q3 2020-11-09 18:51 C:OR 15.16 News Release Osisko Gold to pay five-cent Q4 dividend Jan. 15 2020-11-04 09:14 C:OR 15.09 In the News Globe says Osisko said to be "too cheap to ignore" == Following the completion of the amalgamation, Osisko Gold Royalties holds beneficial ownership and control over 100,000,100 ODV shares, representing approximately 88 per cent of the issued and outstanding ODV shares. Prior to the completion of the amalgamation, Osisko Gold Royalties did not hold any securities of Osisko Development. An early warning report will be filed by Osisko Gold Royalties in respect of Osisko Development with applicable Canadian securities regulatory authorities. To obtain a copy, please contact Mr. Singh. Osisko Gold Royalties' ownership in certain portfolio companies Pursuant to the RTO, Osisko Gold Royalties transferred a portfolio of marketable securities to Osisko Development, which included securities of reporting issuers in which Osisko Gold Royalties is a reporting insider (see an attached table). Prior to the completion of the RTO, Osisko Development did not hold any securities of any of the above-referenced reporting issuers. Upon completion of the RTO, Osisko Gold Royalties continues to beneficially own the above-referenced securities by virtue of Osisko Gold Royalties being deemed under securities laws to beneficially own the securities that are beneficially owned or controlled by its affiliates, including Osisko Development. OR.DB : $102.25-105.00
  21. Gold's Positive Feedback cycle has been "taking a breather" - that was inevitable after a record run-up / Pierre Lassonde's Bold Call: Gold/Dow Ratio to Collapse 1:1, New Jan. Highs for Gold > Considered one of the most esteemed voices in the sector, gold super legend Pierre Lassonde predicts that the Dow Jones to gold ratio will retrace to 1:1, which it has historically done in the past. Should that happen, he tells our Daniela Cambone, the gold price could climb to $15,000–$20,000 an ounce. The Chair Emeritus for Franco-Nevada also addresses the volatility gold has been experiencing. "It's the same story," nothing has changed, he remarks, noting the metal could see higher highs as soon as January 2021.
  22. DYNACOR Gold Mines DNG ... 3yr: YTD: 10d / Last: $1.79 +0.01 NEWS Date ET Symbol Price Type Headline 2020-11-26 09:18 C:DNG 1.78 News Release Dynacor Gold Mines to pay 1.5-cent dividend Jan. 5 2020-11-16 10:46 C:DNG 1.87 News Release Dynacor Gold earns $1.24-million (U.S.) in Q3 2020-11-13 18:35 C:DNG 1.92 SEDAR MD & A SEDAR MD & A 2020-11-13 18:28 C:DNG 1.92 SEDAR Interim Financial Statements SEDAR Interim Financial Statements Dynacor Gold Mines (TSX: DNG) today declared a dividend payment of CA $0.015 per common share which will be payable on January 5th, 2021, to shareholders of record as of the close of business on December 16, 2020. This dividend represents the 10th quarterly dividend payment made to shareholders. The company’s quarterly dividend qualifies as an “eligible dividend” for Canadian income tax purposes. The payment and increase of dividends are at the discretion of the Board and will depend on the company’s financial results, cash requirements, prospects and other factors deemed relevant by the Board. Based on $1.93 CA per share as of 2020-09-22, Dynacor offers a dividend yield of 3.1%, which is one of the best across the industry.
  23. Cycles, & GEI's Favorite Gold shares Update on the Favorite-Gold stocks: Did some selling of GCMwtB this week, though they may not be done with their Rally just yet. Fav-3 Gold: ... update : +MUX: +AAZ: 10d.// : A: B: C: D: g +b: TvF /10d >ag: a, b, c, d: e: f: g: o: cu: z: s: tvi: TvF:2: SxS: Big3: GOLD shs, Favored-4 vs.GDXJ ... update : 10d// kitco Ag: Au: as of 11.02.20: gcm:C$6.25/ gdxj;54.85 = 11.4%  The "favored three" is led by this one, GCM.t, Gran Colombian Gold: 4yrs > see: GCM thread : updated: 11.02.2020: C$6.25 UPDATE, 2/21: GCM broke out to $6.97 as ROXG lags at $0.98 (despite good drilling news). GDXJ: $44.97 (The following is also posted on page 2, June 3, 2020): HOT NOW - But how much longer? SPECULATIVE JUNIOR MINING & exploration - this is a pretty good summary of the risks & rewards of investing in this "now hot" sector : Dave Kranzler: You Haven’t Missed The Gold Stock Run-up…It’s Just Getting Started / 1-2 years to go? Maybe and maybe not. We may well hear arguments like that at the Top, so if you invests, invest carefully, and keep and eye on the Exit. Still, this was a decent interview about the dangers of local jurisdictions, using Stops, etc.
  24. Dollar Still falling. Gold, Silver to make sharp Rally? David Hunter @DaveHcontrarian 11.23 USD continues its downward move toward 85.Euro poised for higher as is GBP,Yen,CAD & AUD.Oil is headed to $50 & likely $55.Gold & silver consolidations continue but both are poised for steep rallies with gold headed for $2500 & silver $35 & perhaps higher.Stock mkt melt-up ahead. DXY : 91.93, yrL: 91.75 SLV: 21.72, yrH: 27.38, -xx% lower Q: $35 Silver? By when? "Will happen fast. Might be there in a month. Might take six weeks or two months. It will emerge from this consolidation in a steep & swift fashion."
  25. DEC.PEAK, followed by a TWO YEAR CRASH into late 2023, that's what Harry Dent sees for US stocks (Could be matched by similar action in the Phl Property market, but for different reasons.): Harry Dent: Stocks to crash 40% by April and won't rebound for decades, here's why > https://www.kitco.com/news/2020-11-25/Harry-Dent-Stocks-to-crash-40-by-April-and-won-t-rebound-for-decades-here-s-why.html