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  1. Good Luck with THIS Narrative, scummy Rats! Sen. Van Hollen says focusing on Bidens would be a ‘total red herring’ Nope. Instead, it would be totally Relevant,
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    Corona - Super Virus

  3. NOW The SHOES GOES ON the other Foot, starting Saturday ... And the DEMS are going into a Panic, after an Epic Failure to convince Dems say oust Trump or he'll betray again; 'He is who he is'... Last-ditch effort to make case... 'TOUGH SELL'... WASHINGTON, Jan 24 (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump was the ringleader of an effort to coerce Ukraine to dig up dirt on a domestic political rival, "worked hard" to cover it up and has shown no remorse, Democratic lawmakers said on Friday in his impeachment trial. In their third and final day of opening arguments, Democrats tried to cement their case that Republican Trump abused his power by pressuring Kiev to investigate Joe Biden, a former U.S. vice president and a 2020 Democratic presidential contender, and then obstructed Congress' inquiry into the matter by barring witnesses and withholding documents. . . . "President Trump tried to cheat, he got caught and then he worked hard to cover it up," said Jeffries, who added there was a "toxic mess" in the White House that needed to be cleaned up on behalf of the American people. (an idiot's argument) Trump denies any wrongdoing and describes the impeachment as a hoax. Democrats have accused Trump of pressuring Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy in a July 25 phone call to investigate Biden and his son Hunter, who served on the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma. They say Trump temporarily withheld $391 million in U.S. military aid to Ukraine as leverage for his demands. Democrats also said Trump's refusal to comply with congressional subpoenas for documents and testimony in the impeachment inquiry was a textbook case of obstruction. They showed video clips of Trump's attacks on several witnesses in the inquiry and said it amounted to "witness intimidation." "He does not have to respect the Congress. He does not have to respect the representatives of the people. Only his will goes. He is a dictator," Democratic Representative Jerrold Nadler said. (Dictator? What a joke. The Dems acted like Dictators, and may now be publicly disembowled, and America applauds that.) Senators stumped by empty seats in viewing gallery... Defense to Target Biden... Hardball tactics from his classic playbook: McConnell 'plays to win'... Pat Cipollone, the White House counsel, and Jay Sekulow, Trump’s personal attorney, plan to use their time in the trial to target the former vice president and his son, Hunter, according to multiple GOP officials familiar with the strategy. Trump’s allies believe that if they can argue that the president had a plausible reason for requesting the Biden investigation in Ukraine, they can both defend him against the impeachment charges and gain the bonus of undercutting a political adversary. The strategy — aimed squarely at muddying the waters surrounding the two impeachment articles of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress — carries potential risk. Some congressional Republicans have encouraged the White House to prioritize a line-by-line rebuttal of the Democrats’ case, ensuring that wary moderates are provided enough cover to vote for Trump’s acquittal. It is unclear whether going after a former colleague will sway that core constituency, protecting moderates from possible political blowback at home — though a senior administration official made clear that Trump’s legal team would try to do both. (A small pile of rotting carbon dust, may be what Schiff, Nad-Liar & Biden are about to become.)
  4. Did some OIL share Call-Buying this week... as Natgas & Oil dragged Energy shares lower UNG-USO versus MUR & ECA ... update / Friday: $18.00-12.00... $24.00, $3.00 === Sym: Fri.Cl. chg. -pct. / Day.L: Yr.Lo: Off YrL WTI : $54.19 -1.40, - 2.52%/ 53.85 : 50.52: +7.26% Ratio: r4.741 ==== USO: $11.43 -0.23, - 1.97%/ 11.31 : 10.49: +8.96% NGas $1.87 -0.03, - 1.79%/ $1.85: $1.83: +2.19% UNG: $14.61 -0.33, - 2.21%/ 14.53 : 14.53: +0.55% MUR: 23.80 -0.41, - 1.69%/ 23.33 : 17.04: +39.7%: BOT Apr.$22.5 Calls ECA : $ 3.79 -0.25, - 6.19%/ $3.70 : $3.70: +2.43%: BOT Apr,$3.00 Calls XLE : $56.62 -0.66, - 1.15%/ 55.55 : 56.18: +0.78% XOP: $20.44 -0.36, - 1.73%/ 20.07 : 19.90: +2.71% OIH : $11.64 -0.32, - 2.68%/ 11.49 : 10.76: +8.18% Ratio: r1.756 ==== Ratio: r29.0x wti/ng WHAT Did I do? I bought Calls on MUR and ECA this week - more later
  5. One of TOP TWO GOLD PICKS On the TSX, the top gold stocks to own are Ivanhoe (TSX:IVN) and Gran Colombia (TSX:GCM). Both stocks should carry the similar dynamics of gold in recent years. TSX 30 members Ivanhoe and Gran Colombia were among the 30 top-performing Canadian companies. With three-year returns of +312% and +178%, respectively, both companies made it to the TSX 30 list, which was launched last year. Vancouver-based Ivanhoe is a $4.8 billion mining company building three of the world’s best mines. Aside from gold, it’s also exploring for the next copper giant in the legendary minefields of South Africa. There are early signs of another stellar year. Management is excited about the prospects in the Platreef platinum, palladium, nickel, copper, and gold discovery in South Africa’s Bushveld Complex. The spot prices of two essential metals — palladium and rhodium, found in the Platreef ore — have soared to new, all-time highs. The platinum and palladium deposit is of high quality. This year, Ivanhoe will continue to advance its two other joint-venture projects at Kamoa-Kakula and Kipushi mines in the Central African Copperbelt in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The analysts’ forecasts indicate the bullish sentiment on Ivanhoe. In the next 12 months, the price target is $12.27, which represents a 204.46% climb from the current price of $4.03. Toronto-based Gran Colombia is a $296.64 million mid-tier gold producer that focuses on the exploration, development, and operation of gold and silver mines in Colombia. It’s operating in Segovia and Marmato, where the largest underground gold and silver resources can be found. Last week, Gran Colombia reported setting a new high watermark for gold production. The company was able to produce a total of 239,991 ounces of gold in 2019, which is at the top end of its guidance for the year and 10% higher than the production level in 2018. Gran Colombia’s CEO Lombardo Paredes expects the company’s free cash flow and balance sheet to improve if the solid operating performance continues and spot gold prices remain above an average of US$1,482 per ounce. Analysts covering the stock are estimating a price appreciation between the range of $8.16 (+46.5%) and $10 (+79.5%) in the next 12 months. Pot of gold Since 2020 is shaping up to be another strong year for gold, central banks are sure to load up on the valuable commodity. For regular investors, however, the current average of $1,580 per ounce is too expensive. With the Ivanhoe and Gran Colombia selling for $4.03 and $5.57 per share, respectively, you have the opportunity to build a portfolio of gold stocks. If gold is an attractive hedge for investors, so are the top TSX gold stocks. > source: https://www.fool.ca/2020/01/24/2-explosive-gold-stocks-set-to-outperform-again-in-2020/
  6. drbubb

    Corona - Super Virus

    Nurse says quarantine failing... Video shows dead bodies in halls... MCDONALD'S SHUTS... DISNEYLAND SHUTS... Military Deployed...
  7. TOUCH-ME-NOTS ? xx The biggest ever study into touch will find out whether millennials want less physical contact than previous generations, following modern movements like #MeToo. Goldsmiths, University of London, has teamed up with the BBC to conduct a worldwide survey, asking a range of questions about how important touch is to people, how much they need it, and how comfortable they are with physical contact. Researchers will then drill down into the answers to see whether people of varying nationalities, cultures, ages, disabilities, sexualities, and genders feel differently. While city dwellers may think nothing of being squashed up next to strangers on public transport, the study may show that those who live in the countryside find such close contact intolerable. Or it may show the opposite. Experts say it is such a vastly under-researched area, that they are really not sure what the outcome will be. === The FATE of every radical Feminist is... To Die ALONE next to a starving cvat
  8. Grow Up, Royals & PAY UP ! (might be one of the few times when "Woke" young people are asked to behave like adults.) Canadians petition for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to pay security costs: 'Part of giving up royal life is paying their own bills' The couple recently visited Canada House in London to thank the country for its hospitality: Getty Thousands of Canadians have signed a petition demanding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle pay for their own security costs, amid mounting concern the country could be saddled with a bill costing millions of dollars. Since the couple announced they were giving up formal royal duties and public money, they have been holed up in a $20m private mansion on a secluded cove on Canada’s Victoria Island. When they leave the property they are escorted by a number of bodyguards, several of whom are British. In recent days, the guards have also been filming cars driving past, many of them belonging to international media. Prime minister Justin Trudeau has to date failed to say what agreements have been made to cover such costs. Reports in the UK media say he told the Queen that Canada would foot the bill, but Mr Trudeau told Canadian reporters this week: “I have not spoken to Her Majesty directly. Discussions continue to be ongoing and I have no updates at this moment.” Campaigners behind an online petition calling on the royal couple to pay their own costs said they had gathered at least 90,000 signatures. The petition, addressed to Mr Trudeau, reads: “Canadians wish the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan, all the best as they seek financial independence. That goal is important because Canadian taxpayers shouldn’t have to cover the couple’s bills.” . . . “In the last two weeks I received lots of phone calls from people saying the couple were welcome here, but that they did not want to pay for them,” said Mr Wudrick. “I think in recent weeks, that feeling has become more clear. Canada is a welcoming country, but some people excited they are here are viewing them as wealthy celebrities, rather than official members of the royal family where there is a protocol.” He added: “They are coming here because they want to leave the royal family, but part of that is paying their own bills.” Earlier month, the Globe and Mail quoted security experts who suggested the annual cost of protecting Harry, Meghan and their eight-month-old son Archie, could reach C$10m (£5.8m). The point made in Mr Wudrich’s petition, first reported by the New York Post, was echoed by many residents in the part of Vancouver Island where the royal couple are living. While having offered them a warm welcome, and even helping them avoid media scrutiny, there is a view Canadians should not pay. “I think the point is, they are either private citizens or members of the royal family,” said Bruce Welsh, 70, a former musician and radio show host in Sidney. “If they are private citizens, they should not need security guards. Either way, Canada should not be paying.”
  9. drbubb

    Corona - Super Virus

    Please, Help Us!': Supply Shortages Rock Wuhan As Outbreak Overwhelms Chinese Healthcare System Summary: Here's a glimpse of new virus-related developments that occurred overnight. Total number of confirmed cases now 900+, 26 dead. China restricts travel for 40+ million people as the death toll surges. Two deaths have been reported outside Wuhan. Some residents displaying symptoms are being turned away from hospitals. Hospitals in Wuhan make urgent pleas for help and supplies. UK and US governments tell citizens to avoid outbreak zones. * * * Asian markets closed on Friday for the Lunar New Year holiday, which officially begins on Saturday. But in China, the Communist Party leadership are scrambling to contain the virus as 13 cities in Hubei Province are now under quarantine, meaning more than 40 million Chinese will be forced to spend the holiday week at home, the South China Morning Post reports. And here is a companion piece, from zerohedge.com, indicating what might have happened here The Real Umbrella Corp: Wuhan Ultra Biohazard Lab Was Studying "The World's Most Dangerous Pathogens
  10. TULSI GABBARD SUES HILLARY CLINTON: “OBVIOUS MALICIOUS INTENT” Tulsi Gabbard has decided to sue corrupt Hillary Clinton. Gabbard describes the defamation suit over Clinton’s “Russian asset” smear as election meddling. According to RT, Clinton “lied about her perceived rival Tulsi Gabbard… publicly, unambiguously, and with obvious malicious intent” when she claimed Gabbard was “the favorite of the Russians,” the campaign alleges in the lawsuit, filed on Wednesday in the federal Southern District of New York. While Clinton isn’t technically running against Gabbard in the 2020 contest, the filing drily notes that the role of president is “a position Clinton has long coveted but has not been able to attain.” People seem shocked that Hillary Clinton has stooped to lying, but she’s a politician. Lying is what they all do. None of them are good people; if they were, they wouldn’t seek power over others.
  11. Watch: ABC’s Stephanopoulos Makes Throat-Slitting Gesture to Cut Away from Trump Lawyer
  12. Ray Dalio Lambastes Bitcoin (BTC), Praises Gold in Davos Bi posted January 21, 2020 03:56 pm by Goldcross (940) Ray Dalio Lambastes Bitcoin (BTC), Praises Gold in Davos Billionaire Ray Dalio continues to criticize Bitcoin (BTC) while encouraging investors to buy more gold Ray Dalio Lambastes Bitcoin (BTC),...read more
  13. GO DOWN, SHIFFY! You have screwed up, bigtime ! He is getting sliced & Diced in the Senate Mark Meadows: Adam Schiff’s Contact with Ukraine Whistleblower is the ‘Only Cover-Up’ Sen. Susan Collins ‘Stunned’ by Democrat House Manager’s ‘Cover-Up’ Accusation
  14. GCM Soars $5.65 +0.26, +4,82% / YrH is $5.91 (in edit): The close was even stronger: $5.94 +0.55, +10.20% > New High ! Vol. 868.5k