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  1. New Proof Of Massive Justice Department Conspiracy To Frame Trump! Dick Morris TV: Lunch
  2. Twitter, Google and Facebook are Social Engineering Their Users for Manipulating the Political System By: alexmark I think it was Winston Churchill who said that democracy is a terrible political system, maybe the worst ever devised by man, but yet the best we have. I am paraphrasing the man, but I think that’s what he meant. In the US though, we have a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy, as many on the left are arguing. What that means is that in the US, the majority cannot vote to strip the Constitutional rights of the minority at any given time. Basically, there’s no such thing as “mob rule” in the US. This is the best system yet in my opinion. However, we live in the age of the internet and social media. As Umberto Eco put it, social media gave legions of idiots the right to speak, the same right as a Noble prize winner. It’s funny, because it’s true. The problem with “democracy” is that it cannot really protect the “general public” against meddling/corruption by third parties. And this holds true especially now, in the age of mass communication and social media. Those who control the information have the power, the true power. It’s not the politicians anymore (if they ever were), but a select few elites who own a handful of tech giants, like Twitter, Google and Facebook. Or, it’s the Chinese, as Alex Jones put it succinctly and idiotically after he got deplatformed by Zuckerberg, Susan Diane Wojcicki and Lawrence Page. All Chinese.
  3. Ancient Aliens' on the History Channel outperforms CNN at primetime now CNN faced a shock horror moment over August 6 to 12 when they were beaten in the cable ratings by numerous competitors including the History channels Ancient Aliens. Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn! http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/#ixzz5OU32qPuA
  4. The Cresting Wave: "Housing Tipping Back to a Buyer's Market" ... Just Like 2008: FBI Investigating Multi-Billion-Dollar Mortgage Fraud Case By: alexmark Approximately 14 percent of all listings in June had undergone a price cut, that’s up from a recent low of 11.7 percent at the end of 2016, according to a new report from Zillow. Home price growth is slowing in nearly half of the 35 largest U.S. metropolitan markets. In San Diego, 20 percent of all listings had a price cut in June, up from 12 percent a year ago. ( a trend change maybe. but these numbers are not a big deal.)
  5. Lynette Zang: Why Contagion From Turkey Could Gobble Up The Whole World By: alexmark Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn! http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/#ixzz5OTujyFcP
  6. NYT doubles down, now claims anyone expressing any interest in Bruce Ohr is hostage to "conspiracy theory." By: jrohio2 And media wonders why it is so disliked and untrusted. Huh. Kimberley Strassel ✔ @KimStrassel NYT doubles down, now claims anyone expressing any interest in Bruce Ohr is hostage to "conspiracy theory." And media wonders why it is so disliked and untrusted. Huh. Kim S. is a respected reporter, working for the Wall Street Journal / 2 / BREAKING: Bruce Ohr Texts, Emails Reveal Steele’s Deep Ties to Obama DOJ, FBI A trove of emails and handwritten notes from Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr exposes the continuous contact and communication between the DOJ attorney and anti-Trump dossier author Christopher Steele, according to notes and documents obtained by SaraACarter.com. The emails and notes were written between 2016 and 2017. The notes and emails also reveal that Ohr was in communication with Glenn Simpson, the founder of the embattled research firm Fusion GPS, which was paid by the Hillary Clinton campaign and DNC to hire Steele.
  7. The Don meets Vlad

    The biggest Foreign interference in US elections is by Israel. Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio Photos»Photostream Pictures Republican Presidential Candidate Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) Addresses the Greater Miami Jewish Federation's Pro-Israel Rally Israeli Billionaires were Hellary's main donors - pushing a particular vile form of satanism. Putin is demonized in the Jooish-controlled media, because he kicked Jooish scum billionaires out of Russia
  8. yeah? Ponder the LOSS of Wealth in Venezuela. Why? Leftwing policied imposed... they destroyed wealth Venezuela was One of the Richest Countries in South America Until Socialism Arrived
  9. EXCERPT from that long piece DEMONS hide behind the eye (left eye) They intermarry all the time and have several unique genetic markers (like Ashkenazi DNA and Coloboma of the eye). They obsess over the "reptile brain" aka amygdala because it houses the pineal gland (Reptilians anyone?) #Hivites #PhoeniciaisFalling #ItEndsNow #Welcome2Wonderland They push false narratives (like reptilians and Satan and whatever works best at the moment) to incite fear &outrage in order to control the masses. They trick the public into thinking they need #Hivite leaders to protect them when in reality they only need protection FROM them. They wrote the Gnostic gospels &(I believe) made up the Annunaki/Nephilum/Reptilians &other false narratives to obscure &hide their existence. They only need the sacrifice ritual to secure and consolidate political and civic power. They are pedophiles and want to normalize it. They Worship FAME "Not dying" to them means everyone in the cult is murdered, no one dies a natural death. Living forever is in name only. The first death is when your body dies. The second death is the last time someone speaks your name. Whoever is most famous lives longest & is therefore God.
  10. Manafort Gambles on a Trial

    CNN Attempts To DOXX Manafort Jury: This is a Weaponized Press By: alexmark Maybe the REPORTER'S NAMES who made this request should be exposed instead (but GOP voters rarely harrass, maybe that needs to change) CNN Fake News Demands Names of Manafort Case Jurors So That They Can Harass Them; Judge Says No, Citing Threats, Safety Concerns
  11. Media is still "protecting the brand" by hiding news Democrat Propaganda Outlets ABC & CBS Ignore NY Gov. Cuomo Saying America ‘Was Never That Great’
  12. Rand Paul nails it... & (entitled) Brennan Rand Paul: ‘Crazy’ Brennan has Called for Death Penalty for President Trump, Yet Still Wants Security Clearance? Will Communist John Brennan’s Text Messages and Emails Be Next? Senator Rand Paul appeared on Fox News Thursday night, to discuss both his recent diplomatic trip to Russia, and his endorsement of President Trump revoking the security clearance of former CIA head John Brennan. Noting that he is scheduled to meet with Trump this weekend to discuss both topics, Paul stated that was was more than happy with Trump’s decision as concerns Brennan, saying “I’ve been calling for a review of the security clearances of a lot of folks…for months and months.” The Senator note that he contacted the FBI Director last January to voice concerns over former officials who still have security clearance and who are clearly opposed to the current administration. “With John Brennan I think he should have had his clearance revoked for cause. He leaked information that came out in the media that we had a double agent in Yemen, when we were going after the underwear bomber, there still is a bomber in Yemen. He leaked that to the media.” Paul exclaimed. “The double agent was still there,” Paul added, “He put that agent’s life at risk. John Brennan should have been fired for that.” The Senator said. == Former CIA Director John Brennan has dominated the headlines this week after President Trump revoked his security clearance on Wednesday due to national security concerns. And, while many intelligence officials–like former FBI Director James Comey, former FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok, and Department of Justice attorney Bruce Ohr–have all had some of their Trump-Russia communications exposed, thus far, Brennan has been spared. This may soon change. Tom Fitton ✔ @TomFitton BRENNAN:Obama CIA Director John Brennan’s threatening and unhinged attacks on @RealDonaldTrump help explain Obama Admin's spying abuses targeting Trump. @JudicialWatch sues for docs on Brennan CIA anti-Trump leak to Harry Reid. Pulling Brennan security clearance the right call.
  13. Debunking Socialist Myths: 90 Percent Of Scandinavia’s Wealth Is Privately Owned The Bruenig standard indicates Scandinavia is less socialist than the average non-Scandinavian country, including the United States under the most conservative presidency of our lifetime. By Giancarlo Sopo August 17, 2018 I woke up early one recent morning, scanned the news, and stumbled upon a tweet praising an “informative and fun podcast episode” that promised to set the record straight on Scandinavian socialism. Having read a decent amount about the Nordic model, I was curious to see what kind of wisdom Matt and Elizabeth “Liz” Bruenig, of the People’s Policy Project and Washington Post, respectively, had in store. After a light-hearted intro, Liz began with “Norway is not socialist?” alluding to a recent Forbes article that contradicted claims that Scandinavia is a socialist paradise. This prompted a 30-minute rebuttal from Matt of people he described as “takesters” and a case for why the Nordic countries, particularly Norway, are indeed socialist, sprinkled with occasional “booms,” uh-huhs,” and “yeahs” from Liz whenever she thought he had made a good point. For those who have not heard the show, think: a wonky version of Diamond and Silk for Bernie bros. Matt thinks Norway is the most socialist country in the world. To support this contention, he focused on three points in his podcast, which he has made frequently on Twitter and his blog: The Norwegian government owns nearly 60 percent of the country’s wealth (defined as net public wealth as a percentage of net national wealth). Norway has dozens of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) that control most of the country’s energy and national resources. The country has a sovereign wealth fund valued at more than $1 trillion. I agree these three points could serve as perfectly valid indicators in determining Norwegian socialism, but do they really prove that Norway is the most socialist country on earth? Much to my wife’s displeasure, I shared my disagreement with Matt and Liz, which turned into an all-day Twitter feud. Unfortunately, the Bruenigs have since deleted the exchange. . . . In other words, unlike in Venezuela, where the government used taxes on oil to fund social programs, the Norwegians use their sovereign wealth to accumulate more capital and cut taxes. Which of the two sounds more socialist to you?
  14. AGAINST the People: Dem plans

    HELLary's Big Boss? . . . Though she may be slow to admit it Lines Drawn: Devil-Worshiping Democrats Bring Demonic Statue to Protest Ten Commandments
  15. Ohr-ders from Bruce, will help bring a Flip What was Bruce Ohr Doing? (is pretty obvious he was "up to no good") DOJ’s BRUCE OHR’s EMAILS REVEAL FOREIGN SPY, DIRTY DOSSIER AUTHOR CHRISTOPHER STEELE FEARED COMEY’s FIRING WOULD EXPOSE SUBVERSIVE OPERATION TO BRING DOWN TRUMP