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  1. xx Scott Adams - Dr. Shiva: Running Against Elizabeth Warren
  2. 3/ I sold that tiny condo (about the size of my temp residence in Makati now), to buy another larger one costing about double the first one. The second one also rose by over 50% in a few years. Eventually, I sold that to buy a 3BR property in London where I moved to. And it went up in value over the years I lived in it PURCHASE STRATEGY : the Key Numbers My thinking was simple: + OWN rather than rent. Don't "waste my (scarce) money paying rent" + BUY A PROPERTY (one that I wanted to live in) and run the numbers carefully, spotting a bargain, by determining when the "after tax cost" of Buying a property using a mortgage was no higher, and maybe cheaper than Renting. This meant that if I stayed in the property and interest rates stayed the same, I would be protected from future rent increases. At the time I was searching the property market, inflation was in the range of 6-8% or higher, and Rents were rising all across NYC. + OBSERVE the likely trend in interest rates, and buy when rates had stopped going high and seemed likely to fall. OVER all those early years, I essentially lived for free, since price appreciation in my Condos was more than I was paying out in mortgage payments. (I can show some sample calculations, if people are interested.) Many people who earn a regular salary have a rule of thumb: "Don't spend more than 1/3 of your salary on Rent or a Mortgage." If price appreciation exceeds my mortgage payments, it means that I am saving at least 1/3 of my income. That's a great way to build wealth
  3. J : Dr Bubb , maybe you can share how you planned for your retirement. Maybe us, some not so young people, can pick up a thing or two. Thank you in advance! DrB: To be honest, I left normal Salaried employment quite a long time ago (before 2000) and have made my living as an investor since then. I have had some terrific years, and some bad years. But overall I have made decent money, and learned a few tricks. Property investing was probably the most stable part of my investing, and investing in risky small mining shares was the most volatile part. I still invest in both, but much more carefully now. I can say more, if people are interested 1/ My first "big score" was a penny stock I bought a year or so out of college, with borrowed money that went up like 4X after I bought it - and was the biggest gainer of the year on the Amex in the year I bought it. The gain provide equity for subsequent property purchases, which I am about to describe. My big score was in the Computer Leasing sector. I spotted a bargain by digging deep into the company's accounting policies. (Any CPA who is interesting can ask me for the details of what I discovered. It may be fascinating for people who like accounting, as a "hobby") I bought a tiny studio apartment in a "crappy" building in a great location 2/ My second important move was buying a (NY City) condo with a 75% loan, which nearly doubled in just 3 years. It happened partly because interest rates were high when I bought it, and declined over the time I owned it. Falling rates allowed people to pay higher and higher prices for a property whose potential monthly Rent hardly changed. The property was secondhand, small (maybe just 22 sqm), and cheap compared to others on the market. It was a bargain, because of a quirk in the tax law that allowed rental apartments to convert to Condo status. I had recently joined a large NY bank, and so I was able to get access to credit, a slightly larger percentage loan than might have been available to non-bank employees. (Access to credit is a key advantage for young people starting out on their pathway to building wealth. Buying a cheap property at a good time in the property cycle is another positive step.)
  4. Retirement Planning: Thoughts on Building personal Wealth (excerpts from a Viber Chat on Retirement planning & other sources) S. recently started a Viber chat about retirement planning. Following are some excerpts LINKS: coming
  5. PESO DEPRECIATION ... against USD / Thinking Global Has averaged 4.55% per annum, over the last Six Years. That is a larger loss than the estimated 4.0% Net Yield* on New Property. In other words, foreign buyers are now relying 100% on Capital Gains!! Timing: PHPusd chg: PSEI +chg% = in$USD -chg% End'12: 41.06 ----------: 5,813 ----------: 141.57 End'13: 44.38 8.08%: 5,890 +1.32%: 132.72 - 6.25% End'14: 44.73 0.79%: 7,230 +22.8%: 161.64 +21.8% End'15: 46.86 4.76%: 6,952 -3.85%: 148.36 - 8.22% End'16: 49.61 5.87%: 6,841 -1.60%: 137.90 - 7.05% End'17: 49.96 0.71%: 8,558 +25.1%: 171.30 +24.2% 10/19-: 53.85 7.79%: 7,117 -16.8%: 132.16 -22.8% =Aver.-: 6yrs> 4.55%: 6yrs> +3.74%: 6yrs.> -1.11% Over the last six years since the end of 2012, Foreigners (keeping score in USD) have LOST money on PH stocks. Assuming that their stocks have performed in line with the PSEI. 2/ Absent Capital gains... Foreign buyers thinking in USD are likely to be LOSING wealth on their (new) PH property investments. Are they really going to make Cap.Gains buying New Property at over P200k psm? *Calculation Estimated PH Property yields Price: PerSqm: EstRent: R- p.a.> GrossY : Cost-: PreTax : @80% New : P 200k : P1,000 : P12,000: 6.00 %: 2.00%: 4.00% : 3.20%: 2nd- : P 150k : P1,000 : P12,000: 8.00 %: 2.00%: 6.00% : 4.80%: My Target= Min. 8-10% pa Gross: 10.0 %: 2.00%: 8.00% : 6.40%: Compare w/ Interest Rates PH 12mo: PH 5yrs: ALTERNATIVE? Buy (select) Property stocks in foreign markets Example: PH-listed vs. My favorite HK-listed Property stocks Timing: PHPusd chg%: PSEI-: ALI-- Yld%D0: SHNG Yld%D1: HK-10 Yld%D2 +Depr.: 87001 Yld%D3 +Depr End'12: 41.06 -----: 5,813: End'13: 44.38 8.08%: 5,890: P24.75 0.00%: P3.15 0.00%: $39.15 0.00% +0.00%: $3.86 0.00% +0.00% End'14: 44.73 0.79%: 7,230: P33.70 0.00%: P3.30 0.00%: $35.20 0.00% +0.00%: $3.48 0.00% +0.00% End'15: 46.86 4.76%: 6,952: P34.45 0.00%: P3.13 0.00%: $25.20 0.00% +0.00%: $3.33 0.00% +0.00% End'16: 49.61 5.87%: 6,841: P32.00 0.00%: P3.27 0.00%: $27.00 0.00% +0.00%: $3.14 0.00% +0.00% End'17: 49.96 0.71%: 8,558: P44.60 0.00%: P3.13 0.00%: $28.75 0.00% +0.00%: $3.15 0.00% +0.00% 10/19-: 53.85 7.79%: 7,117: P40.65 0.00%: P3.12 8.00%: $19.50 4.00% +0.00%: $0.00 0.00% +0.00% Aver.-: 6yrs> 4.55% ===stock: Price : PE-R: Div.-: Yld-Latest ALI- : P40.65: 21.1: 0.000: ?? SHNG : P 3.12: 4.51: 0.000: 4.49% HK10 : $19.50: 4.46: 0.000: 1.95% 87001: $ 3.06: 12.9: 0.000: 9.24% ===== Depr.: Assume: 4.5% p.a.
  6. McEwen Mining (MUX)

    McEwen Mining pushes higher, ahead of Gold, Gold shares GLD/Gold -vs- MUX etc.: GDXJ, SLV ... update / Last: $2.31 / GLD-$115.92 : r-1.99% Ratio: MUX -to-GLD : near 2% (a resistance level?) ==
  7. AGAINST the People: Dem plans

    Is being FOR giveaways really being "For the people"? (someone has to pay for them) Kamala proposes giving American families $500 a month... Booker: Canada out-Americaning America... Sanders 2020? Many Bernie backers aren't feeling it... 'Ignorant' Warren Takes Heat from Left...
  8. How Republicans could [barely] hang on to House...
  9. 2nd Rate in every way, except where she is 3rd rate (But she looked good in early press photos) OCASIO-CORTEZ: Like, Like, Like, for Sure, Like, Yeah, Yeah, Like, Like Yeah...
  10. Facebook Shareholders Back Proposal to Remove Fascist Mark Zuckerberg as Chairman Several public funds that hold shares in Facebook Inc on Oct. 17, backed a proposal to remove Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg as chairman, saying the social media giant mishandled several high-profile scandals. State treasurers from Illinois, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania, and New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer, co-filed the proposal. They joined hedge fund Trillium Asset In 2017, a similar proposal to appoint an independent chair was voted down. In opposing the proposal, Facebook said an independent chair could “cause uncertainty, confusion, and inefficiency in board and management function and relations.” Zuckerberg has about 60 percent voting rights, according to a company filing in April. Management, which bought it to the table in June. The proposal, set to be voted on at Facebook’s annual shareholder meeting in May 2019, is asking the board to make the role of chair an independent position. “Facebook plays an outsized role in our society and our economy. They have a social and financial responsibility to be transparent–that’s why we’re demanding independence and accountability in the company’s boardroom,” Stringer said.
  11. Rat Rod Rosenstein Finally Agrees to be Interviewed — Behind Closed Doors — Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, Other Conservative Badasses NOT Invited Rosenstein has finally agreed to do an “interview” behind closed doors with both Chairman Goodlatte and Chairman Gowdy. They will also be accompanied by their respective ranking members. And a court reporter.
  12. FaceGoogle set to test key support level FBgoog ... update ==
  13. FaceGoogle set to test key support level FBgoog ... update ==
  14. SPY ... update : SIL /Silver shares, SLV /Silver & GDXJ ... update Expect Higher Gold Prices For The Rest Of The Year — Analyst Kitco News04:09PM These Forces Could Push Gold Above $1,250 - Martin ... Kitco Video News VIDEO NEWS: Last Week's Gold Breakout Wasn't "Real" - Bloomberg ... Kitco Oct 17 Dow Dives Sharply On Rates Fears, Tech Shares Sink Nasdaq The Street The Dow Jones Industrial Average slumped 324 points, or 1.3%, to 25,382.37, the S&P 500 declined 1.4%, and the Nasdaq was down 2.1%. The declines today and yesterday mainly wiped the advances made on Tuesday. Tech stocks like Apple Inc. (AAPL - Get Report) , Amazon.com Inc. (AMZN - Get Report) and Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL - Get Report) fell between 2.3% to 3.5%. The yield on the 10-year Treasury bond was at 3.2%. The Dow, which has fallen in eight of the past 11 trading sessions, is trading about where it was back on January 10. Gold for December delivery rose 0.1% to $1,228.20 an ounce.
  15. Mark Meadows: New info shows Rod Rosenstein should resign 'immediately' House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows said Thursday that lawmakers in recent days have "learned" information that warrants Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to step down "immediately." “Based on additional information we've learned over the last week, it is clear Rod Rosenstein should resign immediately,” Meadows, R-N.C., tweeted Thursday afternoon. “He has not cooperated with Congress, failed to be transparent about his actions, and shown a lack of candor in the way he's characterized a number of events.” . . . Rosenstein irked GOP lawmakers by participating an interview with the Wall Street Journal this week, where he claimed Mueller’s investigation is “appropriate and independent.” "Mr. Rosenstein’s actions speak for themselves," Meadows said in a statement later Thursday. "He has made his priorities clear — and it seems transparency isn't one of them." "Even as he declines to show up before Congress last week and answer questions, he makes plenty of time for media interviews in the same breath," Meadows said. Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, expressed similar sentiments. "It was interesting that yesterday, Rod Rosenstein has time to sit down with the Wall Street Journal, do a big, long interview, where he said the Mueller investigation is appropriate and moving in the right direction,” Jordan said Thursday. “And yet, he can't come talk to Congress about the idea that he made a statement about recording the president of the United States?"