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  1. DECLARATION OF WAR - by Leftwing Idiots? (some say) Who are their leaders? Dear America, The LEFT Has Declared War On You They will lose. (" The tolerant Left, that demands we tolerate all forms of deviant behavior, shows no tolerance towards traditional Americans. ") ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dear America, the societal left has declared war on you. While you’ve been busy enjoying your new jobs, improved wages, lower taxes, and less government interference in your life the left has decided that all of those things are immoral. They must be undone. And those who enjoy them must be made to understand that they are not good American citizens, but some sort of participant to hurt others. They would love to say it makes you a racist, except that African Americans and Hispanics are enjoying the best economy they’ve ever known in American history. They would love to say your lack of desire to give government more and more of what you earn makes you an elitist, except that you aren’t. You’re creating new companies, hiring more people, and taking control back of your personal choices. This leaves less capital for them to make choices for you and run your life with. Therefore when all options have been exhausted their desperation leaves them with only two options—conform to the new energy transforming life, business and people in America, or destroy it. They are displaying raw unmeasured contempt for you. In the past week public mobs—always organized by leftist groups—have taken to public harassment of women who merely work for the current administration. Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was literally shouted at until she left a dinner at an eatery near the White House. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders just Friday evening was told she would not be served (nor her family) at the Red Hen eatery of the Shenandoah Valley in Lexington, Virginia. She was told she was refused service was because she works for the President. Secretary Nielsen has had additional groups camped outside her house playing loud speakers, disturbing the peace of she and her neighbors. Entitled leftist celebrities like Robert De Niro bogart awards shows encouraging viewers to sexually violate the President. Washed up former TV stars like Tom Arnold claim they will harass the First Lady at her son’s school. And true Hollywood losers like Peter Fonda claim that Sarah Sanders’ as well as Melania Trump’s children should literally be raped by pedophiles and sex traffickers... . . . > MORE: https://townhall.com/columnists/kevinmccullough/2018/06/24/dear-americathe-left-has-declared-war-on-you-n2493851 > WHO?
  2. I don't agree with this... but it has been years since I saw a funny female standup Why aren't women funny? I Have never laughed at a female "comedian"
  3. Homeland Security employees warned of increased threats amid immigration uproar The acting deputy secretary of homeland security warned employees Saturday that "there may be a heightened threat" against them, according to a memo obtained by CBS News. The warning comes amid the increasing furor over the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" immigration policy. "This assessment is based on specific and credible threats that have been levied against certain DHS employees and a sharp increase in the overall number of general threats against DHS employees -- although the veracity of each threat varies," says the message from Claire M. Grady. "In addition, over the last few days, thousands of employees have had their personally identifiable information publically [sic] released on social media." The memo recommends numerous safety precautions, including not displaying work badges in public, being careful with public conversations and using caution on all social networks. It also recommends DHS employees "always keep doors and windows locked" and "be aware of unexpected changes in and around your home." DHS employees are encouraged to call 911 if they feel threatened and if local law enforcement doesn't respond, to call Federal Protective Service. > https://www.cbsnews.com/news/homeland-security-memo-today-increased-threats-2018-06-23/ They need to do MORE INVESTIGATION into who is behind these threats. No doubt some vile (& well known?) Dems will be found
  4. Go deeper: Dining out in D.C. is getting tough for Trump officials. MOVE THE GOVERNMENT away from the Washington Swamp, We-the-people will get better government workers. And some of these vile establishments run by "elites" will then die
  5. Harrassment by Dems: Intentional & Planned (perhaps the planners, like Mad Maxine, should do some Jailtime) ... no wigs allowed in prison, Maxine. You may look as bad as scarecrow Kathy without yours Maxine Waters orders MORE public harassment of Trump aides... 'GOD IS ON OUR SIDE'... Homeland Security employees warned of increased threats amid immigration uproar... Restaurant owner who booted out White House press secretary took staff vote... YELP PAGE BOMBARDED... ICE Protests Spread Across Nation... Russian media project tries to turn America against itself... What they're saying: The restaurant's owner, Stephanie Wilkinson, granted an interview to The Washington Post this afternoon, telling her story about why she decided to give the public face of the Trump administration the boot from her establishment. Wilkinson received a call from her staff around 8 p.m. last night that Sanders and her family had entered the restaurant — and drove over herself to confirm the news. "I’m not a huge fan of confrontation. I have a business, and I want the business to thrive. This feels like the moment in our democracy when people have to make uncomfortable actions and decisions to uphold their morals," she told The Post. After she arrived and confirmed Sanders' identity, she asked her staff if she should ask Sanders to leave. They agreed, so Wilkinson requested that Sanders join her on the restaurant's patio — even after her party had already ordered their main course. "Sanders’s response was immediate, Wilkinson said: "'That’s fine. I’ll go.'" Sanders' family followed her out — but offered to pay for what they had been served before leaving — though Wilkinson told them it was on the house. The big picture: Lexington (population: 7,042) is an overwhelmingly blue small town, located smack dab in the middle of Rockbridge County, which voted 62% for Trump. Worth noting: Sanders didn't kick off the social media furor over her dismissal. That started this morning when a waiter there posted a now-deleted update to Facebook last night that "my owner asked her to leave." Sanders only confirmed the confrontation in her own tweet after the story had already exploded across the Internet. But Sanders' relatively polite ouster hasn't translated to the Internet's reaction: The Red Hen's Yelp page is currently in an Active Cleanup Alert after it's been bombarded by 1-star and 5-star reviews all day from people on both sides of the political spectrum, bringing its average score down to 2.5 stars in the process.
  6. " Mueller is a staunch republican as is rod rosenstein. " Deep State "Republicans" - as vile as the Clintons. Just the sort of people you worship, apparently, Sparks Dark Lord and Vassal
  7. / This (idiotic) post belongs HERE on your own thread - not where you posted it, Sparks / my favourite reply when i asked elsewhere if they will still rent the spacecraft from the russians. was plus an interesting discussion about the rd180 which i didnt know about https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/RD-180 === Have you learned Nothing from the News?
  8. Honestly, someone should put the scarecrow out of its misery You, know, behead her or something Angel Mom Slams Satanic Progressive Kathy Griffin for ‘Propaganda’ Tweet: ‘She Has No Soul. She Has No Heart’ A mother whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant blasted Kathy Griffin after the comedian said President Trump is using angel parents "for propaganda."
  9. Fake claims of Mueller = Exposed Facing humiliation, Mueller backs away from prosecution of Russian entities In a pair of court filings Friday, the special counsel added four assistant U.S. attorneys to the case against Russian entities and people accused of running an online influence operation targeting American voters. People familiar with the staffing decision said the new prosecutors are not joining Mueller's team, but rather are being added to the case so that they could someday take responsibility for it when the special counsel ceases operation. The case those prosecutors are joining could drag on for years because the indictment charges a number of Russians who will probably never see the inside of a U.S. courtroom. Russia does not extradite its citizens. What on Earth could cause a prosecutor to walk away from his central mission to focus instead on incidental and tangential matters? Barrett's use of the words "take responsibility" for the case is the answer. Though not a word of it appears in Barrett's article, the prosecution of the Russian entities has already turned into a farce, as Mueller is caught in a trap of his own making with the hasty indictments of entities he never expected to defend themselves. So slipshod was the work that one of the indicted entities was not even an incorporated entity (i.e., it did not exist) at the time of the alleged offenses It is hard to see how this case will end up as anything but a humiliation in court and a gigantic public relations disaster for Mueller and his merry band of Democratic Party donors. Read more: https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/06/facing_humiliation_mueller_backs_away_from_prosecution_of_russian_entities.html#ixzz5JMPVyoDc
  10. Clif talks about 5G from 1:13:13 and they talk about Antarctica from 1:25:50
  11. This is the Genuine article - Huge Shame in this ! But Leftwing Useful Idiots shout "shame-shame-shame" at people like Jordan Peterson... for not agreeing to use "preferred pronouns" What an upside down world we live in, where Predator Pedos are only slightly worse than the Useful Idiots the system turns out Like Matter and Anti-matter, I'd like to bring them together, and watch them annihilate each other
  12. SIL / Global X Silver Miners ETF Weekly ... All : 10-yr : 5-yr : Fresnillo / FRES.L - World's Largest Silver Miner ... update :
  13. SILVER

    SIL / Global X Silver Miners ETF Weekly ... All : 10-yr : 5-yr : Fresnillo / FRES.L - World's Largest Silver Miner ... update :
  14. Alveo Financial Tower... has claimed its space, is making its statement And so are the two City Gate Towers
  15. SIL / Global X Silver Miners ETF Weekly ... All : 10-yr : 5-yr :