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  1. There's a section of the forum for people to keep diaries of their trading. It would be really interesting if you could show how following Legatus makes more money than Technical Analysis, or whether it makes any money. http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showforum=39 Maybe you're not aware, but the moderators on this forum often come down harshly on disrespectful posts because there's been a few problems with trolls in the past. If you could phrase your responses in a more advisory/less adversarial manner and lose the laughter smilies you'll probably fall under their radar.
  2. The land tax advocate was Henry George, not William George. http://www.google.com/url?http://en.wikipe...ki/Henry_George Not Fred Harrison's best video on the subject but it does a job of explaining the reasons for and benefits of a land tax. It's not to increase the amount of tax we pay! From: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ki-Od1MMa78 If a farmer cannot make a profit off his land then the taxable value is zero (unless there is money to be made by building houses on it etc, in which case he should). If he can make a profit then there will be a taxable value, but the whole point of a land tax is to shift the tax burden to non-productive things, so his income tax and corporation tax will be lower. UK Inheritance tax threshold is £325,000 and is transferable to a spouse, so £650k of a couple's wealth is passed on untaxed. The threshold was raised because of the number of people with houses which rose in value and took them into IHT territory. People demanded that unearned wealth should stay with the people who had accumulated it and that their own incomes should be taxed instead of that unearned wealth. The harder they worked, the more tax they paid, the more the country's wealth increased and the more wealth went to those who own the land. So we're a long way from acceptance of a land tax! The chart for #7 in the link below shows income rises for each income group in the pre-Reagan and post-Reagan eras. The increase in GDP goes predominantly to the high earners today whereas it used to be more evenly spread. Somehow, people have been convinced that the policies which might move things back to the pre-Reagan distribution of new wealth are a bad idea. http://www.businessinsider.com/are-resentm...american-2010-9
  3. nicejim


    Are you saying that your view of gold changes the way you expect people to behave?
  4. +1 I couldn't watch to the end, it was just too uncomfortable to watch.
  5. nicejim


    Because I'd have expressed that sentiment as "expected behaviour, has important consequences in terms of defining gold as a) money or a commodity or c) something else entirely."
  6. nicejim

    Moral Hazard A'Hoy

    New loans to old debtors?
  7. nicejim


    I think it's the other way round. You can't define gold as money and expect people to change their behaviour. You can only define it as money if you expect people to behave as if it is money.
  8. nicejim


    $0 in the London vault just now.
  9. nicejim


    "Gold, unlike many other commodities is not consumed, and therefore the traditional models and theories of supply and demand simply do not apply!" Ditto houses!
  10. nicejim


    "The supply of scrap gold...has remained surprisingly slow" http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/16f72c6c-c73d-11...144feab49a.html
  11. nicejim

    Straight out of the horse's mouth

    "I don't understand it. I've now accepted the fact that we do." Some things don't need to be understood, just accepted.
  12. nicejim


    Compare and contrast with Bob Moriarty, who thinks Spanish nimbyists should not be allowed to prevent Bob Moriarty making a fortune whilst providing a few jobs for the locals. He'll be on a golf course far from the destruction by the time the acid mine drainage starts. http://www.321gold.com/editorials/moriarty...arty092210.html
  13. nicejim

    Moral Hazard A'Hoy

    They're bailing out the lenders, not the borrowers.
  14. nicejim


    Except he's not turning paper into gold. He's converting one method of payment deferral (debt) into another (gold).
  15. nicejim


    I'm troubled by comparisons with the gold spike as well as the silver one. Unless gold is spiking at the moment, which I think is unlikely, you could ignore the 1980 spike, take the high to be about $550 and then compare silver with no spike. Gold now: 1290 Gold then: 550 Silver now: 21 Silver then: 10-15 ish, maybe So gold is a higher multiple of its old "high" than silver is.