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  1. darreng1000


    balls, bought my small monthly amount in goldmoney yesterday. oh well, it's for the long term.
  2. darreng1000


    Saw an advert on the front page of the FT this morning ASCENT - Anticrisis settlement & commodity centre www.sterligoff.com appears to be a way for businesses to pay each other in gold.
  3. I can see what you're getting at, but I guess it all depends on what you consider to be enslavement and freedom.
  4. I was going to ask whether it would be a cause of enslavement to, but I really wasn't sure if i was asking the right thing with regards to war in the first place. enslavement seemed the next logical step.
  5. I found the essay fascinating and has certainly helped with my very limited knowledge on gold and money. However it has thrown up some questions. You say that various wars wouldn't have happened if gold standards had been kept, however wouldn't there have then been wars to try and conquer land that was in rich in gold? Also as gold would be a finite source of money, wouldn't this then start drawing the world back to the times when empires existed? As they could not make money to buy assets they just went out and conquered the assets? I don't know if i'm going way off track here, or my understanding really is terrible. I have other questions which i will ask later.
  6. darreng1000

    GBP? - Interested in anyone's thoughts

    I've got a very small short on EUR/JPY. I just don't think the Euro can stay strong for much longer. The PIGS, especially Ireland, must put a dent in it soon.
  7. that i'm not sure about, I would have to think very carefully about that. but just thinking quickly, asset allocation and spread of location would be key to where that money would end up. I'm 31, was brought up in London, my family is in London and I can't really see myself moving out of London for a long long time. I would be upset if my property lost 35% of it's value but not to upset. If I won tomorrow I wouldn't buy a property for 2 or 3 years anyway. I'm confident that house prices are going down and even though I would suddenly be loaded, there's no point throwing money away. However let's assume I won tomorrow and I bought a property on Sunday and it lost 35% of it's value over the next two or three years, like I said i would be upset but not too upset. I live in East London near the city and would buy a nice property there costing no more than £500'000 and probably a lot less. I wouldn't have a mortgage so apart from monthly bills would have no other outgoings and I would have money/assets to fall back on, I would be relatively secure. So the drop in value wouldn't affect me relatively and as I intend on living there a long time, immediate value is not an important consequence. I would like to own some farmland in Ireland (not much better than the UK at the moment I know). My parents came from farms in Ireland, I spent a lot of my holidays as a child on the farms and there is still family over there. Alternatively my girlfriends mum lives in Cornwall and to honest it's a bit sunnier down there so farmland down there could be good. Arable land is the ultimate asset in my opinion. However, this is something I would wait to do, wait until the time was right. This could be up to 20 years of waiting until that time is right though. I guess I wouldn't really want more than 50% tied up if I want to feel comfortable but I accept it may go a lot higher than that as I accrue property and land in different places (London pad, farmland in Ireland or Cornwall, holiday home in North Vietnam and maybe another one in a sunny part of Europe, but now I really am dreaming). Interesting questions Dr. Bubb, now I just need to win the lottery to put this all into practice!
  8. I wouldn't tell anyone except my girlfriend that I had won. It would just cause to many problems. Everyone would want 'their share' I'd shovel a load of it into a pension to make sure I can take care of myself when I'm old. Buy myself a nice place to live in London, as it is somewhere where I am going to live for a long time I wouldn't care about where house prices are going. Go on a bloody nice holiday, if I can get a sabbattical from work then go travelling for a bit. Carry on working where I am, I like what I do, i'm learning a lot and I need something to do, why retire? I'm young and i'll get bored. Eventually start my own business, so I don't have to answer to anyone bar 'er indoors.
  9. darreng1000


    is there any particular advantage to buying one silver coin over another? Why would you buy a Brittania at £2.60 more than a philharmonic? are there tax benefits that i've missed out?
  10. where do you think oil is going to bubb and by when? this year? 50$ and under?
  11. darreng1000

    Latvia, Beyond Financial Collapse

    Shows how much of an idiot I am. It was Estonia I went to, in my defence I was on a stag do and at times wasn't sure what planet I was on, let alone country.
  12. darreng1000

    Latvia, Beyond Financial Collapse

    I wonder if there are inverse ETFs I could use to short their currencies? I'd rather not enter proper fx trading, a bit too advanced for me.
  13. Latvia, Beyond Financial Collapse Currency devaluation on the cards ========================= I have seen a lot of news recently about the imminent devaluation of the Lat and there is a piece on Latvia and eastern europe economies in todays FT (front cover companies and markets), http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/dd3cf9da-509f-11...144feabdc0.html Is there a simple way of taking advantage of the imminent devaluation? Is this devaluation nearly definitely (80%+ chance) going to happen? How will it affect the economies there? Will it be a good thing or bad for these countries. I went to Latvia a year or so ago, (Talinn), I thought it was lovely. A lot of questions, but I find it interesting. Is eastern europe a pre-cursor to what will happen everywhere else?
  14. darreng1000


    I love payday, more cash into my goldmoney account for silver, although may swap it to gold soon once it gets to 50:1 I love my goldmoney account.
  15. darreng1000


    Investors Chronicle - Gold special on their daily newsletter today http://response.pure360.com/interface/exte...327132726403311