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  1. I have recently re-visited Prometheus Rising, Power Tools seems like it is similar in format. I intend to purchase Power Tools after reading your reviews on some of the circuit information, it will be interesting to have both books to refer to.
  2. I read a lot of Robert Anton Wilson books in my youth and through RAW started to explore Timothy Leary. I would say they shaped my thinking from quite early on, much praise should be bestowed on both of them, as they, in their own ways were responsible for enabling a whole generation to 'think out of the box'. Their work also acted as a catalyst for many individuals to explore, question and critically think about what was going on around them.
  3. Was in the peak district walking up Kinder Scout, last Saturday, lovely day no clouds. I would recommend a car as there are a lot of nice towns and countryside to see in the Peak District itself, you would not be far from Yorkshire either. Edale is a good walking starting point and has lots of suggestions on where to go walking. Buxton would be a good base to explore other places from...
  4. I like living here in UK and I also like going to different places in UK on holiday, granted the weather is poor this time of year, but I get the waterproofs on and get walking! Spent news years day in a beach cafe in Cornwall on holiday, they did a fab Sunday roast.
  5. STR'd in 2009. Have so far invested in gold and silver via Bullion Vault, not thinking of selling, buying dips from time to time. Working to pay for living expenses. Taking a long term view in developing my investing skills.
  6. Fantastic site Come here every day to see what is going on and for great analysis and commentary Long may it prosper
  7. Hi Dr B It's Feral not Fecal http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/style_...icons/icon9.gif
  8. Hi Dr Bubb & All Although it's my first posting, I have been a member for some time and lurked for about 2.5 yrs. I regard this site as one of the main sources of my continuing education in economics, investing, politics and wacky fringe stuff!! Your generosity in sharing information along with other fantastic posters is greatly appreciated. Personally, I do not mind bearish and a bit of doom and gloom as I have a very good BS detector and I assume that this site attempts to keep that to a minimum. The advertising is OK by me... I have learnt loads from this site and hope to contribute more (when I think it will add to a thread) Keep it up, and if it did ever go to subscriptions I would be happy to pay..