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  1. DrSolar, you greedy pig!


    What price did you pay? Presumably you coughed up 20% VAT

    Do you have to add 20% on top of the price shown at the silver-to-go website?


    My coins finally arrived today after a bit of a delay as they had run out of stock despite their website saying they were in stock before, during and after purchase! Anyway they are here now.

    Including delivery costs it worked out at £14.20 per coin delivered.

    There was no VAT to pay on delivery so the price you see on the silver-to-go website is the price you pay.

  2. QUOTE (DoctorSolar @ Oct 31 2010, 09:35 PM)

    Despite wanting house prices to fall and understanding the arguments why it should happen I'm beginning to feel pretty doubtful it will actually happen to the extent discussed on here. I just don't see it falling 20% or more from here when priced in sterling. In other currencies/commodities sure.


    Anyone care to have a wager on this?


    If I lose the bet to you I just saved even more money off a property smile.gif


    If I win the bet well I'll probably be even more upset than if I had lost!


    Lets say the other person wins if by Dec 2012 or earlier the nationwide index falls by 20% or more from here.


    Any takers? Just a modest sum of say 20-50pds or so?



    I will take you up on that at £20, just for fun. If houses dont crash by that amount it will be because the currency has. So gold will be even heigher. I believe both houses will crash and the currency, but I'm easy...


    Looks like I win the bet azazel :)

    2 years has flown by!!

  3. I bumped in to Fred (the shred) Goodwin on the street today.

    Turned the corner and there he was walking towards me. A very surreal experience.

    Felt a surge of rage and wanted to shout something at him but he ran in to this place before I could get anything coherent:


    Chartered Banker Institute 38b Drumsheugh Gardens Edinburgh EH3 7SW




    What the hell is he doing in there?! Surely this pariah should be kept well away from such places!

  4. i am sure that no one would accuse you of deliberately purchasing something you knew for a certainty to be garbage. my point is to ask whether you might share some of your valuations with us?


    Sure... Pretium Resources, Argonaut Gold, Franco Nevada, GDXJ, PSLV (when the premium to NAV is less than 5%) and few others...


    Cosigo looks a good punt here with a drill permit decision due hopefully sometime in the next few months. But then as long time holders will know we have been waiting for quite some time already so who knows!

  5. Well well, that was back when BDEV was below 90p.


    BDEV now at 150p


    Interesting looking back, isn't it? :lol:

    Yes I remember you took this comment completely the wrong way.


    As I remember you replied something along the lines of when the facts change I change my mind so I take it you didn't buy then?


    Or did you then change your mind again without telling anyone so you could come back and crow by misinterpreting my orginal post yet again?

  6. The operative word is 'pressure'. There are obviously pressures to both sides, just that I think the predominant one is deflationary. The deflation is more clearly seen when factoring in gold [as an effective monetary unit] over and above the pound. This perspective also shows deflationary pressure [depreciation against gold] on the pound. The failure to factor this in leads to distortion, from a macro perspective, when pricing the DOW in pounds. In today's environment, a pound-centric approach would be a form of money illusion... because of its focus on units instead of real monetary value.


    I am looking at the dow in dollars... the currency that I thought was meant to remain chronically strong... on that basis a dow that is just of its highs is well very high indeed.

  7. I put on a friendly wager with Azazel back in October 2010:




    If the nationwide index falls to £131,505 or lower I lose. That's a 20% drop form here.


    I think we will see nominal falls in 2012 for sure of maybe 10% or so but 20% seems a little steep. The last time that level was seen was in September-October 2003. Time will tell.

  8. remind us: what was the bet?

    Can you also post the response on the 2012 Houseprice predictions thread?


    From 31st Oct 2010:


    Lets say the other person wins if by Dec 2012 or earlier the nationwide index falls by 20% or more from here.




    Azazel took me up on the wager:


    So the nationwide index is the one we shall use.


    The October 2010 report can be found here:




    The average house price was: £164,381


    So you need the average UK house price to go below: £131,505 to win



  9. The June 2011 report can be found here:




    The average house price was: £168,205


    18 months to go on this bet. What's your thoughts on this one now?


    Hi Azazel just a quick update on our wager. With 12 months to go the average house price is £165,798.




    Looks like you need a 20% fall by the end of 2012 to cross the finishing line. Not impossible but I still fancy my chances of scooping the £20 worth of silver prize :)

  10. Now who was it that first said "As the facts change, so too does my opinion". Churchill?


    As I'm sure you would agree, we have had (and possibly are still in) a full market crash.


    So, as I said on the UK house price thread about BDEV on Friday morning...




    When there are market moves like this, I change my target prices, what do you do?


    Looking now, I think I might grab some if they get near 50p (If I have any money left from buying my favourites that is ;) ).


    Crash = Opportunities.


    Chillax JD just a friendly query :rolleyes: