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  1. 323! That’s virtually everyone isn’t it? http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/1abcced0-933f-11...?nclick_check=1
  2. ziknik

    GEI Get Together

    DrBubb, When are you next in London? We could all get together and have a few drinks like you did last time. That would be nice Is anyone else up for meeting up?
  3. It’s really difficult for me to have this debate as I the chip on my shoulder that is bigger than my head. But, this subject is important to me so I am going to try really really hard not to bait anyone in this thread. I hope the mods will allow this debate to take place on the main forum so we get maximum input. I hope everyone can be on/in ‘super careful behaviour mode’ to avoid any need for moderation or perception that moderation is required in this thread. Also, I would like to see the mods participate in this thread. I personally find it rude when moderators refuse to respond to genuine members* making genuine comments, suggestions & complaints [i’m not baiting, I’m just telling you what I think] Right, this is the subject of the thread: Given that GoM has posted his age on more than one occasion and given the average life expectancy in the UK… er… em… he’s probably going to die before his suspension ends – Sorry to put it so bluntly but it’s true (IIRC). So we are talking about a life time ban for a well know and popular member. I understand that a few people here have had disagreements with GoM. But how many of these people support a lifetime ban? Some members will remember that I blew up at GoM and I used every abusive word I could type at him (most of it got deleted). Neither of us got banned and we were able to put our differences aside. Most of the members here are very reasonable people and most members can sort out their own problems with each other. Sometimes it helps to have other well respected members step in and settle things down. I understand that some people are banned for life from this forum as they struggle for various reasons. However, I don’t believe there are many people here who would put GoM in this category. Some more questions: Who can remember why GoM was banned? Who supported the ban? Who thinks the length of the ban is justified? I’d like to think the mod(s) who banned GoM will provide a full response to the questions I have raised above (I don’t know which mods(s) done it btw). That way we can all understand why GoM was banned for life and forget about him like we’ve done with Nolo (or bolo or whatever he was called). ALL comments, answers to questions, other questions, etc are gratefully received from ALL members. * I am aware I [me] don’t exactly fit in to the ‘genuine members’ category given my 2 sockpuppets. I’m thinking more of other members.
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    UK House price forecasts for 2011

    Did you get banned? Don't reply if you are banned and then I will know (). I can't PM btw because they kindly disabled it for me.
  5. ziknik

    UK House price forecasts for 2011

    for information: Naughty Bear got a life time ban after this post. Go on G0ldfinger - call me a liar.... oh you can't because I'm telling the truth
  6. I’ve been a little surprised by both charts TBH. I could have sworn Halifax fell further than that (nominal) in GC1. And the Halifax RPI corrected lines are showing GC2 right on top of GC1, whereas Nationwide shows it differently. I didn’t have time to wade through the data last night. I will fix any errors when I get a chance and throw some dates on too. The charts on my site are live so anything directly hosted off my site will update itself if errors are found and fixed.
  7. I have a couple of new charts for my site today. They track the previous crash against the current one
  8. I could say exactly the same about the gold price. The important point is to trust whoever is creating the data and trust they will keep using the same assumptions/rules. That way we can compare over time
  9. Yes, Interest rate is taken from the BofE's lending survey. It is an average market rate for a householder taking out a new mortgage. All mortgages (IO etc), all terms and all LTV's are included. Halifax assume 70% LTV for their calc.
  10. That's exactly what they are doing right now. There's no evidence to suggest a change any time soon I think this chart shows that
  11. Mortgage repayments are more important than income multiples IMO I do have a couple of income ratio charts on my site if you want them
  12. This Uploaded with ImageShack.us [joking]
  13. No, I've only got the data from Nationwide and Halifax. The charts I produce for my own house have come from hours of printing on right move and hours of typing in to excel. I'm a bit of a house stalker really.
  14. Where do you live? I keep a really close watch on the houses (like mine) in my area so I've always got a good idea what's happening. There's only 3 houses (like mine) for sale on RM. And one of them is a total hole. It will not sell IMO. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  15. I don't have any plans to create unemployemtn charts at the mo. I'm busy ensuring what I have got works. Try DrBubbs data bank http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index....showtopic=10419 or ONS http://www.statistics.gov.uk/statbase/tsdt...s1.asp?vlnk=lms
  16. I don't know why my stupid website is dying and I can't get anyone to fix it for me I will have to put the charts my manually - hang on on edit:
  17. I reckon the bottom is* 2 years earlier in nominal terms (2009) *was?
  18. did* you mean 2011? You said "will be" and gave a past date * Do? - I'm in no position to be giving lectures on tenses
  19. I have some charts you might find useful. Give me a second while I go to my computer and work out why they're not on my website. Here's the one of the data above
  20. Nope I've been banned 5 times (3 different socks) and only once did I know* the reason for the ban AND the length of the ban. * I didn't agree with it (I thought it was harsh) It's really poor. Ask any of the member who have been banned and they will tell you similar things. Is it any wonder people come back looking for a fight?
  21. Trouble? 1. DrBubb will shout at you? or 2. This thread will attract trouble causers (me)? If 1: Tell him to shut it - I don't believe DrBubb would say owt to you If 2: There's nothing stopping me starting another thread in the main forum. Even if you banned me, I could sign up another puppet and post in the main forum so I am better off left down here in the gulag.