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  1. wtf ..$4316 on CoinMarketCap just the noo! Can only surmise you've decided to back up the truck Bubb?!
  2. Yup, Bitcoin price action too impatient to wait for Segwit lock-in either! Really kicked off in the early hours? Had a dig around the crypto gossip, seems the Mining pool behind the fork already running into security concerns. https://twitter.com/ViaBTC/status/893744282087047168 Hopefully, (though I doubt it), these Miners might learn the lesson, ..leave Bitcoin in the very capable hands of the BitCore Development team, else risk having it end up as flaky as Ethereum.. Starting to look like the next leg up underway now..
  3. Massively under whelming really, ..Before the event, the overwhelming consensus from the crypto gossip was that bitcoin's price immediately prior to the fork, would be split between the two blockchains post fork. In fact the price on the original chain seemed almost oblivious to the whole process, and in hind sight the brave folk who left their bitcoin on Exchanges that recognised the new coin such as Kraken would have had the chance to cash out when BitCoinCash was briefly over $600 lunchtime Wednesday, it's worth less than half that now! I still can't get my Bitcash confirmed onto an exchange, ...if it's possible to feel short changed after being gifted piles of free dosh, I'm managing it! ..Meanwhile the original Bitcoin looks like it's readying itself for another attempt at breaching $3000. This coming Tuesday could be the catalyst as this is when Segwit is due to lock in providing 95% of the miners continue to signal their support for it.
  4. In the process of substantially lightening up on Ether, I've swapped for BitCoin (ofcourse), LiteCoin (the irony!), NEM, PIVX, IOTA as well as a little EOS. EOS, I'm the most uncertain about, I'm convinced now of Dan Latimer's dim view on ethereum's future because I've come across it from so many other quarters. But Jeff Berwick's interview is awfully sycophantic, and doesn't even bother to ask how the EOS token will derive it's value, other than make Latimer and his backer's even richer in Ether. There's plenty of speculation on Steemit e.g. https://steemit.com/eos/@kasati/what-will-be-the-long-term-value-of-eos-tokens Can't find any comment directly from Dan the Man though and Jeff couldn't care less he's just buying whilst it's such an apparent bargain! On the other hand, technically I'm impressed with both Steemit and Bitshares, - Latimer has proved, he can design scalable applications using blockchain technology that not only work, but people will actually use. But I don't agree that Steemit for example is near finished, the front end could be a lot more polished and user friendly. Just for balance here's another Jeff Berwick interview, where he interviews a Steemit critic.
  5. If you don't control your private keys, you don't control your money, these crypto exchanges are the very last places to trust with your crypto, you want to get in, trade and get out as quickly as you can.
  6. Good luck to all Bitcoiners, hard fork looming on Tuesday. Reading the crypto gossip, this looks like a shootout between East and West for the soul of Bitcoin. If it goes well, we could be off to the races again, ..if not, then at least we'll have a dod of fresh new BitcoinCash to temper the disappointment!
  7. ByteBall are giving away 98% of their tokens to Bitcoin holders and existing byteball owners on a monthly basis. Next giveaway is tomorrow. https://byteball.org/ Byteball data is stored and ordered using directed acyclic graph rather than blockchain. This allows all users to secure each other's data by referencing earlier data units created by other users, and also avoids the scalability limits common for blockchains, such as blocksize issue. It's main marketing angle is that it allows p2p transaction rollback without reliance on third party escrow enablement. https://medium.com/byteball/making-p2p-great-again-fe9e20546a4a Anyway whether the tech interests folk or not, if you are a long term bitcoin holder, setting up a linked byteball wallet should bring in regular monthly income.
  8. Here's some comment on the Ethereum scaling effort from Coinbase https://cointelegraph.com/news/coinbase-co-founder-ethereum-needs-off-chain-scaling-solutions-to-scale From the apparent amount of woefully inefficient code already being dumped on the eth blockchain, I think these scaling targets even if somehow achieved in those timescales, are very optimistic. And this attempts to sum up the ICO carry on, awfully reminiscent of the dot.com bust, except back then at least the underlying technology was largely up to the task in hand. http://www.coindesk.com/icos-dumb-money-ethereums-ethical-dilemma/ It seems that the majority of crypto investors really have no interest in the technical aspects of what they are investing in, as I'm noticing that tokens such as Ripple, NEM, Stellar, BitShares, Byteball, all of which have been developed from scratch to be far more scaleable than Ethereum and it's many bitcoin forked peers and derivatives, yet are also being subject to the same ongoing mass sell off. The real concern though, is that if and when the Ethereum ICO bubble does really pop, Bitcoin which with it's much simpler blockchain does actually have proven (see Litecoin) scaling solutions, will nevertheless be dragged down by association.
  9. Vitalik's demise? : Fake News The yakitiyak in the crypto press, is the recent Ethereum crash was a reaction to the fake news story about young Vitalik's demise, ..storm in a tea cup then, because as soon as the young deity cheerily surfaced on social media, the crypto day traders piled right back in again ..The fact that he's been giving his blessing to every tom, dick n harry with a cobbled together white paper, to flog their good idea token for millions on the ethereum blockchain, to the point where it's now already encountering the same scaling issues that's been dogging Bitcoin, doesn't yet seem to deemed as problematic? Let's just hope he doesn't fall hopelessly in love next and decide to take a sabatical! In contrast to Ethereum, Bitcoin continues to grow it's user base beyond the speculative frenzy of the betting exchanges and again unlike Etheruem, it's scaling issues are more political rather than technical, so I'm not convinced the current Bitcoin bull run is even near over. On the 1st August the BitCoin Core development team will modify the code to free up block space, if this goes anywhere near smoothly as it did with the recent implementation on the Litecoin blockchain then we could see Bitcoin considerably outperform previous bull runs. Alternatively, if enough of the Mining pools subsequently attempt to hard folk the modified code with a larger block size, as they seem to threaten to do, then we will have two versions of the bitcoin blockchain and a situation ripe for a new bear market. ..whatever the outcome, late July/early August likely to upset the day trading crew a lot more than even Vita's state of health..
  10. https://www.coinfloor.co.uk/ https://bittylicious.com/ You can buy from either of these UK brokers Coinfloor usually the best price, but bitcoin only, and takes a bit more trouble to setup an account and get verified. You can keep your bitcoin in the coinfloor wallet associated with your account. Bittylicious is considerably simpler and quicker, you can also buy other coins through them such as Ether. You will need a desktop wallet such as Exodus. https://www.exodus.io/
  11. Yup, last time I bought some bitcoin, was back in December. I was pleased to finally be seeing some real return on my punt, but concerned that it took so much longer to arrive in my wallet than just a few months earlier. Also concerned that all the other Alt coins seemed to be dying, and that though the bitcoin market volume still seemed to be healthy, over 80% of it took place on the Chinese exchanges. When the Chinese Goverment starting threatening to impose capital controls on their internal bitcoin marketplace, I thought that might be it, but as in the past bitcoin is proving resilient, and now Japan appears to be driving the market. Came across this article earlier on, https://medium.com/@coin_and_peace/new-wave-of-japanese-investors-are-fueling-the-great-altcoin-bubble-a504383172ff Interesting and maybe some explanation why the Ripple price gone completely beserk, I agree with the author clearly bubble behaviour, but it's not so clear whether the bubble will pop in Japan or just move on elsewhere.. Anyway no time to ponder that too much, ..better top up on a little more Ether sharpish whilst it's still under £100!
  12. Previous Bull runs have seen Bitcoin rise 5 fold, so if it remains true to form it might top $6000. However there is always the possibility that this escalating scaling problem could derail the current run-up prematurely. This is not just Bitcoin's problem. The vast majority of Alt coins including Ethereum are forked from the Bitcoin codebase and so the more they grow in popularity, the sooner they will start to exhibit similar scaling difficulties. Litecoin seems to be being championed (so far successfully), as a testbed for working solutions that look to offer some limited respite from the problem. In the case of Bitcoin, which seems to have found it's niche as a store of value rather than a means of exchange, this might yet prove a viable manner in which to incrementally address scaling issues as it continues to grow in use. Ethereum though, still has high hopes of being utilised with far wider remit, but will suffer the same scaling issues very shortly. And as has been touched on in this thread, there are no shortage of proposals to address this, and all well beyond my ken, I can however grasp the jist, which is that an awful lot remains to be done. Anyway, after dabbling in Bitcoin and Litecoin in the run up to the 2013 top, I bought some more bitcoin this time last year, and wanted a little of something else, but not more Litecoin as it seemed to me to be continuing it's slide into oblivion. ( I eventually did give up on it and sold it pretty much at the bottom last November for a 60% loss). As far as I recall, at the time, Ethereum had already replaced it as the highest market cap Alt coin, but for some reason, probably as superfical as that you could get a lot more for your buck, (it was trading at $0.006 at the time), I choose Ripple. So when every major Alt coin it seemed bar Ripple of course, seriously kicked off in the New Year, I told myself just be patient, ,,patience finally snapped mid-March and joined the mad rush for some Ether. However after my Litecoin fiasco, just about managed to restrain myself from selling the Ripple in contempt. More recently, I’ve had a change of heart about Ripple and bought some more a few days ago at $0.15, that's 25 times what I paid for it a year ago. Also bought Stellar Lumens ( a Ripple fork) at $0.02. Reason being I've finally gotten round to a slightly more in depth appraisal of Ripple, and it seems the techie who headed up the initial development at Ripple labs and since gone on to found Stellar, had some sharp foresight into the scalablility issues waiting to beset the blockchain technology underlying Bitcoin and it's many forked Alts. ..The outcome of which is that while the Ethereum blockchain is currently capable of processing up to 20 transactions a second, the Ripple Distributed Ledger Technology is under advanced stage testing by a large sector of the banking industry and apparently displaying no such limitations. Right now, I’m intent on holding my Bitcoin for the foreseeable future, and whilst fingers crossed for Ethereum, it is only what has subsequently turned out to be my undue hastiness with exiting Litecoin, that is causing some hesitation right now over trading my Ether for more Ripple or Stellar.
  13. Swings and roundabouts between Litecoin and it's Auroracoin offspring. Litecoin a bit more stable at the moment, wouldn't have wanted to be too enthusiastically accruing Aurora earlier in the month!! upload an image
  14. alanjs

    ◉ The Scotcoin Project ◉

    I'll have to take your word on it, clearly though, if mining is likely to be an obvious loss maker, then some sort of artifice will have to be introduced to encourage sufficient adoption. Although, I suspect if the Scots do decide to go it alone in the autumn, that in itself may engender a collective responsibility towards the coin's successful uptake.
  15. Yes, chimes in with a common complaint on the Bit coin mining forums ...eager new industry recruit orders the latest and greatest, but after the inevitable delay in delivery, by the time they actually get it going it's a virtual antique! Perfect perpetual carrot and stick. Makes me wonder at the original motivation of the designers, - free the populace from the tyranny of the banker classes, ..but just be careful, don't get drawn into emulating your former masters, else you may well end up wishing you'd stuck with the devil you knew..