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    Dominic Frisby

    He also seems to think that Sheffield is the centre of the universe!
  2. They stay out of prison because it is a desirable area? I take it you've never walked on the heath (in reality a common) over to Greenwich Park?
  3. Fishfinger

    The Rolling NEWS Blog - for GEI readers

    So the one world global currency will be of course be gold! Bring it on - when need honest money!!
  4. I shall be doing some gardening...
  5. Perhaps they flog the family candlesticks and dinner service to pay for the honeymoon.
  6. If we are talking of a dollar hyperinflationary event then the price becomes meaningless and we should be looking at it's relative purchasing power. $1,000 oz silver means nothing with $100 big macs. From a UK perspective, $1000 oz silver could equate to £50 oz silver if it's only the dollar that's gone breasts up and the rate of exchange has adjusted accordingly.
  7. +1 Although in my case I also "caress" a few coins in the palm of my hands whilst on t'interweb instead of looking at a pile! EDIT - clarification
  8. Fishfinger

    Jim Sinclair thread (News & Views)

    $12,500 "lousy dollars" would make me a £ millionaire on my little stash. I would be more thant happy with that!
  9. Fishfinger

    A clarion call to all guerilla gardeners

    Well done! Did you get CIA backing? I believe any revolution with a colour/flower in it is trademarked by Amerika's finest.
  10. Fishfinger

    Who has been directly affected by this downturn?

    OK at the moment - the firm I work for seems to be run financially conservatively whilst maintaining a steady expansion. Have a new computer system being installed in Nov so could be P45 time but I don't care especially if the yellow stuff has more days like today! Wife's job safe as houses.
  11. Fishfinger


    In a sudden attack of pedantry, methinks it should be the "Ascent of China"...
  12. So the question is, how long has the dollar got? Troops ain't gonna be happy if a Coca Cola costs $100 a can!
  13. Fishfinger


    Surely the Great Depression of the 14th century started in 1348 when a thrid of Europe was wiped out by the plague?
  14. Fishfinger

    Jim Willie's December report

    Funnily enough just signed up yesterday! Printed it off but a lot too take in, I may paste a few excerpts time permitting. The only problem with his site is that there doesn't appear to be an optio to cancel should I wish to.
  15. Congratulations! Dr Bubb to run South East Trains!!