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  1. Maybe it's for protection. Address can be traced back to the seller ?
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    The Narco-Cabal that Runs our Planet

    http://www.corp-research.org/pfizer (excerpt): PfizerBy Philip Mattera Pfizer made itself the largest pharmaceutical company in the world in large part by purchasing its competitors. In the last dozen years it has carried out three mega-acquisitions: Warner-Lambert in 2000, Pharmacia in 2003, and Wyeth in 2009. Then, in 2015, Pfizer announced a $160 billion deal to merge with Allergan and move its headquarters to Ireland to avoid U.S. taxes but subsequently had to abandon the plan. Pfizer has also grown through aggressive marketing—a practice it pioneered back in the 1950s by purchasing unprecedented advertising spreads in medical journals. In 2009 the company had to pay a record $2.3 billion to settle federal charges that one of its subsidiaries had illegally marketed a painkiller called Bextra. Along with the questionable marketing, Pfizer has for decades been at the center of controversies over its pricing, including a price-fixing case that began in 1958.
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    Wed Jul 6 18:08:14 UTC 2016

    Yes let's pray it dosent end too badly
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    US to default on Debt - Summer 2009, or Later?

    My question was mainly regarding the u.s still defaulting on its debt But I guess the debt ceiling got raised didn't it, so it's business as usual ? I definitely think that London house prices are unsustainable. I was prepared for negative equity So such price rises came as a surprise.
  5. Crashman begins

    US to default on Debt - Summer 2009, or Later?

    Is this still due to happen ?
  6. Crashman begins

    Can Films predict the Future?

    Possibly, except in the movie there were brinks trucks under a bank in the subway, taking all the gold Whilst everyone's attention was diverted... Ohh wait ....
  7. Crashman begins

    UK House prices: News & Views

    Me & mrs crashman bought as 1st time buyers In 2011 Saw more QE on the horizon and knew prices would be stronger now. We missed the 2008 bottom of this area by months.. That's how fast it recovered. Bought at 2005/2006 prices. Still have a position in bullionwhich will be used one day to pay off Mortgage or for a buy to let ? Who knows , Bought at the bottom of a very desired wealthy area on west London .i figured If you can't beat Em join em, & let them shelter you from negative equity. Not bad for a curious 24 year old sheep who found HPC in 2004.
  8. Crashman begins

    UK House prices: News & Views

    Hayes and surrounding areas are not as wealthy due to drugs and crime, as you might think. Remember many non western familys live around Hayes and many were into buy to let very heavily in the 90's well before buy to let became a mania. They seemed to have a good understanding of fiat money And gold is part of their culture. I wonder if they swapped gold for property in the 70's etc ? I could introduce you to multiple family's who have benefited from multiple rentals and own businesses. Seeing their offspring driving around in top of the fange vehicles Is something that often left me baffled as a kid. How could the locals of a " poor area " have more wealth than many of the other upper class local areas , and further.
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    Damn.. why didnt I go in 100% Ohh well somethings better than nothing.. Wanted to make a small purchase on C.I.D and was suprised to read : Minimum Order is £200.00. Please review your order.
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    Watching now. Years ago you wouldnt see this on tv at all. Every time he says Gold I get a warm feeling inside
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    The Bank Holiday is going to be at......

    Royal wedding Tin foil hat moment ? http://www.deadline.com/2011/01/more-world...-royal-wedding/ http://news.yahoo.com/s/ac/20110130/en_ac/...wedding_his_way
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    x 2
  13. Crashman begins

    UK House price forecasts for 2011

    I now agree with what your saying Naughty Bear & I'll use my story as an example In around 2004/5 as an early twenty something year old i started reading HPC & have since manged to preplan mine & the Mrs lifestyle around the crash in advance . Downgrading to economical cars, changing to a safe job paying debts, saving around 18k for deposit & 50% in PM's (Dont want to sell the PM's) Thats nearly 7 years of thinking, planning, stress, sacrifice & blood sweat & tears etc & still not really nearer to where I wanted to be YET. So Id rather buy in 2011 in a nice area for the future future while I have that cash / options & start living with some independance. Gain some proper life skills etc If prices do crash as hard as predicted in another 5-6 years ? im thinking that I will still be able to buy a BTL at the bottom of the market using my PM's / spare cash By then I would be nearing my fourties Thats half my life waiting for a crash that hasnt really happend. Lifes short & I've got some living to catch up on again
  14. Crashman begins


    http://www.usaliveheadlines.com/2556/us-mi...al-campaign.htm US Mint record sales due to Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver Viral Campaign? Posted by Joel Mackey on November 19th, 2010 In what seems to be quite a surprise to many watching the US Mint is reporting record sales numbers of 2010 American Eagle Silver Bullion coins this November. The last record was set in May of 2010 with a sales number of 3,636,500. This November the United States Mint under the authority of the U.S. Department of the Treasury has sold over 3,775,000 1 ounce Silver American Eagle coins Recently Max Keiser launched a YouTube & national TV viral campaign to force a crash of JP Morgan by encouraging Americans to buy silver in the physical form. Max Keiser stated in his official video launching the viral campaign: All you have to do is buy one silver coin, maybe two silver coins and demand physical delivery of that silver thus forcing JP Morgan and these other financial terrorists to have to cover their negative bets and put a company like JP Morgan in bankruptcy. There is no way JP Morgan can cover their liabilites if we all buy one silver coin and demand physical delivery. Put JP Morgan a financial terrorist out of business, Buy Silver. Whether people are listening to the advice of Max Keiser or whether they are scared to death of the current state of the economy remains to be seen. No matter how you look at it, Silver sales are up and the price of silver is still climbing. According to Kitco.com the 24 Hour Spot Price of silver is $27.35 an ounce. Have you bought your silver yet? It’s time to stock up for family Christmas gifts and to invest and protect your money. 2010 Silver Sales Totals (in ounces / number of coins) Month One ( oz. / #coins ) January 3,592,500 February 2,050,000 March 3,381,000 April 2,507,500 May 3,636,500 June 3,001,000 July 2,981,000 August 2,451,000 September 1,880,000 October 3,150,000 November 3,775,000 Total 32,405,500
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    A double dead cat bounce in Gold / Silver.. Nah, these cats have life in em yet