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  1. Whats going on? I still cant access anything.... Anyone? Sorted.
  2. The short answer is 'no'. This is a very shyte area, thats why it needs regeneration. The housing stock in the area is predominantly old edwardian 2/3 bed terraces and, as the area has been traditionally poor, much of it is in a very poor state. Investing in an area on the basis of a one-off show in 2012 and a few sandwich-bars with aluminum shelves is a dumb idea. A train station is useful, granted, but this is a poor and low-lying area. There is so much spare land here that they have to build an olympic village and stadium just to fill it. Lessons from Melbourne and Beijing have not been learned - arent they demolishing some of the Bejing buildings because they cant get anyone to use them? Stratford will be developed on a shoe-string, hyped with billions and will return to its natural state by 2013.
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  4. Like I said - its lucky we arent facing an energy crisis. If we were I'd interpret this as spin and not just an unfortunate accident. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/6117880.stm It'd be like those fluke almost simultaneous power blackouts in London, the US and Europe in 2003. Testing, testing....do my emergency procedures work without mainstream power? How does it affect the movement and the distribution of emergency cover....on a weekday....in a city. Anyone in Northants caught up in this? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/northam...ire/6118400.stm
  5. needle

    Carbon Emissions Trading

    That hardly seems like a market to me - you cant get in unless youre already in. I am aware that several markets exist but what exactly are they trading if everyone only has 90% of their requirements - surely nothing is for sale? This is my point - if I decide to plant a load of trees, surely I should be able to claim the certificates and sell them to large oil companies? I cannot figure out how this is done. Nobody in the govt depts I've contacted knows anything about it either.... Good point Dom - but again I doubt Shell have a tree planting dept. If I have land for a million trees, how do I get the credits for doing so? Thanks to those above who've replied but again, if anyone could even point me in the direction where I might find the information (or even begin to fruitfully look for it), I'd be grateful.
  6. Howdy all, I have been wading through this for a few months now and I actually feel I know less now than I did at the beginning. When the market began industries were allocated carbon allowances. At year end they could use these allowances to offset against any excess carbon emissions they had accrued. If they had any spare allowances (ie their carbon output was below their allocated allowance) they could then sell the excess on the open market. What I am trying to figure out is - how do you 'create' Emissions Trading Certificates. If I start a business called, say, "Carbon Waste" which captures and somehow disposes of carbon I would then be in a position to 'claim' allowances on the carbon I have taken out of the system. These allowances could then be sold on the open market to companies that had excess emissions. However, for the life of me, I cannot find any business or legislative information about where, when or how I could claim these allowances. Trying to get information from the govt results in the usual 'thats the responsibility of the Department For...[something else]...please call this number....' Does anyone know anything about this phantom scheme? Any help, links, advice or opinions appreciated
  7. Cracking reply BP - really explains things to a noob like me. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. The 'margin call' element of the deal puts a whole different gloss on things. Essentially, I can get 'called' at any point between now and 2012 if the price drops a lot, or the broker just needs some cash.... not a position that I could reasonably take at the moment. Nonetheless - seems like a cracking offer.....maybe next time.
  8. How do you go about buying into it? Nice simple explanation please - I have no investment experience - but this? Please explain how I can take this up.
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    GHPC Thread

    still not up...
  10. Perhaps not.... (posted on another gold thread but worth a read) http://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/main.jhtm...ldselloff05.xml
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    Gold: the Bull's thread

    Ohh another theory - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/main.jhtm...ldselloff05.xml
  12. I'd prefer the BBC to 'control' the internet than have BSkyB or some other right-wing foreign corporation at the helm.
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    What Do Our Leaders Want Less?

    Lets not fall into that trap. Oil is still above 2004 prices and way above 2000 prices. Oil is cheaper, but its not cheap.
  14. needle

    New York Times on Wind Power

    What people are overlooking here is the key strategic element of wind and solar - distributed generation. You can attack an enemy and destroy a nuclear power station, thus plunging a city into darkness. With wind or solar, its almost impossible to destroy as generation is distributed. As Bubb pointed out, the key will be storing the energy produced at peak times.
  15. As I understand it, the algae has to actually submerged in water. The pictures I've seen show algae growing in long tubes at an angle of about 45 degrees. So using John Does calculations of about 5 million acres it looks a little more difficult. Where would the water be found to submerge 5m acres of arable farmland (why?) near to the equator? How would it get there and how would it be retained? This, in my very uneducated opinion, would seem to require the biggest engineering project in the world. Anywhere. Ever. It would take decades to plan and build, not to mention the huge amounts of energy consumed in the undertaking. I'm not discounting it, in theory its a win-win solution. But in practice...