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    true - but they would be mad to do so.
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    the thing is, cyprus only has 13.9 tonnes of gold - not a great deal considering the massive falls. Some good stuff on kingworldnews - apparently 155 tonnes of paper gold was sold in one hour in london, and central banks bought up 55 tonnes of physical - as far as i understand. something massive is happening, something i don't understand.
  3. aardvark


    god knows! something big must be happening behind the scenes but its incredible that gold/silver can fall so low and nobody knows why!
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    wow, just wow.
  5. aardvark


    scary to see my investment drop so fast and so much but staying the course as above. Its a rigged market based on paper - i don't hold paper.
  6. aardvark


    i agree, they physical supply just isn't there. The maguire comments are very interesting.
  7. aardvark


    such a huge drop in gold for no particular reason is highly suspicious. i wonder what is going on in the background.
  8. lol, sorry but even basic chemistry will tell you this is nonsense.
  9. i would comment on this but adcott is doing a great job - keep it up. and molten aluminium being silvery grey - lol.
  10. lol what - gold chloride price is based on the gold content. its not particularly difficult to get the gold out of gold chloride.
  11. aardvark

    Trillion dollar coin

    are they seriously thinking of doing this?? its insane but it looks like they are!
  12. or maybe i don't suffer from paranoid delusions, desperately trying to find patterns where none exist??
  13. this is one of the most moronic things i've ever read!
  14. i agree - not everything is a conspiracy - terrible things happen to normal people, thats just life. a lot of the time no one is to blame. sometimes its just one guy with mental problems who snapped. on rare occasions there may be a group of people behind the scenes trying to manipulate things but history and experience says this really doesn't happen that often (and when it does its found out after a relatively short period) - because when you get right down to it human beings are flawed, stupid, irrational and make mistakes. thats what annoys me about these conspiracy theories - people are not clever or organised enough to keep it secret for very long, and the bigger the secret, the less it takes to blow the whole thing apart. i understand why people believe this sort of stuff, its psychology 101 - when you are young its your parents who seem to know everything, have total control over everything, but then you grow up and realise they are just people, as flawed as everybody else. but people like to hold on to that feeling, either through a god or a belief that there are still parental figures out there in control. It is actually reassuring to believe someone is in control, even if they are doing it for evil purposes - its about feeling safe. the problem is its all an illusion - we are all as insecure and scared as each other and are just trying to make the best of a complicated life - and that is a scary thing to believe, that there is nobody in control, nobody that can control events and that we are all playing by ear.