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  1. Kraken will pair ETH/GBP. Smaller market though...
  2. bazmercer

    Sunkar Resources SKR

    Detailed Feasability Study released DETAILED FEASIBILITY STUDY Sunkar (AIM: SKR) is pleased to announce that the Detailed Feasibility Study (the "Study") on its Chilisai Phosphate Project (the "Project"), compiled by SNC-Lavalin International, Inc. ("SNC-Lavalin"), has been completed. This is expected to form the foundation for a prospective project financing arrangement in due course. SNC-Lavalin believes that the Study is within a level of accuracy of +/-15% in respect of capital expenditure and operating costs. HIGHLIGHTS Project economics -- An estimated Project Internal Rate of Return ("IRR") of 14.1% after tax and 17.2% before tax, on a 100% equity financed basis. -- When discounted at 10%, the Net Present Value ("NPV") of the Project is estimated to be US$715.2m (after tax) on a 100% equity financed basis. -- Estimated EBITDA of US$278m per annum in 2017 and US$533m per annum by 2025. -- Total revenue over the life of the Project is estimated at approximately US$22.3bn. -- Nominal cash cost of DAP production is estimated at US$195 per metric tonne in 2017 and at US$232 per metric tonne in 2025. -- Nominal cash cost of MAP production is estimated at US$171 per metric tonne in 2017 and at US$219 per metric tonne in 2025. Capital costs -- Estimated total construction cost for both phases of the Project (including initial plant and final plant) of approximately US$1.94bn (escalated). -- Includes US$889.7m on Equipment & Material Supply, US$749.2m on Site Works, US$297.6m on Engineering and US$5.6m on Pre-Commercialisation ramp-up costs. Serik Utegen, Chief Executive of Sunkar, commented: "The Study outlines robust economics for this major Project with attractive IRRs, drawing on Chilisai's natural advantages of low cost mining, proximity to sulphur and well established regional infrastructure, as well as attainable markets both locally in Kazakhstan and internationally to Western China and through Black Sea ports. The Study has identified no major technical hurdles with the Chilisai Project and we currently anticipate announcing the award of the basic engineering contract in the second half of this year, leading to Stage I production by the last quarter of 2016." The Executive Summary from SNC-Lavalin's Study will shortly be made available to download from the Company's website at www.sunkarresources.com. As in all aspects of mining evaluation, there are uncertainties inherent in the interpretation of geological and technical data and economic factors. All conclusions and recommendations by SNC-Lavalin and the other consultants cited in the Study represent only their informed professional judgements.
  3. The problem with groupon is that it's easily replicated. I suspect it won't be long before google integrate the idea into adwords. They already have a "coupon" idea.
  4. Yup, looking very nice at the moment. Nice divi, nice rise. Glad I got in around $1. Though I imagine that's a lot higher than your initial buy!
  5. from 38 to 28 and still a pe of over 90...
  6. bazmercer

    Africa : The quiet emergence

    A hot place for oil and gas discoveries at the moment too.
  7. bazmercer

    Sunkar Resources SKR

    Well, after returning from suspension we have some positive news at last... About $850,000 for that. Hopefully these sales will see longer term offtake arrangements with the company. Assuming it is MMU that was mentioned in previous RNSes that bought the rock. You still in Burbelly?
  8. bazmercer

    Emergency (Real) Money for Travellers

    I took a tube of silver maples from Dublin through airport security in my hand luggage. They stopped me as I guess it looked a little odd on the scanner. I showed them what they were and they let me through no problem.
  9. Hi, My brother lives in Germany with a UK account so I've done this a few times! Just write your account number and sort code on the back of the cheque and give it your friends. They can take it to your uk bank and just ask to pay it into the account written on the back. Job done. You don't need to sign it. Anyone can pay a cheque into an account, I've done it multiple times and had it done for me too when I'm too lazy No reason you can't post it either. Like I said, I write the account number and sort code it's going into on the back just incase it does get lost. At least that way if its found hopefully they know its destination. Good luck!
  10. bazmercer

    iPhone Thread (for Android fans too)

    [Jackson was long AAPL at time of writing.] I think saying one app is a "google killer" is a little bit over the top... It's just an application. Google has had voice search for quite some time and there are already a number of competing siri apps out there. They are probably not as advanced as siri. "iris" is one (yes, siri backwords) example of the competition. I've never really been bothered about voice search. To me it's the searching equivalent of putting calls on speakerphone for no reason... Maybe it will be the "killer app", at the moment it just strikes me as a novelty to show your mates down the pub, whilst annoying everyone else in earshot. Incidentally, apple didn't write siri and prior to their buyout they were working on an android version. I doubt that will appear now!
  11. bazmercer


    http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2011/nov/01/india-thorium-nuclear-plant "India plans 'safer' nuclear plant powered by thorium"
  12. bazmercer

    The lazy investor

    Out of interest, which ones did you go for?
  13. bazmercer

    Sunkar Resources SKR

    I feel sick
  14. bazmercer


    "Banks tap emergency BoE funds for first time in 2 years" http://uk.news.yahoo.com/banks-tap-emergency-boe-funds-first-time-2-103322928.html
  15. bazmercer

    False flag targets in the UK this summer

    That's definitely a "false flag", the union jack doesn't look like that, without the star of david.