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  1. creditcrunch

    BITCOINS : General Discussions (combined)

    IMF? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-13740591
  2. creditcrunch

    BITCOINS : General Discussions (combined)

    Hmm, because its first and unique. Why do people use skype, not alternatives? What about a new twitter? You could then take the example of myspace v facebook... myspace was first but facebook was more successful. I think past a critical mass, nothing else can compete.
  3. creditcrunch

    BITCOINS : General Discussions (combined)

    I wanted instant impulse spending so created a second life account, then used https://www.virwox.com/ GBP-> Lindens -> BTC limited deposit via paypal... well enough to buy a seat at the BTC table. I did't like the idea of waitin 3 days to clear funds with britcoin.
  4. creditcrunch

    BITCOINS : General Discussions (combined)

    It's a harmless punt, why not buy a couple? Problem is... if it does become a threat, as in the majority of people use bitcoin, random raids will take place at peoples houses and under a "Section 49"., This "Section 49" notice requires UK citizens have to either make decryption keys available or put the data in an intelligible form for authorities. ... these bitcoins are keys, although they don't encrypt data, they may insist on the "make decryption keys (Bitcoin) available" Interesting, and dangerous times. For now, I have added, " Your support is appreciated, BTC Donation accepted @ 1Kb2KvkZjyd6P2831hreusKMGAEZqSD1GS " to my website, I think in the e-service provider arena, webservers, domain names, it might have some legs. I find bitcoin interesting as it takes "Game World" currency, and though clever maths, adds some real world credibility... as it you do not need to buy WoW, or play other online games to take part in the currency. I will be keeping a close eye on developments, I have bought a handful, if there is something in it, they will appreciate to the point where my original investment is returned, and I can buy a mining rig. ----------------------------- If you like this post please make me happy @ 1Kb2KvkZjyd6P2831hreusKMGAEZqSD1GS
  5. creditcrunch

    BITCOINS : General Discussions (combined)

    Last year 1BTC = $0.06 !!!! I've bought a few this week, damn.... could this be the modern day tulip mania? Anyway, I'm at 177NA3a7s6PftxgnyWUSug4qGE5pCBaytR
  6. creditcrunch

    GEI is back

    Website back up. DNS error on new server. Im not ever present. . Sorry. Hosting company sorry, will move to new node. Enjoy! Cc By the way, check out our cafe press shop for branded summer wear.
  7. creditcrunch

    GEI is back

    I think you mean cylinder. Yea, those questions are random and not always about cylinders, or spheres. As anti spam bot and human spam bot deterrent it works very well, and we have had new members joining through this process. Hmmm hotmail is not a banned email, I'll look in to that. The capture service recapture does a great service of human OCR, converting scans of books in to electronic copies, google them it's a great idea, you do Sometimes get a run of bad unreadable words though. The 1 cent payment enables us to oversee 1 user account per real world person - you may be familiar with the abuse the creditcrunch.co.uk forum was under. We had to Take these measures and it has calmed the place down a lot, and I don't think it deters anyone who is serious about joining. I recommend drbubb take these measures for a start, I'll recommend some other things we had to do when the above is implemented. Thank you for jumping through the hoops.
  8. creditcrunch

    Fukushima I: four reactors in trouble.

    10-12cpm is normal on the ground. Live geiger counter Tokyo. This is a link I found on zerohedge, and can not verify if genuine... 11.5 cpm at the moment Streaming Software 10-12cpm is normal on the ground. To put things in perspective, while in flight we are normally exposed to about 400cpm. Above graph and more information on natural levels of radiation can be found at http://www.blackcatsystems.com/science/radiation.html Here is another link to a second counter, the timer on both should be over 11hours. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/%E3%82%AC%E3%82%A4%E3%82%AC%E3%83%BC%E3%82%AB%E3%82%A6%E3%83%B3%E3%82%BF
  9. creditcrunch

    REBOOT COMING ! Please Back-up essentials

    Look at all the available anti-spam apps available for your new board. Go to this page, http://community.invisionpower.com/files/ search for "spam" Validating against the STOP FORUM SPAM database is a start.
  10. creditcrunch

    REBOOT COMING ! Please Back-up essentials

    One more thing DrBubb, there is an in built advert management system. You do not need to edit the template to add adverts, first post, side and header adverts are supported. Of course, you can still edit the banner to add your own code.
  11. Testing the new social network capabilities of GEI.

  12. creditcrunch

    REBOOT COMING ! Please Back-up essentials

    Its much easier to do in this version, go to look and feel, and html templates for the web version (not iphone version), select global template, you will see where you can change the html. We can now also browse your site from smart phones, great look!
  13. creditcrunch

    REBOOT COMING ! Please Back-up essentials

    Have to say, very nice new look! The quote problem is fixed once you re-cache all your content. You can do this from the recount and rebuild area of you admin section. Edit: recount and rebuild everything you see on the check list! Now get yourself over to the IPB store and get some spam busting software, and multi-ID detectors.
  14. creditcrunch


    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-13...-past-year.html How do theifs make it profitable, 1 ton for £6,800... how do you carry that about? And if you turn up to a scrap metal dealer, with an underground cable... shouldn't there be systems in place? Still, eh, 41% rise in past 12 months. Should really get it when it's dirt cheap.
  15. Dr Bubb, You have an established site here, which means people do want to join and take part in your community. You may be aware of the major spam problems my site has had, I have experimented with an advanced user registration process, to stop bots and to deter further captcha smart bots I started experimenting with a paypal validation fee of 1 penny. Since starting this, over the past week, I have had 7 new papal payments. I think this is the future for online forums, considering the astroturfing and spam problems. You must update your forum first though. And back up, back all this great information up.