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  1. Wow, that George Carlin speech was brilliant. So much truth about the language in use today (although it was given during the Clinton administration and delivered in a such a flowing and funny way. Great stuff. Thanks for posting it.
  2. This from Chris Weber. Barrick Gold, (ABX) at Monday's close had not been so low since 1989: over a quarter-century ago. Many others hadn't been so low since 2002: Kinross is just one example. The several royalty companies have held up better than the miners. But even great news for some miners has been ignored lately. Look at this news for New Gold, (NGD or NGD.TO), that came out on last "Bloody Monday": http://finance.yahoo.com/news/gold-further-enhances-financial-flexibility-120000955.html
  3. I seem to recall that GF said in the past that he was doing some work for a hedge fund, hopefully there is a simple answer for his absence such as he isn't allowed to publish any of his work while this is going on ? Anyway I wish him all the best and offer my sincere thanks for helping educate so many of us. GF if you get to read this thread ........ I thank you Sir !!
  4. Sadly GF's gold.approximity site seems to have gone. If anyone has info on how to find those great charts please let me know. The wayback machine seems to be of little help.
  5. I'd be careful. Why would this company be willing to pay investors 10%. If they are credit worthy they can finance through a bank at about 2% over base rate. If they deal with a bank for financing they don't have the headache of dealing with a load of investors, just the annual loan review with their bank if all is going well. In short this seems a complicated way of raising funds for a credit worthy company who have a freehold(?) Asset. If they can't raise the funds through a bank the risk your taking on will be higher than I'd be happy with.
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    GF great to see you posting ! Yes silver is looking good. Best regards AB
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    Thanks for that reply notanewmember AB
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    *********************** "They are legal tender, contain fine silver.... they are VAT free." Do you have something to back up the VAT free statement as silver Britannia's have VAT charged on them by dealers and they also have a sterling face value. Thanks AB
  9. Just finished Life After The State audio version. Dominic has done a brilliant job, well researched and well presented and persuasive. Made a complicated subject very understandable and as easy going as it could be. Lots of brilliant examples to well illustrate his points from the history of Glasgow, Cuban prostitution, midwifery and a thriving slum economy to name just a few. I know I'll listen to it again some time soon. Dominic you should feel justly proud !!
  10. Thanks Carlton, great that you were at the event. I'll read your thoughts with interest.
  11. The Cyprus bank account raid if it goes through would leave everyone with a deposit in a bank feeling very nervious. If I had a deposit there, first thing Tuesday morning I'd be making arrangements to empty the account in case they try the same trick a second time. But where to move your deposit to? This is looking good for physical gold. I'm also getting confused at the line between taxation and outright theft.
  12. R H What is your thinking behind choosing 40 as a buy point, do you have a sell target?
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    GOldfinger great to see you post again! As always great charts. Thank you.
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    That picture has made me think! In some ways the house looks good to my eyes, but in others not so........ Maybe because I was brought up in a area in London with that style of building it lacks ' depth ' to my eyes. It just feels two dimensional, the building lacks something..... The proportions of the windows are good like you say. But to me it has the feel of a pastiche. Getting to your point about charts, like the house picture, if they don't 'feel' natural on viewing I tend not to trust them whatever scale is used. Not sure that this will make sence to you guys...... : ( Thanks Sledge your post has helped my thinking.
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    Marc Faber’s thread

    Lots of up to date info from Marc Faber here. http://marcfaberblog.blogspot.co.uk/