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  1. May your God bless you as well cmj. I have no God so proxy use of someone else’s is good enough for me Nor do I believe, if such do currently exist, in ability of the Illuminati, NWO, Lizard Men, etc to control world events, I find it more logical that people find it easier to blame others for their misfortune rather than taking the error on themselves, gaining understanding and moving on. I still lurk occasionally but this site is more fringe than financial reality rarely post.
  2. JD & Wisebear, I saw this and thought that it would give you a
  3. I have not only read the article I have also read many others, one of the first I ever read back in 70’s was Daniken’s ‘Gods from Outer Space’, it got me interested in many things. I found out later that it like most of this type of material was based on a few facts surround by unsubstantiated ‘what ifs’, misdirection’s and outright lies that the author had to be aware of in order to write the book or article. Your assumption – I haven’t read the material – Wrong Your assumption – I know nothing of the subject – Wrong Your belief that I am not advancing the discussion on the thread – Wrong, it’s just not what you wish to hear My advancement to the thread is not about the points in the article but about points in the thread brought up by WiseBear on the article being ‘Total rubbish’ and JD’s on scientific and philosophical theories. It advances these points but not yours, it is detrimental to your belief in the validity of the article and so you deride it. You have always asked for lurkers to be more active and that posters than have gone away to return and tell you why. I did and I have, you disliked it with venom and responded to polite thread conversation with hostility. What’s next, if posters do not follow your belief then they get banned like the anti-gold believers did in HPC.
  4. The rational of my argument is that of your failure to both understand and then apply the basic logical test of hypothesise, test, record, evaluate, re-hypothesise...you missed the salient point that I made. You fail to do to the scientific what you do in the finance instinctively, hypothesise, test, record, evaluate, rinse, wash, repeat... Instead you stated that I sprout negativity, and indirectly that I have a barrier to my thinking and I am prejudiced. Yet at no time did you ask had I read the article, had I read others in the Fringe section. You did not seem to apply thought, you seemed to instinctively react. When I challenged you what you immediately did was to personally attack, just as people do when their belief is directly challenged.
  5. I have been in engineering and science about as long as you have been in finance. You are ahead in finance and as I said in my previously post 'I have learned from you' but you have a very long way to go in engineering and science.
  6. You would be wasting your time WiseBear, they cannot understand the difference between a scientific theory and a philosophical theory, empirical data or logic means nothing to them and they just create another philosophical idea to ameliorate the empirical or logical, that philosophical idea then becomes a truth to them. You are arguing against belief. This dogmatic following of belief is the reason that I rarely post here. I lurk occasionally for the few financial posts that remain, picking up the odd tip and occasionally dipping in the posts on current affairs. Originally like others I came from HPC following Bubb, CG, GF, etc to get a better understanding of finance, its implications and how I should protect myself financially. I learnt how to begin to do that on this site and I thank all for that education. It’s Bubb’s site, it’s his playground and if he wants to turn it into a conspiracy site because that is his religion then so be it and those that are here for finance will continue to drift away.
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    It is a personal import so up to the money laundering limit is not a problem. I always try to bring something back from whatever trip I take with silver though weight quickly becomes an issue on airplanes so I generally only bring it back when I travel by train or car.
  8. id5


    I am not aware that the British yacht crew fought the any Somali pirates with iron bars, stones. Are you trying to suggesting that the F-16 pilots hang out the window and drop stones on to the anti-aircraft weapons that Hamas possess?
  9. id5


    So if there is justification then that is OK. I have gold so it is OK to rob me.
  10. And how long I wonder until similar articles appear such as “Those dastardly Chinese, we must get the unfairly hoarded materials back, at any cost, even lives if necessary” or “If they never brought our bonds in the first place we wouldn’t be in this mess”, not very far to stretch is it.
  11. http://www.lloydsbankinggroup.com/media1/r...halifax_hpi.asp Bottom of the page choose 'Historical House Price Data'
  12. id5

    OIL DISASTER: Worse than we are Being Told?

    Hmmm...I better remember not to over pressurise my 3,000 psi aluminium scuba tank then
  13. id5

    Our coming Agrarian society

    The power of family, a strange force, after 21 years of being together, I still would rather be poorer off than be without them. I could not do what these ‘storks’ do but they are making sure that their progeny live or do they have cuckoos in the nest But if the future is really to be agrarian or even if there is depression then I suspect that they will have to fly home as I think that the first things that will get protected by all countries would be jobs and productive land.
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    Hitting people armed with guns with iron bars is not the brightest move. If they did not want to be a martyr then some are obvious candidates for a Darwin award.
  15. id5

    Our coming Agrarian society

    Somehow I don't think the missus will go for it