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  1. Class Action Lawsuit against Precious Metal manipulation If you have suffered losses or damages due to gold and silver manipulation please read carefully below. I personally have invested in two silver mining companies in Australia that have gone into administration due to low silver prices. Dear Mr ......... Thank you for your enquiry about pursuing a claim in relation to the manipulation of gold/silver markets. I would like to explain how this firm proposes to go about investigating and then commencing a potential class action or actions seeking redress for those participants in the gold and silver markets who may have suffered loss and damage as a result of the improper manipulation of the market prices for gold and silver by the financial institutions that participated in the London Gold Fixing and the London Silver Fixing over the course of a lengthy period until 2014. Summary of proposed class action(s) Based on documents in the public domain to which I refer below, I consider that there are good grounds to believe that members of six well-known financial services groups combined together to manipulate the outcome of the London Gold Fixing between about 2004 and 2014 and that members of four of those groups combined to manipulate the outcome of the London Silver Fixing between about 1999 and 2014. The effect of this was to create false market prices, in particular by artificially depressing prices after the 3pm (London time) Gold Price Fixing and to increase bid-offer spreads in physical gold, physical silver and their respective derivative instruments. The relevant institutions did this to increase their profits from their own activities in these markets at the expense of other market participants who have therefore suffered loss and damage, probably running into hundreds of millions of pounds in aggregate. If it can be established that these financial institutions participated in price fixing then we consider that there can be little doubt that they have breached section 2 of the Competition Act 1998 and are liable to pay damages to any other market participant that suffered loss and damage as a result. Market participants who have suffered loss and damage are entitled to claim damages in proceedings in the Competition Appeal Tribunal (“CAT”) in a class action pursued either on an ‘opt-out’ or an ‘opt-in’ basis. 1. Introduction to Leon Kaye Solicitors The firm was established in 1974 and since the mid-1990s we have developed particular experience and expertise in the specialised field of class action litigation, specifically in relation to investments/collective investments. Our major class action cases include claims in respect of Business Expansion Schemes, Resort Hotels, Equitable Life, RBS’s 2008 Rights Issue and Split Capital Investment Trusts. On behalf of clients we have established two important court rulings which are fundamental to the ability of class action claimants to participate in such claims on a reasonable risk/reward basis. Leon Kaye has been working closely with ‘Own Bullion’ who are community for the mining and metals industry. 2. Gold and silver price manipulation – the facts as we currently understand them It has long time been rumoured in the market that prices have been consistently manipulated by the major financial institutions via the London Gold Fixing and the London Silver Fixing. Until recently, this view was based on anecdotal evidence and the frequency of significant market price changes which could not be objectively explained in any other way. However, in recent months evidence has emerged which suggests that the market prices of both gold and silver have been consistently manipulated in the London Gold Fixing and the London Silver Fixing. We summarise part of that evidence below. Deutsche Bank settled class actions in New York On 13 and 14 April 2016 it was publicly announced that Deutsche Bank had agreed to settle two claims against it in the New York court that it had conspired with other financial institutions to fix gold and silver prices at the expense of investors. The agreed terms in relation to the Gold and Silver market have now been made public and settlements of $60 million and $38 million, respectively, have been agreed with between Deutsche Bank and the Claimant investors. Deutsche Bank have also agreed to provide documents and information to assist the investors to pursue claims against the other conspirators. The other alleged conspirators were named as Bank of Nova Scotia, Barclays, HSBC, Société Général and UBS in the case of the gold market claim and Scotia Bank (part of the Bank of Nova Scotia group), HSBC and UBS in the silver market claim. In particular Barclays Bank were fined £26 million in May 2014 over gold price fixing. The formal Complaint of the claimants in the gold market case in the New York court relies on extensive statistical work which appears to show that the relevant institutions consistently artificially suppressed the price of gold at the 3pm (London time) daily Gold Price Fixing. The claimants in that case are market participants who sold gold and gold derivatives following the afternoon fix and therefore claim to have received artificially low prices. We have not been able to locate the equivalent Complaint in the silver market case. Further to these revelations above, documentation recently filed by plaintiffs in New York in December 2016 revealed possible collusion by traders to ‘push’, ‘smack’ and ‘whack’ gold prices suggesting activity was not just limited to the London fix. We can also advise that JP Morgan are back in Court in the USA in connection to silver manipulation. Class actions in Ontario, Canada On 18 December 2015, a class action was commenced in the Superior Court of Ontario, Canada on behalf of all person or entities in Canada who between 1 January 2004 and 16 March 2014 transacted in the gold market (i.e. for physical gold or derivatives) claiming compensatory damages limited to $1 billion arising from the manipulation of the London Gold Fixing during that period by the six institutions we have identified above. A detailed Statement of Claim was filed on 15 January 2016. On 15 April 2015 a further class action was commenced in the Superior Court of Ontario, Canada on behalf of all person or entities in Canada who between 1 January 1999 and 14 August 2014 transacted in the silver market (i.e. for physical silver or derivatives) claiming compensatory damages limited to $1 billion arising from the manipulation of the London Silver Fixing during that period by the four institutions we have identified above. It is the above developments, which lead us to conclude that there are good grounds to believe certain that the financial institutions combined together to manipulate gold and silver prices via the London Fixings. 3. Next steps – further investigation, litigation funding and seed funding In our view, the matters we have summarised in section 2 above provide a sufficient basis for sending formal Claim Letters to the relevant financial institutions on behalf of any market participants who instruct us to do so. In order to commence proceedings thereafter we would need to establish: 1. A reasonably arguable independent basis for alleging that the financial institutions have combined together to manipulate gold and silver prices. 2. If possible, whether the grounds of complaint in relation to the gold market are confined to the artificial suppression of prices after the 3pm (London time) Gold Price Fixing and whether the grounds of complaint in relation to the silver market are similarly confined. 3. A basis for identifying and calculating the damage suffered by individual market participants. For this purpose we would need to identify one or more market experts to assist in the formulation of the claim. We have obtained initial advice from counsel at our own expense which supports the approach we have outlined above, but further, more extensive advice will be required as the matter progresses. This firm will also require payment for its work on the claim. As the total costs will undoubtedly be very substantial, we do not consider that a class action would be viable without external funding from a funder that was prepared to fund the preparation and pursuit of the claim in return for a share of any eventual damages. We would also need to obtain after the event litigation insurance to indemnify the claimants against any liability for the defendants’ costs. In our experience litigation funders will require to see a fully worked up business case before funding any claim, including an assessment of the potential damages on which their fee would be based. We are not aware that any other lawyers are contemplating such proceedings in this country. Based on what you have told us, we would ask you to make a payment based on the scale below to enable us to fund the steps we have outlined above:- Value of Investment Contribution Below £250,000.00 £250.00 £250,000.00 - £500,000.00 £500.00 £500,000.00 - £750,000.00 £1,000.00 £750,000.00 - £1,000,000.00 £1,250.00 £1,000,000.00 - £5,000.000.00 £2,500.00 £5,000,000.00 - £10,000.000.00 £7,500.00 £10,000,000.00 + £10,000.00 On an individual basis this is a nominal sum but with sufficient contributors, it should produce a sizeable fund to enable us to carry out initial investigations and approach funders with a worked up business case. Given the small size of the individual contributions and the need to expend them on an exercise which is not guaranteed of success, the contributions would have to be made on the basis that they are non-returnable. However, in the event that we are unable to commence proceedings for any reason, we will refund any unused balance of contributions to contributing claimants on a pro rata basis. I enclose a basic information sheet to be completed by interested potential claimants which also includes details of how to make payment of your contribution. This should be completed and either posted to us at: Leon Kaye Solicitors 591-593 King’s Road London SW6 2EH Or emailed to: kayel@leonkaye.co.uk Please send your initial payment to: Leon Kaye Solicitors Client Account Details Name: Leon Kaye Solicitors Sort Code: 50-21-01 Account Number: 22206019 Branch: NatWest Clapham Junction Branch 66-68 St John's Road Clapham Junction London SW11 1PB BIC: NWBK GB 2L IBAN: GB51 NWBK 5021 0122 2060 19 REF: INITIAL(S) AND SURNAME AS REFERENCE E.G. “JB SMITH” Or telephone our accounts department to make a credit card payment. Please note that payments by card will attract an additional charge payable to the card provider which we will ask you to pay by bank transfer. I also attach my firm’s terms of business for your approval. Your reply to this email and receipt of payment will be deemed as your acceptance to these terms. I trust the above gives sufficient information for your purposes but please let me know if I can provide anything further. Regards Sunil Patel Solicitor Leon Kaye Solicitors 591-593, Kings Road, Fulham, London SW6 2EH Tel. 020 7228 2020 or 0207 228 6484 Also at 45 Pont Street, Knightsbridge. London SW3 OBD Tel. 020 7228 2020 or 020 7095 0930 Fax. 020 7228 6484 or 020 7095 0948 DX 161360 Chelsea 4 www.leonkaye.co.uk
  2. Cool http://www.nzmint.com/starwars
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  4. ◄$$$ GERMAN GOLD BULLION IS SAFELY STORED IN GERMANY. THE FLOATING STORY IS PURE RUBBISH. LISTEN TO RICKARDS ON MONETARY MATTERS AND FINANCIAL ANALYSIS, BUT IGNORE HIS GARBAGE CLAIMS ABOUT GOLD MANAGEMENT. HE WAS A COG IN THE SYSTEM 10 YEARS AGO, AND A PROPAGANDA PUPPET TODAY. $$$ Jim Rickards continues to mouth off about Germany being vulnerable to the whims of the USFed, regarding gold bullion owned by Germany but held at the New York Fed. The story is pure rubbish, reinforced by his new book. Books in print do not prove anything. Rickards continues to drop comments about the vast gold reserves owned by the USGovt in his fumbled potential gold price calculations. It is important to realize something about Rickards. He is brilliant, but his commentary shines with intelligence only when it refers to monetary and banking matters, as well as the finance of economics, but NEVER to gold management. He is a liar. He was a key advisor to Long-Term Capital Mgmt in 1999, when it went bust and lost all the gold bullion for the Bank of Italy. He appears to pay homage to the syndicaee by perpetuating lies about Fort Knox gold assets and lately the German gold held as hostage. Pure rubbish. My solid German gold banker contact assures that all German gold was demanded and returned in 2005 and 2006, in anticipation of the housing & mortgage bust that led to the US banking system rupture into insolvency. The German brain trust saw it coming. What disappoints me further is that GATA adds legitimacy to the distorted story about German gold. They should refute it. No link will be provided to the GATA story that honors Rickards for his attempted deception. The other nonsense floating story is that Venezuela continues to struggle to bring home its gold bullion from London. It is all back in Caracas, assured by a gold trader who knows what happened in Swiss banks to ensure its return, big gold deliveries made to London. Both phony stories reinforce the facade of London virility, long gone. Lastly, Eric King of King World News presents himself as a bit of a bootlicker in his frequent interviews of Jim Rickards. Mr King lacks the knowledge and wisdom to know when his guest is shoveling feces in his direction, or else lacks the spine to resist the phony flow. King has many excellent guests, and should be complimented for providing excellent information in an age of grand fraud and deceit. But he needs to improve his own BS meter capability. In 2009, the Jackass engaged in at least six or seven long telephone conversations with Eric King in Tampa Florida, each over 30 to 40 minutes, some lasting 90 minutes. It was a pleasure. But my strong impression was that King was an amateur attempting to build a radio business. The phone calls were to educate him, as it turned out. His knowledge was shallow, even naive. The Jackass explained concepts on several subjects related to gold and currencies and central banking and monetary policy that seemed basic. My four part series on "Systemic Failure" in September and October of 2009 with King World News was my first and last, even though a big hit according to Eric. Due to King's arrogance and sneid nature in personal exchanges last year, we have parted ways. My wish is for his continued exposure of the financial world for its corruption, and some more edification of his knowledge. He just cannot detect or resist propaganda at times, which actually undermines his own credibility. Aint my problem after his cocky preppy insincere behavior. He could use an editor for his sloppy transcriptions too.
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    Can anyone in the legal profession confirm this? The Legal Fiction – How They Control Us By Gareth, on November 10th, 2011 Throughout the ages mankind’s ingenuity has allowed one group of people to control others. The creation of the ‘legal fiction’ is a superb example – it is the very foundation of how we are controlled today and yet the knowledge of its existence eludes all but a tiny few of us. Article | June 14, 2010 – 12:00am | By Roger Hayes Judges know how the ‘legal fiction’ applies to each of us, but barristers, solicitors, Magistrates and politicians mostly do not – it is a closely guarded secret. Our courts impose their will on us using the ‘legal fiction’ and it is through this imposition that governments are able to control every facet of our lives. Without the ‘legal fiction’ governments and an array of authorities have no power over us whatsoever and with this in mind it is perfectly clear that understanding the ‘legal fiction’ is a prerequisite to understanding how the world around us really works as distinct from how we think it does. Knowledge and understanding of the legal fiction is the first step on the road of freedom. So What Is The Legal Fiction & How Does It Impact On Our Lives? If you tried to explain the concept of the ‘legal fiction’ to the average individual in the context of how it applies to them, there is a high degree of probability that they would stare back at you as though you were quite mad… explanation rarely attracts a demand to know more, which it should, generally people find comprehension beyond their scope of understanding and they prefer therefore to dismiss it as an absurdity. The creators of the legal fiction knew this and have used our own ignorance to further their aims to control and dominate us, their ultimate weapon being ‘plausible deniability.’ But suddenly we are waking up to what is really going on and as we do the shackles of control are starting to loosen. Imagine having a conversation in the 10th century in which you were describing a mobile telephone to an audience… they would to a man and woman think you were a complete lunatic… despite being able to explain the science behind it, and so it is with trying to explain the ‘legal fiction’ today. Fortunately, thanks to people like John Harris, Winston Shrout, Robert Arthur Menard and others, the secret of the ‘legal fiction’ also known as the ‘strawman’ has been laid bare and as a consequence those of us who are prepared to learn are now able to take advantage of this very important knowledge. But bear in mind this… the ‘powers-that-be’ have a vested interest in us not knowing how they effect their control over us… and this translates into them being adamant that you must not know of the existence of the legal fiction, never mind understand it. So if you are thinking about writing to the government and asking them to confirm the existence of the legal fiction, may I suggest that your time would be better spent writing to the mafia and asking them to confirm in writing that they are indeed engaged in organised crime. Please let us know if you get a reply. The legal fiction is described briefly as ‘a means by which something can be done in law, which, without the legal fiction, would not be possible.’ Look it up in a law dictionary. There are many applications of the legal fiction concept and only through study will you get to grips with the extent of its functions. It is not complicated, just confusing and understanding it requires that you resist the urge to dismiss it as a nonsense. Because we have limited understanding of the origins of the universe, that does not mean that it does not exist – and so it is with the legal fiction. A Company Is A Legal Fiction If we assume that your name is Roger Hayes… you could create a legal fiction called ‘ROGER HAYES LIMITED’ which you could own lock, stock and barrel. You could lend the company money and it in turn could buy and own plant, machinery and stock and build up an array of assets and wealth through trade – all of which would then belong to the company… but not you. Yes you would own the company, but the company would own the assets. If on behalf of the company you sold some stock, you would be required to put the proceeds into the company’s bank account and not your own private account. The company would be obliged to pay back the money that you lent it, but apart from that the only way that you could take any benefit from the company would be if it paid you a wage as a manager or a dividend as a shareholder and if the company went bust with net liabilities, you would not be liable for its debts. It is easy to see then how despite you being the only owner and thus the controller of the legal fiction ‘ROGER HAYES LIMITED’ that it remains an entirely separate entity to you. You could sell the company and somebody else would then control it, despite it keeping your name. Now to deliberately confuse you… this entity was also given the generic name ’person’ and yes, it is meant to confuse you. In legalese (the language of law) the word ‘person’ means company or corporation; it does not mean man or woman. In an ordinary dictionary ‘person’ is described as an individual human being. In a law dictionary ‘human being’ is described as a monster. Do you think they were trying to bring clarity to the meaning of words or do you think they were trying to create confusion? Obviously it was the latter and it was both deliberate and calculated. When you were born (still assuming that your name is Roger Hayes) and your parents registered your birth, the government set up a company which they called ROGER HAYES. If you look at all your official documents you will see that they are all represented with capital letters as a means of distinction. It is important to remember, that as it was the government that created this company, it is they that own and control it – despite it having your name. The deceit was in the fact that they did not tell you, nor did they want you to know, that they would use this company (person) as a tool to attach liabilities to the real you. Thus, ROGER HAYES the company was created and existed alongside Roger Hayes the flesh and blood boy created and named by your parents. But in the absence of the knowledge of the existence of the former everybody was led to believe that everything applied to the latter – as devious a plan surely as selling land on the sun to the unsuspecting. When officialdom then asks the question ‘Are you Roger Hayes?’ What they are really asking is ‘Do you accept the liabilities for ROGER HAYES the company (i.e. the person)?’ and when you say YES – you are unwittingly accepting the liabilities placed upon the ‘person’ (company) that they own and through which they establish their authority over you . How very clever and devious is that? Roger Hayes is a flesh and blood man. ROGER HAYES is a person (company) – and they are separate entities. You control you, they control the person, if you accept the liability of the person – then they control you. All Acts of Parliament are applied to the ‘person’ (the company), and not the man or the woman. This is self-evident in that the words man or women are never used in Acts of Parliament. So Acts do not therefore apply to the flesh and blood man or woman, if they did, they would say so. Acts of Parliament extend to you the man or woman only if and when (through your ignorance) you accept the responsibility and liability of the ‘person.’ When a policeman or a judge asks you for your name – they are tricking you into accepting their authority over you, because you have unwittingly assumed responsibility for the legal fiction (despite them also being ignorant of this fact) and the fact is that they must get you to acknowledge ‘the name’ i.e. ‘the person’ i.e. the ‘legal fiction’ ‘ROGER HAYES’ before they can assume their authority over you. When you say YES my name is ROGER HAYES, you are submitting/consenting to their authority, and conversely if you deny the liability of the corporate entity then you deny them the control that they need to enforce their penalty charge notices upon you. Denial of consent is denial of authority which means no penalties. It is as simple as that. So now you know – government secures its authority over you by simply asking your name, or by getting you to fill in one of their forms. If you understand this then you can start to adjust the way in which you respond to their demands. Learn how to respond to this deceitful tyranny and your life will change; you will become freer in mind, in spirit and in reality. And the more of us pushing them back the faster we will take back control of our nation. By denying the control that the legal fiction creates, you will be making an enormous stride in securing your freedom. The fact remains that the Government and its institutions, i.e. the police, the courts, the taxman have authority over you by virtue of you unwittingly giving them your consent. But, whilst statutes (Acts of Parliament) apply only to the legal fiction – common law most definitely applies to YOU – the flesh and blood man or women. Be very careful to understand the difference. Common law which the police monitor as peace officers (constables) protects our natural rights, common law are the rules that govern how we behave towards our fellow men in order that we can all to live in peace and harmony with others without the threat of harm or loss. So speeding, parking, council tax, VAT, PAYE etc all apply to the ‘legal fiction’ which you have an absolute right to reject if you so choose, but if standing up for your rights is too much trouble, you can chose to continue to remain compliant and obedient. Take your choice. I have no objection to paying my fair share towards running a system of which we are all beneficiaries, but I will not be dictated to. If refusing to pay my council tax, speeding and parking fines is the way to bring about change that will benefit us all, then that is what I am going to do. Hopefully many more people will start thinking and acting like free men and women, the sooner we do then the sooner we will close down the tyranny and the sooner our lives will start to improve. BUT… and there’s always a but, the ‘legal fiction’ has benefits as well as liabilities. The NHS, schooling, child benefits, land and home ownership, bank accounts etc, all come to you courtesy of the ‘legal fiction.’ If you want to dump the liabilities, you are potentially going to have to dump all the benefits as well. So you have to have a clear understanding on what it is you are letting yourself in for before you start messing with the system. Dear reader, our controllers are not stupid… they have been working their scheme for a long time. They have devised a system that gives as well as it takes and it has been a careful balance of both of these that has allowed them to maintain their control. So if there are benefits as well as liabilities and we do not want to throw the baby out with the bath water, where do we go from here? The answer to that dilemma is simple. The system can be used for our overall benefit. The bad guys have taken control of it and they are quite deliberately using it for their benefit at our expense. They are using it to fine us excessively and needlessly to feed their greed, to tax and persecute us; keeping us on a tread mill of servitude and making our lives a misery in the process. We have a right to take the benefits and reject the liabilities when the balance has been distorted to our detriment – which clearly it is. The writer has been in court (on numerous occasions) denying the liabilities of the legal fiction – to date 100% successfully. There have been some feisty moments – it has been an interesting journey during which compliant servants of the system have watched in bewilderment (and ignorance) as we (many friends and activists) have turned up at court and said NO… we do not accept your authority. The shock to authority is palpable; they respond by shouting, barking orders for us to obey, they use threats, intimidation and occasionally they call their security guards and the police to try and force us into submission – all to no avail. We have stood our ground and witnessed the weakening of their resolve and have watched as they have instead slowly started to submit to our authority. In court now, we ask the questions and they do the responding. They become particularly more compliant when we remind them that the courts belong to the people… not them. The flesh and blood man is considerably more powerful than their legal fiction controls; it is just a matter of discovering how it is that we can demonstrate our authority over them. It has been and will continue to be a bumpy ride, made smoother with the support of those who attend courts as witnesses. The British Constitution Group is pushing the tide of tyranny back slowly but surely, we do it with the knowledge that we are right and they are wrong as evidenced by their gradual submission to our demands. But we still have a long way to go. The more of us that join the fight, the faster we will take back control. We do not need elections or referendums or any other controlled mechanism to free ourselves from corrupt government be it in the UK or in Brussels, we just need the spirit, determination and courage to stand up and say NO. We, the British people have right to govern ourselves, we have a natural instinct to want to preserve our sovereignty and our independence… but we have been lulled into thinking that we need the permission of a powerful elite to secure it… we do not. We have become confused about our identity and our nationhood - we no longer understand the purpose of our constitution and the rule-of-law. Some of us have been fooled into thinking of ourselves as European, a universal description with as much meaning as calling ourselves earthlings. We are British – English, Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish. We have amongst us people from every country on earth, here to share in what is unique to these islands and the British people – a nation of tolerance, compassion, fortitude, fair play and justice. We have taken these values to the world – and it seems that the time has come to do so again. Our future will not be determined by a political party, it will not be determined by puppets like Clegg, Cameron or Brown (remember him?)… our future will be forged by those amongst us who find the courage to stand up for our rights and declare them to the world. The tyranny that has been build up around us will crumble when we stand up and defend ourselves. This is a game of numbers… when there are more of us than there are of them… the job will be done. JOIN US. Original article Peace Wake Some People Up! http://dont-tread-on.me/the-legal-fiction-how-they-control-us/
  6. Barclays Says Italy Is Finished: "Mathematically Beyond Point Of No Return" Euphoria may have returned briefly courtesy of yet another promise for a resignation that will likely not be effectuated for weeks or months, if at all, and already someone has done the math on what the events in the past several days reveal for Italy. That someone is Barcalys, the math is not pretty, and the conclusion is that "Italy is now mathematically beyond point of no return." Summary from Barclays Capital inst sales: 1) At this point, it seems Italy is now mathematically beyond point of no return 2) While reforms are necessary, in and of itself not be enough to prevent crisis 3) Reason? Simple math--growth and austerity not enough to offset cost of debt 4) On our ests, yields above 5.5% is inflection point where game is over 5) The danger:high rates reinforce stability concerns, leading to higher rates 6) and deeper conviction of a self sustaining credit event and eventual default 7) We think decisions at eurozone summit is step forward but EFSF not adequate 8) Time has run out--policy reforms not sufficient to break neg mkt dynamics 9) Investors do not have the patience to wait for austerity, growth to work 10) And rate of change in negatives not enuff to offset slow drip of positives 11) Conclusion: We think ECB needs to step up to the plate, print and buy bonds 12) At the moment ECB remains unwilling to be lender last resort on scale needed 13) But frankly will have hand forced by market given massive systemic risk Hint: Not Good. Sell EUR, Buy Gold
  7. MONDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2011 Bob Chapman : a new Dollar is underway Bob Chapman : ...we broke that story two weeks ago , banks are being told , and I get this right from the people who are at the top of the banking profession not with major banks but with top middle sized sized banks and they go to the FED meetings and they tell me what goes on and they told me that the FED told the Banks to clear safe secure storage because we are getting ready to print a new currency , it's not the Amero it's a dollar probably a different one of what you have already , it's underway , it may not be in the printing stage yet but the plans are there ....because the FED is expecting as is the treasury the the US Dollar is not going to be the reserve currency of the world in about a year and a half may be less. http://bobchapman.blogspot.com/2011/11/bob-chapman-new-dollar-is-underway.html
  8. A CHAPMAN SUBSCRIBER REPORTS THAT WALL STREET KILLER GAMES WITH EUROPE ARE ACTIVELY AT WORK. THE WALL STREET BOYZ ARE APPARENTLY BLACKMAILING THE EUROPEAN BANKERS WITH OPTIONS TRADES, FAKE DERIVATIVES, AND FOREX POSITIONS, USING HEAVY LEVERAGE. THEY WISH TO EXPLOIT THE CRISIS, SURELY TO MAKE IT WORSE IN THE PROCESS, BUT PROFITABLE TO THE FIRMS. A well-informed client of Bob Chapman, with apparent connections from Wall Street, has shared some ugly information. The note was a little obscure, so it was cleaned up into more readable form, without changing the content. It read, "Hi Bob, Rumor has it that Geithner is blackmailing the top EU big boys, the Elite food chain. Something along the following lines. The Wall Street with the USFed and Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan (as in fear, porn, supernova) are somehow writing put options on the Euro. Then they are somehow using these Euro put options as leverage to create fake derivatives on the Japanese Yen. These two daisy chained maneuvers above somehow temporarily bail out JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs jointly, themselves roasted chestnuts, and their combined exposure to the Greek banking armageddon." Keep in mind that writing Euro put options is a bullish leveraged Euro trade, but the key is that it raised funds. By linking to the Yen currency, they are putting the global monetary system at risk for their exploitation. Typical Wall Street. The global financial crisis is badly misnamed. It is a global financial war to defend the USDollar against attacks to kill it. It is a war against wealth in legitimate bond instruments, and against wealth hiding in narcotics structures (not sanctioned by the USGovt). It is a war by the USGovt to confiscate wealth that seeks to escape the black hole and its power. It is a war to undermine organized attempts to create an alternative trade system not dependent on the USDollar, where trade and oil sales would be denominated in other vehicles. It is a war to avoid Wall Street and London predatory activity that utilizes manipulative tactics to move price and exploit with leveraged instruments. It is a war against Gold & Silver, the true bonafide effective safe havens, actual real money. The vile tactics used by the US & UK bank masters, in the follow-up act after the bond fraud in the mortgage market, in the current act that centers on fraudulent derivatives, invite a powerful counter-attack from Asia and Europe. Resentment in Europe over Wall Street complicity in concealing PIGS debt as currency swaps invites reaction. This is going to blow up in US banker faces before long, with some nasty gigantic whiplashes. When Greece blows up, banks in Europe, London, and the United States will fall like dominos rapidly. The Wall Street brethren have built a list of powerful enemies. The JPM and GSax tagteam make for very big targets, easier targets than people might think. See what happened to Union Bank of Switzerland, as it was killed off. The Wall Street titans are going to be at risk of having themselves made targets by extremely powerful and adept adversaries with huge resources. The potent twist this time around involves China, Hong Kong, and Arab billionaires joining forces with honest brokers players in the US, UK, and Europe to bring down those in positions of abused power who commit fraud, and act in predatory roles. As a mere footnote, keep in mind that $90 billion in Qaddafi funds was confiscated and frozen. That is one motive for the origin of the war in Libya. Other motives are to disrupt the crude oil output, and to eliminate fledgling initiatives to install a gold-backed Moslem dinar. The Germans, Russians, and Chinese observe the attacks against the currency alternative, under the guise of attacks to end tyranny and its diverse atrocities. The US & UK are clever aggressors. Jim Willie
  9. IT SEEMS LIKE MEXICO PURCHASED 110 TONS OF GOLD THAT DO NOT EXIST. THE LONDON BANKERS PULLED OFF ANOTHER FRAUD. THE BANK OF MEXICO OWNS CERTIFICATES, NOTHING MORE. IT IS NO WONDER THE RECENT BIG PURCHASES BY EMERGING NATIONS HAVE HAD ZERO IMPACT ON THE GOLD PRICE. THE LONDON BULLION BANKERS RAN A SCAM THAT IS BEING EXPOSED. AS THE MEXICANS DEMAND GOLD, THE LONDON BOYZ WILL SCRAMBLE TO OBTAIN IT AT SOURCE. THEY WILL LOOK TO BASEL SWITZERLAND AND THE MARKET. The following story about Mexico been duped and conned reveals the nature of the grand gold fraud game. The London Bullion Market Assn is a highly fraudulent enterprise, which sells what clients believe is gold, but is actually paper certificates, mere claims. They often are lured into deals that are loaded with complexity on the delivery side, as in almost never. The fraud is compounded by vault fees for gold bullion not actually held. The LBMA banks are well known to possess only about 1% of all the physical gold they have allegedly sold and supposedly stored, accounting for their vast unallocated storage shenanigans. They are deeply committed to fractional schemes. They play games in shuttling metal and concealing the absence of inventory. Enter Mexico, whose central bank this spring purchased what they thought was 110 tons of gold bullion. Observers of market activity knew the big acquisitions had no impact on the market price. Like many IMF sales, along with those of Thailand and Kazakhstan and India, they had less of an effect than an observer would otherwise have expected. The transactions merely meant paper contracts shifted from desk to desk. A persistent and diligent Mexican journalist named Guillermo Barba has investigated and provided the answer to this conundrum. He posed a number of questions to the Mexican Central Bank about the gold purchases. The initial forays were blocked on grounds of secrecy. Barba persisted, went to higher management officials, only to learn that the bankers were unable to provide the quantity of bars purchased, the bar serial numbers, the exact weight of each bar, or any other measures that would indicate to someone familiar with the gold industry that certain specific bars were titled in the name of Banxico. They own gold paper certificates in a complex maze designed by London conmen bankers. They bought unallocated gold, probably sold and leased, otherwise known as vault air. This is the same modus operandi seen before. By entering into such contracts, the Bank of Mexico became an unsecured creditor of the bullion bank involved in the deal. The deep error was in trusting the London bullion bankers. They was duped into buying an unsecured bond that gives claim not on gold, but instead the general assets of the selling bank. Banxico is not exactly clear what it has bought. It is almost certain that neither legal title nor the actual bars of gold have been transferred to Mexico. Pressure will surely come to produce the gold bars from London sources. The Boyz will probably flash a few bars like stolen watches, owned by somebody else. As a central bank, Banxico should certainly take physical delivery. Mexico should tolerate nothing less. Selling imaginary gold to an emerging market central bank in a quasi-fraudulent unallocated storage scheme is a bold ugly move. But it is a specialty of London criminal bankers. Instead of owning a valuable gold asset, free from counter-party risk, Mexico owns nothing but paper and obligations to pay vault fees. Behind the curtain is a dead London bank posing as viable, entering into contracts, forcing cash flow, paying out executive bonuses. The selling bank is likely insolvent, playing out fraudulent games before declaring bankruptcy. Many of the LBMA banks were kept alive solely by generous government bailouts from their national governments. They have constructed a daisy chain of liability and fraud. Many analysts believe that if one such insolvent bank officially go bust, perhaps they will all go bust. The process will turn to the bullion bankers running scams being compelled to buy gold in the market or to obtain it from a big source like Basel Switzerland. Unallocated gold in storage is a mere claim to unspecified gold in the future, not held in possession. In the end, top Mexican officials will force delivery, and the conmen will drive up the gold price in a scramble to avoid harsh publicity. Unfortunately, often the ashamed victims wish to keep the crime quiet. The top Mexican officials have been made aware of the swindle. They will next work to overcome any embarrassment. Mexico will demand that all physical gold bars be immediately identified and delivered into a vault in Mexico City. If wise, this demand will be made before the European sovereign debt crisis grows worse and takes down a string of major banks. As the financial banks topple, the gold bankers will follow in the destructive fallout. Upon great pressure, especially if the Mexican bankers enlist some heavy weight friends for assistance like the Chinese, the London bankers will be forced to scramble for delivery like they did with Venezuela, who had more professional consultants involved. The London bankers will turn Switzerland again. It will be extraordinarily difficult for the bullion bank to locate at source 110 tons of gold. The London Boyz are themselves desperately short on gold, multiples more short than even the gold community believes. The Western central bankers will be very angry for the formally placed request, and even more angry for the harsh light of attention. They are all acutely aware that they will likely need to recapitalize not only their ailing dead banks, but recapitalize the USDollar and Euro currencies. These new revelations, though late in coming, make perfect sense. The top Mexican officials will force the issue with motivation. The net effect from the forced delivery is going to be higher prices. Thanks to Avery Goodman of Seeking Alpha for his reported story. Jim Willie
  10. The German bankers, at least a few very powerful bankers, do not seem to be in the forefront, yet they wield powers. They have said NEIN, enough, no more. A German banker with intimate knowledge of their politics summarized. He said, "The Bundestag nailed Merkel to the cross, refusing her the authority to negotiate any deal with the French and EU. She cancelled her Government Speech (State of the Union) and the EU top summit is off for Sunday, postponed to Wednesday. If she forces a separate broader vote on her authority, she will be tossed aside in 'No Confidence' and then she is done, career finished. Greece is definitely going bankrupt. This confirmation comes from deep inside the Greek belly." With each formal announcement of a delay to the regional Summit, or a delay to a German banker conference, or a delay that puts in doubt previous accords, they mean the Merkel career has ended. It is that simple. She has risked her career on the bailout of the biggest Euro banks, which is her constituency, not the people. She will be tossed aside, and that will signal an open road to a new Deutsche Mark currency, and movement toward the alliance with Russia and China that has been in the works, developing in secrecy. Jim Willie
  11. Some paragrahs from his latest newletter. EXTREME HEIGHTENED CONFLICT BREWS BETWEEN GERMANY & FRANCE. SARKOZY KNOWS THAT FRANCE WILL BE FORCED TO JOIN THE P.I.G.S. APART FROM GERMANY. ABUSES ARE BEING IDENTIFIED. GERMANY HAS LOST PATIENCE, AND HAS FORGED TIES WITH RUSSIA. THE NUCLEAR SECURITY LINK HAS COME FROM RUSSIA TO THE EAST. Much intrigue has entered the room. Major junctures are being negotiated. No turning back, as France has lost its bid to remain with Germany. What follows is a summary from messages by a German banker whose contacts touch the banks, security networks, regional alliances, and high level figures. He wrote, "A serious disagreement between Paris and Berlin over the rescue fund has come. The French betrayed the rest of Europe into agreeing to the publicized EU rescue fund, against the will of many important figures in Europe. It has become apparent that they wanted to drain those funds in order to support the French banks, understood to be technically and practically bankrupt. This is the stuff that wars are started over. A while back, Sarkozy tried to bully Berlin but was rejected and badly humiliated. The French President offered Berlin the French nuclear umbrella for unconditional support. The reply by Berlin shocked them, as high stakes chess proceeds. They stunned Sarkozy by telling him (and France): Why do we need your nuclear umbrella if we have already Russia's? It is clear who has threatened Germany, which has been made clear by means of missiles easily directed at Central Europe. If anyone threatens German,y they threaten Russia. The German Bundesbank holds about 92% of French government debt. Germany de-facto owns France." Wow!! The threat to Germany is from an American ally, which has made clear their missiles reach to Central Europe. France in full view has no austerity plan, equally arrogant as the Americans. Instead, Sarkozy wants to tap the EFSF to bail out French banks without political fallout. Tremendous tension exists between Berlin and Paris, which grows every week. The cords that link Germany to Russia are not only trade but nuclear security. It has come to crunch time for excluding the French and casting them into the PIGS pen. The return of the Deustche Mark is finally coming, long anticipated by intrepid analysts and informed types. FT Deutschland has given the announcement. The Euro will be convertible to 1.95 D-Marks in exchange rate for preliminary purposes, called When Issued. As the EU bond bailout bank mess blossoms into a full-blown erupting boil, as politician hands are tied, the German finance ministry has leaked the return launch of the D-Mark. Many in high places, speaking freely, believe the Euro rescue has turned into a farce. Ironically, the 1.95 rate is exactly what it was at the Euro currency inception. The trade weighted FTD index will be valued at 4.11 D-Marks. The majority of the German population was openly in opposition to the Euro from day one, but the supra-nationals imposed it, with full agenda in my opinion to cause destructive damage. So stick a fork in the Euro, cooked, and prepare for a wild ride on the USDollar. It might rise and rise, then die suddenly, banished as a rejected currency unable to compete, crippled by toxic fundamentals. Jim Willie
  12. comments from Bob Chapman...... Germany is preparing for the worst by the Bundsbank giving orders for Deutschemarks to be printed immediately. Make no mistake about it that this is the greatest crisis to the EU since WWII and the bailing wire that holds the agreements that binds the euro and the EU are coming unraveled. The very fact that Germany is building a reserve of Deutschemarks has to spell the possible end of the euro. The President of the European Central Bank, Jean Claude Trichet, attended his last meeting on Thursday. The day before a reporter asked him if Germany might go back to the Deutschemark, and his answer was Germany got better price stability under the ECB than under the Bundesbank, which intonates please stick with the euro. If Germany and France return to their currencies the euro is history and a valuable lesson has been taught. A number of unequal nations cannot amalgamate under one currency or group. It is unnatural and simply does not work. Culture and social conditions prohibit such a marriage. We believe shortly the Fed will announce QE 3 to assist the US economy as well. What better excuse to implement the US issuance of trillions more in money and credit. Unlimited liquidity in the UK, US and Europe can only mean major additional inflation, which means gold and silver are going to go through the roof, as are commodities. Read entile article here: http://news.goldseek.com/InternationalForecaster/1318255211.php
  13. BHP Tinto

    The WYNTER BENTON thread

    Just a quick note out there to all you physical silver and gold investors. The "delay" of the CFTC meeting on Position Limits from Oct 4th to Oct 18th was not only to give JP Morgan more time to try and get "on sides" with their silver position but also to give "the system" a couple more weeks after the end of the 3rd quarter to fully recognize the problems that fester at it's core. Don't be surprised at further short term delays but they are getting shorter and shorter. Remember what I said about JP Morgan's role in the latest silver manipulation: "If JP Morgan sticks with it's tried and true "Modus Operandi" they will continue this downward manipulation after allowing some new "bottom pickers" to get in at a supposed price support level. They will then force the price lower than anyone thinks and hold it there to "CHOKE OUT" everyone before allowing the price of silver to slowly rise to a more defensible position." JP Morgan "Operation Silver Slam" http://www.roadtoroota.com/public/592.cfm When position limits are implemented that part about "slowly rising" will be a MOON SHOT! Bix Weir
  14. BHP Tinto

    The WYNTER BENTON thread

    Is that specific enough for everyone? Our group GUARANTEES that silver will trade above $45 by November 30, 2011. No caveats, no excuses. The charts arent saying so but we are stating that silver will be above $45 by November 30, 2011. To Blythe and The Morgue, we know what is going on and know with CERTAINTY that you cannot stop us. For those short on patience we will demonstrate that The Morgue is not the only one who can spike the price of silver!!! We will be spiking silver in the same manner as The Morgue did soon. Don't necessarily assume that the spike will be up, so watch those stop losses.