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  1. Sacha Baron Cohen's response. Fooled by Fake News
  2. What can we learn from Wakanda .......... ? That fiction has no borders. The original stories were written in the mid to late sixties in a world very different to now ............ you should know that Dr Bubb ........ you were there whilst I was just a twinkle in my Dad's eye. There were still swathes of land across the globe undiscovered and as such, stories of exploration and discovery were left to the imagination of the reader to dream. Many movies of the time (before and since) would use 'the unknown', whether it be through global or space exploration, to heighten this great thing that all human beings have ...... imagination. All Black Panther is doing is appealing to that continued human interest. +
  3. https://youtu.be/OgUAQ4ZGtgk
  4. underling

    Martial law declared in paris

    I don't want to make any criticism of your viewpoint but may I just ask to consider yourselves for one moment, that your 'belief' maybe has led you to accept that the world is a certain way and that you are failing to question your own viewpoint of reality. Consider that 'the steeple' just could be yourselves, or perhaps the victims of fanaticism in a belief system of any kind. Human history has all through history thrown up 'Idealism' which has challenged conventional progressive thinking. Many cultures and traditions have been lost through wars of 'difference of idealism' since recorded history began. It's what we have always fought for. This is what powers this war. It is intolerance, from all sides ......... Some are intelligent to fight the war based on what sp'oil's they can acquire, or what they seek to protect. "Watching all channels with hope fading" - Underling
  5. You know what I care about ......... Love. I've been ripped apart through my whole life. I've given every penny, every effort, every strain if my friend, family or friends have needed me. I've got nothing. ive given everything. I'm happy. I understand much, teach much but seemingly learn little ..... Possibly know little.
  6. Yet there will be no riot. There will only be control. You will adhere. Complicit. You will behave. You will accept your ill gotten gains. So long as you've not yet lost you will forget. You will disappear. Until we come for you. Who then will listen? In a time where where complacency is equivalent to complicity? We know who you are. We know where you live. We know you. Join us, we are not your enemy ... But neither do we forget .........
  7. And btw, no White man can yet understand what we're thinking about.
  8. These are my heroes. people who have died for their principals. You all talk conspiracy, alternative thought yet you sit complacent behind a small screen. Waiting for some kind of 'safe' signal where you can come out like some closet supporter. Where have I been for the last few years? Fighting. ' you have been so damned lazy, and you have let him run away with the whole world ' In death we can be a TERROR!
  9. if you are not willing to lay yourself down on the principals which you preach then your pricinpals are just rhetoric. Your life is just wasted. You have not made a difference. http://youtu.be/8rCiCQPDmb8
  10. There is no party promoting love, commeraderie and kinship amongst people. Only riots can do this. I have experienced riots. You would not believe how much the above qualities are in abundance in such adversity, regardless of ethnic, religious or economic position. Take the power back.
  11. How many small steps make a stride? Essentially we all want to live peaceful and safe lives. We do not need regulation to control us. We need to control regulation to stop them from controlling us. Riot please.
  12. But that's a choice they WANT you to make. Don't give them the choice. There are thousands of them, there are millions of us. Riot please.
  13. Sorry maybe I seem old and cynical but what is the point? What representation of opinion is there when a choice of idiot 1, idiot 2 or idiot 3 is offered. Give me a defence minister who has fought or lost his seed in a real modern war. Give me a choice of a education minister who has been privileged and succeeded in teaching the underpriviliged. Give me a choice of health secretary who have stood over a child crying tears in frustration whilst it fights for its last breath. Don't offer us these limp dick, dim witted, sound bite addicted pricks. Only through real diversity are heroes found. Riot please.
  14. In all honesty Ive no time for UK politics or politicians, I'd prefer anarchy. When someone with a major in history can be made 'Chancellor of the Exchaequer' rather than an offering of someone, sorry ANYONE, who has both studied, experienced and succeeded within the field of economics with no choice or recompense to the electorate my confidence is exhausted. Please Riot. Voting will not rectify this.
  15. From a UK perspective ............. comment on renewable energy source awareness, uptake and incentives. http://www.hvnplus.co.uk/news/oftec-claims-new-domestic-rhi-scheme-is-only-for-the-rich/8661113.article http://www.hvnplus.co.uk/news/survey-reveals-consumer-awareness-of-renewables-and-domestic-rhi/8675064.article