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  1. Thank you everyone for my education. Knowledge and insight shared by many!!
  2. Hi Everyone Joined HPC soon after cgnao's prophetic postings began. The gold thread and cgnao's posts opened my eyes to what was really happening in the economy, and not what people (VI's) wanted me to believe. I followed Goldfinger et al over here to continue my education and only really went back to HPC for cgnao's continuing posts there. Now cgnao is over here, I rarely go back to House Price Muppets. There still appears to be some occassional good threads and posters over there but it does seem to have lost its way now the crash is on and also with it's questionable moderation standards. The quality and insight is now over here on this site Anyway what I would like to say is as a result of cgnao's personal time, effort and research to warn people I have tried to protect myself and my family and over 50% of our modest savings are now in physical gold and silver. It is good to be so much outside of the system whilst the chaos seems to be unfolding much as cgnao predicted. Thanks cgnao and thanks to all the quality posters on here........keep up the good work!! Cheers Mike Ps Back to lurking again