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  1. headmelter

    OT: Has Kraft ruined Oreos?

    When were they discontinued ? I used to be partial to them with a cuppa.
  2. headmelter


    Although I have to agree with absolutezero that your salary figures are somewhat inflated, I am now acutely aware I don't have enough gold. . . .
  3. headmelter


    Any one ever bought from "The Bullion Room". Any problems or concerns ? Prices seem cheap compared to CID at present. http://www.thebullionroom.com/investment_products.php
  4. headmelter

    possible land purchase

    I don't post many topics but this is a genuine request for opinion. I've spied an acre of land with a shell of a stone cottage. I think the price is negotiable and maybe worth a punt. My dilemna is if the ECB print 6 billion Euro as suggested is it likely to devalue the Euro significantly against sterling ? If so I could agree a price now and stall the sale to make a gain on the exchange rate. Opinions appreciated as I have no idea about currencies and their exchange.
  5. headmelter


    I think they've been out for a while and there only seem to be 2010 maples and buffalos but Eagles seem available in different years. Physical could well be getting scarce.
  6. headmelter

    HPC down at the mo??

    Much less noise here than on hpc. Some excellent posters with various points of view. Some of us tend to lurk with intent on a regular basis.
  7. headmelter

    Some thoughts on nuclear war

    Must get myself a more protective TFH.
  8. headmelter


    Just beat me to alerting the faithful to the best contra indicator known to gold bulls on the boards.
  9. headmelter


    I must admit my new two year plan isn't much different than my old two year plan. I do plan to ditch much of my sterling as I feel inflation will start to pick up after Q2. I know this has been done to death but how are other people diversifying? Anyone doing anything different this year?
  10. headmelter


    My two year plan ended last year and I'm now implementing my new two year plan.
  11. headmelter

    Season's greetings.

    Maybe so but it's a good excuse to get in touch with family and old friends, give and receive the odd pressie eat loads of nice stuff and get very, very very, very very drunk. . . . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm09d4z65Bg...feature=related
  12. headmelter

    Season's greetings.

    Have a good one everybody. . . . I hope Santa's good to you. !
  13. I enjoy the knowledge and diversity of opinion here on GEI, I still visit HPC and have been to 24K. I'm still not sure what all the fuss was about but there does seem to be less 'noise' to filter to continue my education. [returns to lurk mode ]
  14. headmelter


    I thought they were worth it so got a couple.
  15. headmelter


    Just logged in to buy some and the offer seems to have ended already.