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    GEI consumer price inflation thread.

    Thanks for the update
  2. Hi potatoes, I will do an update soon. Regards, Az

  3. Hi Azazel-Any chance of an update on the inflation check? The figures should be extremely interesting by now. Unfortunately, I don't have a Morrisons anywhere near me, otherwise I would do it for you.


    GEI consumer price inflation thread.

    Any update on the inflation thread? I suspect it should be very interesting by now. I don't have a Morrisons near me so cannot update.


    The technical's look slightly better this morning (if you're in to that sort of thing) gold chart 10:00 am GMT Could be a nice little pop up from here.
  6. I posted this as a reply on a thread about Govt cuts at "the other place"- I am Jack's Creation over there and got zero response; I think it slipped off the board before any body clocked it. Just wondered if anyone here had a different view or opinion to mine on some of the unintended consequences of the current course of action taken by the Central Banks and what strategies could be adopted to trade them sucessfully. Here is what I posted:- "The low interest rate policy the Government are hoping will stimulate growth is a profoundly stupid one for the following reasons:- 1. People tend not to pay their tax and living costs out of leveraged income. 2. Nobody with any sense would ever risk investing in a consumer orientated business ( or economy) when the tax burden is rising. It doesn't matter if you can borrow at 0.5% if you are going to lose 100%. 3. People reliant on income from savings will eventually burn through their money, wiping out their discretionary spending, as well as reducing the ability of the banks to lend and ultimately increasing the welfare burden. 4. Real Negative interest rates ( of about -3%, that's if you buy into the Govt's bogus inflation rates) and negligible growth will result in people not investing for their retirement and increase the future unfunded welfare liabilities. This negative rate has to be offset against any GDP growth. 5. The debt burden due to high property prices needs to be reduced for any growth to take place. The period of false economic stimulus gained from the securitization and lending on rising asset values is over, all that remains now are the debts. A good percentage of these need to be defaulted on. 6. Any system where the perverse incentive requires you to compete with ( 'forgiven') debtors, means the debt burden will eventually pass a tipping point where it becomes unpayable ( in real terms). The collapse of this system will be inevitable. We may already have passed this point, by the way. The only way they can increase growth is by cutting taxes and raising the base rate and this would only work if China didn't exist.......... The house price crash is nailed on by the way and prices will only stop falling when interest rates stop rising It will last longer and be far deeper than most people on here are expecting."

    GEI consumer price inflation thread.

    This is a great idea for a thread. Might I suggest a 6 pack of Coca-Cola, a bottle of Heinz Ketchup and a Mars bar.
  8. This would be a genuinely interesting twist.
  9. Thanks-much appreciated. So, given current Libor is 0.6 it would cost 6.6% to insure against Dubai's sovereign default. Is this an annual fee? or a one off payment for a unit that can be traded etc....Presumably the bonds are not index linked. It would be interesting to see if this movement in risk pricing is a leading indicator for shares that have a high exposure to Dubai govt debt and if it was how quickly the market would price this info in.
  10. Dr Bubb, can you give some of us who aren't familiar with how CDS charts break down, a layman's explanation of what these figure's mean and how to read them? Many thanks

    Fewer Fireworks this year.

    Same here, much quieter than normal ( it's usually like the Gaza strip). The ones that were going off you could tell were the "cheap" selection and didn't last that long. There was a notable lack of air bombs. I like air bombs.

    GOLD TO PEAK AT $5,800?

    Could be interesting- You'd have to wade through a whole series of various pairings past performances to see if they gave out any consistent momentum signals and maybe take out the ones that are excessively seasonal or prone to enviromental disruption (coffee etc)

    GOLD TO PEAK AT $5,800?

    Very rough, back of a fag packet calculation comes up with 221 (19 point sample over the period). I was rather hoping it would be 196 (gold's atomic number) that would have been rather elegant.

    GOLD TO PEAK AT $5,800?

    Goldfinger, have you done the average of the Gold/house price ratio over the 70 year period?