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  1. Errol

    TRANZ... the Vain Delusion

    The trans people are mentally ill. Even 10-15 years ago it was classed and treated like a mental illness. They are sick and need help.
  2. Nice action in GDX and GDXJ over the last week or so.
  3. Alternative search sites: Duckduckgo, Quant, Yandex. I use all three on a random basis just to mix things up. Totally stopped using Google. Make sure to use protonmail as well, for full encrypted email. Oh, and ditch farcebook if you haven't done already.
  4. Nobody can stop Trump from inviting Putin to the White House. Putin and Trump can sit in the Oval office and discuss stuff. Then Putin can be invited (by the President) to address Congress. Not much anyone can do to stop Trump from doing this.
  5. Purchased some GDX today. A bit late, but I just buy fairly regularly at certain price points.
  6. If the sanctions against Russia aren't dropped within 2-3 months I'll start to re-think on Trump.
  7. I purchased some more GDXJ yesterday.
  8. Around $18 is a good buying point anyway.
  9. I'm not a youtube member (no account). I just manually search and find the things/people i want to watch and watch them. The only way censorship will work is if they completely ban people like Paul joseph Watson/Infowars/Maxkeiser etc.
  10. Except he's been hoist by his own petard. Everyone will just watch the short version where he tells you to vote Trump. Hardly anyone will watch the film but millions will have seen the short youtube segment.
  11. Hillary spent most of the debate grinning like a lunatic. Terrible performance. I think Trump edged it - and the online polling indicates that most people think he won.
  12. Errol

    Wed Jul 6 18:08:14 UTC 2016

    Deutsche Bank. Lehman x 10.
  13. It's a bit late for Hillary to back out now. If she doesn't show, defeat will be certain.
  14. The Presidential debates will finish Hillary. There's no getting away. She will have to debate Trump live, one on one.