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    Physical gold is a great way of protecting your hard earned savings from means-testing. If you need to sell physical to provide income - and I have been there - keep dealer transactions under £5k each (and, for completeness, less than £10k per dealer per 365 day period)
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    UK House prices: News & Views

    Well, now Halifax index is negative as well as Nationwide. Down by 0.5% in July http://www.nationwide.co.uk/hpi/ Its great to see the bull trap end! :D
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    The seasonal dip is now upon us, for sure! I'm looking to average in from my reserves of USD, GBP and CHF squirreled away during 2010. It looks like GBP is going to be the first to bottom IMHO. Things I am looking for before 'averaging in' on GBP : a prolonged test of 50 DMA RSI under 50 Lower half of Bollinger bands Mid-range slow STO with upwards trajectory Histogram zero in MACD with upside ‘black-over-red future’ move likely Comments?
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    Nice to see my own work being quoted back on the forum ! I've looked into price manipulations around these dates and found only a weak trend - it seems to be a pattern of only the last year or so. I will show thedata on the forum once i get it into a more presentable form.
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    U.K.’s OFT Completes Review of Postal Gold Companies http://www.businessweek.com/news/2010-07-2...-companies.html Who cares about the numpties selling their gold far below spot price, just tell us the real interesting thing please - where is it all ending up (China/russia/india/ all of the above)
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    Just to add my thoughts.......(not wanting to get into trading vs investing, or claim to know more than others) I'd advocate being conservative and 'mulling things over' before either a purchase, sale or swap of PMs. Be aware of the temptation, when reading a daily comments forum, to overreact to small news and noise , and thus overtrade or dive in too early. Time in gold-land is measured in months not hours. Gold moves IMHO in a seasonal cycle and in lengthy multi-year cycles, so I try not to rush any decision or act on the spur of the moment news - I always mull things over....... My strategy, which I have said before, is to buy big once a year around end august time, averaging in over a month or so. I choose gold, silver or platinum or a bit of all depending on the G-to-S ratio, and the G-to-P and S-to-P ratios, which at the moment are a bit uninteresting and neutral (see my post a couple of pages before with the octopus for my chart !) I ultimately want only to own gold, but will buy the others if undervalued to increase my potenitial gold ozs. I also diversify into several currencies as I build my fiat pot over the year. Last thing of all, I hate buying into strength, as it usually means Im buying at an interim top, and end up underwater until the bull market eventually rescues me
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    Hi RH G-to-S ratio is 66, which is in my 'buy gold' region (just). I'd be more pro-silver if this ratio was a tad higher and at least edging into my 'buy silver' region - which starts from 67.5 and above. I agree that silver is riskier (but potentially more rewarding) but I'd be more of a silverphile if the ratio at least got into the silver zone before late August to provide more reward for the risk it carries. (see my interpretation of playing the G-to-S ratio) PS. Why your last purchase?
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    Well, its now doldrums season for sure and lets not forget that seasonality trend........favours getting your PMs purchase in by early september But what to buy for September, gold or silver? Perhaps you listen to Armstrong, Crawford, Turk or Sinclair for your PMs advice. I'm going with the only commentator with a 100% record to date.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_%28octopus%29
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    Looks to me like the seasonal dip may be starting, and thats a good thing for 'buy and hold' types I remain keen to buy big in late summer - a strategy that has worked well in recent years. Averaging-in over late Aug-Sept-early Oct
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    Yes, its clearly a novelty piece, perhaps for a (rich) company HQ, a (rich) private investor etc.. If I had that much to spend on Gold, I'd just want good delivery bars and nothing any more unusual or that attracts attention. Is there any CGT advantage to it having a monetary value and a Queen's head on the coin? Probably not, I'm thinking, as the face value is in dollars (itself strange for a coin with the Queen's head). I suspect to a taxman, this is not officially a coin - it's just a block of gold cast into the shape of a coin.
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    How to buy your physical coins at spot price...... 16 STONES of precious metal: World's biggest gold coin sold at auction for £2.68m http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/...tion-2-68m.html
  12. The situation in Liverpool: oversupply of city-centre flats and lack of graduate jobs in the city = big rental reductions on 'professional'-type 1/2 bed flats The rental price for nice family houses in nice areas not budging though.
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    NWODKCAMS - thats a smackdown in reverse
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    That's $1250 taken out. Let's celebrate with a few images....... Suzuki 1250 Bandit Schlüter Tractor 1250 VL
  15. Invest in yourself (or family members) by returning to education. Change your life direction to something more profitable and/or rewarding. Recessions are a cheap time to be a student (lots of empty flats, lots of cash-in-hand jobs, no roaring property market to try and get onto before the mythical boat sails). It's a serious suggestion - watch everyone else struggle through hard times/slim pickings at work and come out in a few years time reinvigorated and reskilled in time for employers to start hiring again. Don't forget to hide your cash from means testing though . Give it to Granny to look after or buy a nice stash of PMs EDIT - shocking spelling!
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    Cap on UK mortgages proposed - at 75% LTV

    One of the habits that result from using an internet bulletin board is the temptation to read and comment daily. This does encourage short term thinking when its probably best to "mull things over" and not rush investment decisions.
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    What to do and see in Brisbane this July-Sept?

    Thanks for the replies so far by posts and PM. Thanks, I really appreciate it
  18. I'm looking for a bit of advice and I know there are a lot of Aussies on the forum. I've got a 12 week job placement in Brisbane ahead from July for 12 weeks. I will have to work hard (very hard) but I am looking for advice from knowledgable GEI-ers on where to go for the odd weekend trip, or indeed what I can do in Brisbane itself on weekends. Also, anything I need to bring as an anglo-saxon brit not used to the climate, wildlife and perhaps locals (insect repellant etc.) My travel budget is OK but not extravagent. All advice appreciated
  19. Thanks Tinecu - useful links - I had forgotten about that website
  20. A GBP fall in UK house prices is starting to look likely, but it will take a couple of months for it to show up in all the indices. Fundamentals look teriible though, and there are anecdotals all over HPC of the market drying up. Situation in Liverpool is very poor in all but the poshest areas like Calderstones etc. Average time of properties on market now close to one year, with very poor sales of city centre flats, also there is suddenly a big excess of flats to rent.
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    OIL DISASTER: Worse than we are Being Told?

    This, fairly or unfairly, could be the incident history writes about the Obama administration (Nixon-Watergate, Reagan-cold war disarming, Bushes - Gulf war, Clinton - Lewinski).
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    I'm with you on this RH and came to the same conclusion independantly. What I would add is the seasonal benefits of each - I have a theory that silver is best for any takeoff at the September(ish) seasonal gain in bullion prices as it provides greater % gains, Gold is best 'defensively' during the summer doldrums we are now approaching for its stickinesss when gains need defending.
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    David Laws resigns

    It's a shame from a governance point of view as Laws quite impressed me with his early talk and actions. He seems like a good choice to keep Osbourne in check at the treasury. Also, Laws had a bit of pedigree having made his fortune young - potentially he was someone who could have become a heavyweight over time. But he had to go for cheating the expense system. I never understand why politicians take such risks with such small relative sums of money. Confident of never getting caught perhaps?
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    A 'failed smackdown' pattern, although the peak-to-trough is smaller than previous intraday 'failed smackdown' patterns at around $10. Sounds quite positive for next week, but 3 days is a long time at the moment given all the bearish news around. Next market trading day is officially June of course - so was are now in doldrums season. The times to lighten up gold exposure for seasonality followers are as far as I know March (conservative) or May (more bold). I must admit to not buying the past few months at these prices, and to sitting on a growing pile of savings cash. Prior to the general election, I moved this cash into USD and CHF , expecting a hung result and a (short-term at least) fall in sterling, but will be looking for a gold price dip in these currencies over the summer to average in with more physical for my core position. Experience had taught me never to buy into strength, and while I appreciate the 'buy same time every month - its a 20 year bull run' argument, this never works for me as I tend to naturally buy at interim tops unless I act disciplined and buy into weakness. A disciplined series of buys before early September seems my likely next move.
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    Silver Sammy alive and well.......reincarnated as a prominent poster on HPC RBCI