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  1. Hmm no downturn in sight yet...




    "Supply of homes to market has fallen and was 7% lower last month than in June 2011.


    Asking prices for homes on the market in England and Wales continue their steady rise, up a further 0.2% since last month.


    Average UK asking price rises to highest value since Nov 2008, but some regions continue a downward trend.


    Supply to market of properties for sale down 7% year-on-year.


    Annual change in asking prices: +2.1%


    6-month change: +2.7%"


    Surprising stuff....

  2. BTL has been propping up the market thus far...


    Perhaps not for much longer:




    The growing number of severe tenant arrears cases and evictions has yet to filter through into increasing buy-to-let mortgage arrears.


    In Q1 2012, the number of buy-to-let mortgages more than three months in arrears fell by 4% compared to the previous quarter, representing an annual decline of 19%.


    However, at 23,700, there are still almost double as many buy-to-let mortgages in severe arrears than four years ago.


    Jardine said: “The rising level of severe tenant arrears has yet to filter through into buy-to-let arrears. In fact, buy-to-let mortgage arrears have been steadily falling since the Bank of England reduced interest rates in 2009.


    “Landlords have been enjoying historically low mortgage payments, which has cushioned the blow of late rent payments, and many have met the lower mortgage costs with money set aside from slush funds, or rental guarantee schemes. However by necessity an increased number of landlords have had to resort to court orders to remove tenants in long-term arrears, and this has increased.


    “While landlords’ mortgage arrears are unlikely to rocket up until the interest rates are hiked, rising tenant arrears and an unsteady labour market will provide upwards pressure.”

  3. http://www.fwi.co.uk/Articles/07/03/2012/131788/Unsettled-weather-causes-feed-prices-to-soar.htm


    Interesting article.


    The reasoning behind the price rises and the frantic buying of soya by China is all wrong of course but IMHO it shows that we are not far from Hyperinflationary disaster. Protein is as vital as the air we breath.


    Dr Bubb: I think you have shot yourself in the foot. Losing Goldfinger is a poster on this blog is a disaster.

    Somehow, I'm reminded of the drummer that quit Genesis and missed out on the whole adventure.

    I guess I'm posting here out of habit rather than preference. I need to find another forum.

  4. Gentlemen I hope you will forgive me bumping my own post but it was at the bottom of a page, and the only responder so far (thank you JD), understandably may have missed that my question was in deadly earnest.

    Thank you


    I think the '5 degree' you mention is to do with the increase in tilt of the earth's rotation axis and not temperature (if its in relation to Ann Walker's book).

  5. I know JD is itching to dismiss what I 'know', but this was nearly two decades back and it was from a source beyond the tiresome limitations of 3D. I had other distractions at the time and these events were so far ahead that I thought I had not taken the info in. Wrong of course, it all comes back as triggered feelings.

    Lots of small events, in themselves not significant, but add them all together and we have an unstoppable calamity for those convinced that one physical lifetime is all there is.

    My partner showed me a copy of the forthcoming events at the back of Ann(e) Walker's book 'Little One'.

    It felt similar, (sorry for the vagueness). It was this content that was said to have started the binge-lunching climate change conferences. Maybe that was when the 'elites' took notice, thinking they had inside info. It might also explain the credit binge, if you follow my drift?

    If I rest I may dredge up more; though sending you mail about the events of the last 24 hours seems a greater priority.

    Oh for a simple life. zzzzz


    Interesting predictions from Ann Walker's book:



    Major crop failures in England in 2012.

  6. I raed this earlier.

    What the hell are they doing shutting down 95% of their nuclear capacity while being so over indebted, and having to import the difference in nat gas.


    Fukushima was shocking and tragic , but they are compounding their problems.

    I think the Japanese are loosing control I'm afraid.


    The japs lost control when they went for ZIRP. Remarkable how long they could perpetuate that. However the asset bubbles it stimulated around the globe were monumental.

    We are now suffering the consequences AND its ZIRP for all!!



    I just need silver to go up a bit more and then we can afford the farm


    We did the same. i.e. used gold and silver to increase our buying power before we bought the farm. (by 3x as it turned out). Fortunately we still have some in the rainy day fund.


    I can certainly recommend organic farming if you like a challenge. Steep learning curve but all very worthwhile... even if you don't get much sleep.

  8. If you want to now about the quality of land management and animal husbandry, you must visit the farm. Rubber stamping is no substitute for this.


    Our farm in France has recently been certified organic.

    The clients seem happy with the meat (beef and lamb) sold direct.


    However, there are always some whinging types. For instance when you divide up a bullock between 14 client boxes (ca. 10 kg) they get bit of every cut: both the premium cuts and the stewing stuff.

    Hence some customers moan and ask why they can't have it all as steak!


    Perhaps we should do some premium boxes and some economy ones.


    It's really a question of ability to cook. Any fool can singe a bit of nice sirloin but it takes skill to make good oxtail soup.